Competiting Bankruptcy Lawyers In Trademark Litigation Over INFOTAPES.

Moroccanoil, Inc. Makes Federal Case Out Of Counterfeit Health & Beauty Products.

GM Gives Pontiac Brand the Ax and Continues Efforts to Sell Saturn.

Owner of 75,000 Web Domains Seeks Relief from Cybersquatting Decision.

Chicago Taxi Company's Ongoing Struggle to Maintain Trademark May Backfire.

Sexual Harassment Trainers Get Lesson on Trademark Law from SAT Creators.

Former CBS Morning Show Host Files Trademark Lawsuit Against Competitor & Publisher.

Maryland's TEKsystems, Inc. Brings Action Against Michigan's iTEK Systems, Inc.

Neiman Marcus Accuses Owners of Web Domains for Diverting Business.

Dell Files Trademark Infringement Suit Against Prominent Online Electronics Retailer.

Taser International, Inc. Files Infringement Suit Against Virtual Counterfeiters.

PBS Affiliate & NPR Station Bring Trademark Action Against Educational Company.

Video System Companies Litigate Similarity of Marks Containing "Vue."

Piano Brand SOHMER's Long Journey Leads To Federal Court.

California Homebuilder Wrongfully Served With Lawsuit Intended for Texas Impostors.

Circuit City Loses Deal For $6.5 Million and Ordered to Sell Brand at Auction.

Best Western Brings $1.8 Million Lawsuit Against Wyoming Hotel.

Film Production Companies Fight For Prehistoric Trademark.

Name Changes Wreak Havoc Between Competing Travel Agents.

Battle Brews Over Bookkeeper Certification Mark.

Pop-A-Lock Franchise Sues AAA Pop-A-Lock In Florida For Trademark Violations.

Sex Offender Registry Sues Beneficiaries of Parked Web Domains.

TracFone Goes After Prepaid Phone Hackers Citing Trademark Infringement.

Native New Yorker Franchise Sues Former Franchisees For Continued Use of Trademarks.

Cookie Manufacturer Lance Sues Competitor For Hi-Jacking Archway Trade Dress.

Incorp Services Files Federal Defamation Suit Against LegalZoom.

Social Networking Firm Announces 100 Most "Social Brands" for 2008.

Virgin Files Trademark Lawsuit Against Adrants.com Over Fake Ad With Plane Crash.

Major League Baseball Sues Trading Card Producer Donruss.

Matzot Aviv Litigates Unkosher Use Of Trademark By Competitors.

LA Task Force Estimates Millions Lost Due To Counterfeiting.

Visa International Wins Trademark Dilution Suit On Partial Summary Judgment Against EVISA Owner.

Rock Guitar Icon Files Trademark Infringement Lawsuit Against Live Nation.

Controversy Brews Over Government's Right To Confiscate Trademarks Owned By Motorcycle Gang.

Anheuser-Busch Wins Preliminary Injunction Against Dog Toy Manufacturer.

Washburn University Changes Logo As Part Of Trademark Lawsuit Settlement.

Virginia Enacts New, Tougher Anti-Counterfeiting Law.

Man Charged In Suffolk For Selling Counterfeit Shoes & Clothing.

FedEx Kinko's Dumps "Kinko's" Part Of Trademark In A New Branding Strategy.

Richmond Man Sentenced To Five Years For Selling Counterfeit Clothing & Shoes.

Anti-Counterfeiting Bill Goes To Florida Governor.

Top 100 Most Powerful Brands For 2008 Announced By BrandZ.

Federal Agents Make Arrests and Seizures in Counterfeiting Conspiracy Worth $200 Million.

J.K. Rowling, Warner Brothers File Suit Over Unpublished Book Citing Infringement.

Tennis Star Sues Target.

Fashion Designer Uses Brand as Collateral for $53 Million Loan.

IPIX Corporation's Trademarks Sold at Auction in Bankruptcy Court.

Apple and Cisco Settle Trademark Lawsuit Over iPhone.

Beatles and Apple Settle Trademark Dispute.

Lucasfilm Ltd. Files Suit Against Maryland Company Over Counterfeit Lightsabers.

All Cities Realty, Inc. Files Trademark Infringement Suits Against Re/Max and 1,700 Agents.

Cuban Trademark Crisis Brewing.

Google Sends Warning Letters Due to Concerns of Trademark Becoming Generic.

Louis Vuitton Wins Appeal Against Google in French Trademark Suit.

Luxury Brands Win Appeal Against Counterfeit Sellers in China.

MLB Settles Trademark Dispute with Bygone Sports LLC Regarding Nationals' Trademark.

Chinese Court Awards Hennessy a Judgment Against Counterfeitors.

Court Rules Pilates Inc.'s Registered Trademarks Generic and Unenforceable.

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