Tennis Star Sues Target.

MINNEAPOLIS, September 17, 2007 -- A trademark lawsuit by tennis player Andre Agassi alleges that Target Corp. sold a sandal bearing his name without his permission.

Agassi's corporation, Agassi Enterprises Inc., alleges it notified Minneapolis-based Target that the sandals violated its trademark on the retired tennis player's name. Target attorneys subsequently informed Agassi Enterprises that it had removed the name from the sandals, but Agassi's company said it found the men's sandles at two Target stores and online at Amazon.com after Target representatives claimed the offending name was removed.

A Target spokeswoman said that the continued use of the Agassi name was an oversight, and that it was trying to relabel all of the sandals when Agassi Enterprises found the offending footwear. The same Target representative stated the sandals were never marketed under Agassi's name, and that the name doesn't appear on the sandal itself.

The lawsuit filed in the federal court in Las Vegas claims that Target has sold 52,589 pairs of the sandals for estimated sales of $661,184. The lawsuit seeks treble damages because the infringement was intentional, willful and wanton nature as well as punitive damages.

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