Reasons to retain us for your trademark matters.

Our trademark lawyers understand the practice of law is not the academic application of rules to a set of facts. The practice of law is helping people with the business of life. Our practice is focused on helping our clients realize and protect their investment in their brand. Your brand is important and should not be entrusted with a legal generalist that knows little or nothing about branding. Conversely, a marketing firm can't provide the crucial legal services associated with building and protecting a brand. We offer the best of both worlds.

Please consider some of the qualities we have to offer your enterprise.

  • tankLocated near the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) facilitating in-person interaction with their personnel for effective and cost-efficient representation.
  • Prepared to evaluate the characteristics of trademarks with regard to marketing potential and the likelihood of achieving registered status.
  • Equipped to assess if another party is using a similar variation of a trademark (i.e. trademark clearance).
  • Accustomed to state, federal and international trademark registration procedures and requirements.
  • Registered trademarks internationally under the Madrid Protocol.
  • Experienced with Office Actions, Denials, Oppositions, Petitions to Cancel, Renewals, and Affidavits of Incontestability.
  • Negotiated Concurrent Use Agreements and Consent To Registration Agreements.
  • Staffed with graphic designers to create distinctive, effective and registrable trademarks.
  • Equipped to draft licensing agreements.
  • Knowledgeable in cyber-squatting issues.
  • Litigated trademark infringement and dilution claims in state and federal courts.
  • Drafted and responded to cease & desist letters.
  • Prepared to monitor and maintain trademarks after registration.
  • Positioned to give a competitive edge on popular search engines on the world wide web.
  • Handled conflicts under the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP).

Our Branding Statement

The Brandwise Law Firm, P.C. is a full service trademark law firm. By full service, we mean to focus on trademark creation, trademark clearance, trademark registration, trademark licensing, trademark maintenance, trademark litigation and franchising. As such, we will distinguish ourselves from other law firms by treating trademarks as a priority instead of as an after-thought.

The Brandwise Law Firm, P.C. shall hold itself out as a resource to existing and new for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations. Our mission is to educate the business and non-profit communities on the importance and legal issues related to trademarks and intellectual property. Our vision for the future is to be the nationwide industry leader of trademark law firms. As the firm grows, personal service and attention will not be sacrificed to accommodate more clients.

The trademark lawyers of the Brandwise Law Firm, P.C. will represent their clients zealously while maintaining the highest levels of competence, ethics, courtesy and professionalism. This statement is not a platitude or lip service to an impossible ideal. When the firm’s founder Christopher Parke Benjamin litigated a case while working for another firm, opposing counsel with decades of experience called Chris’s supervising attorney after a settlement was reached. Opposing counsel told Chris’s boss that he was impressed with Chris’s honesty, courtesy and professionalism. Opposing counsel also confessed that his client had to settle because “Chris ran them into the ground.”

Brandwise Law Firm, P.C.’s employees should present opportunities and options to save our client's money and to allow them to make informed decisions. While the client may choose an option that does not generate as much immediate income for the firm, the firm would rather cultivate repeat business and long-term relationships.

An emphasis will be placed on promoting the firm and its brand rather than the individual professionals. As a team the firm can deliver a higher level of excellence than can be achieved by a sum of its parts. To make our clients and potential clients more comfortable with this approach, the Managing Shareholder will be displayed and published for accountability purposes.

The firm’s trademark should be somewhat conservative while conveying deliberation and creativity.

The personality of the firm should be refined, dignified and professional but without pretension or an attitude of entitlement.

Stylistically, the firm should initially align itself with Leonardo Da Vinci, who was an innovator while being both practically minded and artistically masterful. The firm should also take opportunities to show its clients that commercial art can be as beautiful as it is functional.

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