My Attorney Home & Business™ from Avanquest Publishing USA, Inc. (PC v2006)

Our comments are limited to the subject of trademark. This product includes a Trademark Application Worksheet and a Trademark Violation Letter.

The Trademark Application Worksheet simply asks a number of questions about the user and their trademark. It is very bare bones and concludes with, "You should bring a copy of the completed worksheet with you when you meet with your attorney to begin the actual application process." A trademark lawyer probably won't need it.

The Trademark Violation Letter is adequate. A lawyer should also be able to assess the merits of your claim(s) and specifically address them in a letter. For instance, the Trademark Violation Letter provided does not specifically address trademark infringement or trademark dilution. A trademark attorney should also be able to determine if there are additional claims. Additionally, a letter from a attoney tends to create an impression of seriousness and readiness to litigate.

Note the disclaimer that appears on the box.