Top 100 Most Powerful Brands For 2021 Announced By Kantar BrandZ.

Big Tech Companies Dominate 2021 Brand Pressure Index: Racial Equality #1, Climate Change #2 Among Corporate Reputation Issues.

Top 100 Most Powerful Brands For 2020 Announced By BrandZ.

USPTO Cancels Six of the Washington Redskin's Trademark Registrations on the Basis of Racism.

Apple Ends Coca-Cola's 13 Year Reign as the Top Brand in Interbrand's Ranking of 100 Most Valuable Global Brands.

Top 100 Most Powerful Brands For 2012 Announced By BrandZ.

Coca-Cola Takes Top Spot For 11th Consecutive Year in Interbrand's Ranking of 100 Most Valuable Global Brands.

Top 100 Most Powerful Brands For 2010 Announced By BrandZ.

Business & Financial Consultantcy Changes Name and Lands in Federal Court.

Orthodox Jewish Congregations Sue Food Company for Improper Kosher Certifications.

National K-9, Inc. Accuses National Canine Association, Inc. of Trademark Infringement.

California's Ship Smart Delivers Federal Lawsuit to New Jersey's Ship Smart.

York Turns Up the Heat in the Hopes of Putting HVAC Service Company on Ice.

Door Manufacturer Total Door, Inc. in Federal Court with A Total Door, Inc.

Palazzo Casino Seeks Court Decision After T-Shirt Company Sends Cease & Desist.

Mayflower Movers Sue Impostors Operating in San Jose.

Rosetta Stone Sues Google For Sponsored Link Advertising Containing Trademarks.

Relaxation Drink Company Stressed by Competitor's Use of Slogans.

Biomed's Product, Assets & Trademark Shanghaied by Former Member of Board.

3M Argues Compitior's DYNATONE Is too Similar to Its DYNATRON.

Coach Sues Ross Stores and American Flyer for Counterfeiting.

DirecTV Sues Former Retailers for Key Word and Comparison Advertising.

School Fundraiser Discount Card is a Fraud According to Krispy Kreme.

Alarm Monitoring Company Sues Competitor's Employees for Claiming Name Change & Merger.

Hershey's Wishes Bad Karma for EASTER CREME EGG.

Triple A Wants to Put the Brakes on Auto Warranty Company's Use of Trademark.

Herbalife Ventures into the World of Sports. Adidas Cries "Foul!"

Weakened Financial Institutions Undergo Rebranding and Now Face Federal Lawsuit.

JK Harris Taxed by Shady Online Advertising Infringing its Trademarks.

Cupcake Company v. Fashionistas in Federal Court.

New Kids On The Block Embroiled in Struggle for Group's Name Amidst Comeback.

On-line RV Dealer RVDirect.com Fights Federal Actions on Two Fronts.

Registered TM Owners Can Reserve User Names in Advance of Facebook Vanity URLs.

Harley-Davidson Sues TM Licensees for Underpaying Royalties & Counterfeiting.

Classified Advertiser Dominion Enterprises Files Cybersquatting Action Against Copycat.

Drug Company Pained by CVS's Alleged Trademark Infringement.

Production Company Accuses Hallmark Channels of Stealing "The Wilderness Family."

Non-Profit Educational Center Accuses Former Instructor of Trading on its Name.

Penske Empire to Purchase Saturn Brand and 350 Dealerships from GM.

GM Reaches Tentative Deal to Sell HUMMER brand to Chinese. Saturn, Saab 4 Sale By Owner.

LA-Z-BOY and American Woodmark Raise Legal Fuss for Collection Names.

Umbrella Manufacturer Named as Defendant In Suit Brought by Tommy Bahama.

Cleveland Golf Sues Ebay Merchants for Claiming to be Authorized Dealers.

Pets TV, Inc. Won't Roll Over for Entertainment Studios Networks' Use of PETS.TV.

Pubic Typo at Center of Federal Action for TM Infringement, Breach of Contract, Etc.

Self Improvement Company Accuses Competitors of Unlawfully Diverting Business.

Litigation Involving CLEAN and KLEAN Branded Perfumes is a Dirty Business.

Business Model Poaching & TM Infringement Germinates from Ladies Social Group.

Disagreement between Nightclub Owners ELEVATEs into Bi-Coastal Infringement Action.

Under Armour Not Cool With Sunglasses Company.

German Chambers of Commerce Start Blitzkrieg in California Court.

Online University Attempts To Use Trademark Law Against Pornographer.

Gold's Gym Prepares To Body Slam Impostor in Legal Proceedings.

Merchandiser On The Hunt For Counterfeiters of No Doubt Concert Swag.

Harry and David Take FRUIT OF MONTH CLUB To U.S. District Court.

Europeans Not Having a Nice Day After TTAB Rules in Wal-Mart's Favor.

Legal Fight Between Amphibious Tour Guides Is No Quacking Matter.

Heathcare Provider Amerigroup Corp Clashes with Amerigroup Mortgage.

You Say Tax Pro. I Say Pro Tax. Charlottesville Accountants Sue Mississippi Tax Preparers.

Stussy and Competing Clothier Can't Agree on GOODS.

Circuit City Brand Fetches $14 Million in Bankruptcy Auction.

Investment Bank Pentium Fund Accuses Intel of Reverse Cybersquatting.

Proctor & Gamble and Georgia-Pacific Duke It Out Over Paper Towel Patterns.

VISA Black Card Pursues Cybersquatter in Federal Court.

Guess? Sued For "Studied Imitations" of Five Gucci Trademarks.

Philip Morris Catches Smoke Shop Selling Counterfeit Marlboros.

Flour Company Accuses Trader Joe's of Trade Dress Infringement.

Counterfeit Concrete Curing Agents?

State of California Goes After Sellers of Unauthorized "got milk?" T-Shirts.

Phrase "Consumer Credit Counseling" Becomes Focus of Federal Lawsuit.

Paula Deen & Wal-Mart Accused of Copying Distinctive Candle Packaging.

INTENSA Cigars Gets Fired Up Over Competitor's Use of INTENSO.

Colorado Mechanics Accused of Infringing BMW Logo.

Honda Brings Trademark Action Against Dealer For Parking Hondas on a Ford Lot.

Clothier Haggar Accuses Former Supplier of Counterfeiting.

Top 100 Most Powerful Brands For 2009 Announced By BrandZ.

USL Expansion Team Tampa Bay Rowdies Embroiled in Trademark Controversy.

Restaurants Fight in Federal Court for the Trademark BLU SUSHI.

Short Term Lender Uses Trademark Law to Stop Scheme To Sell Personal Information.

Academy of Motion Picture Arts Initiates Action Against Oscar Extortionists.

Silly Rabbit, TRIX is for General Mills.

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