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Cody Denied Trademark for “The American Dream” Again.

Dr. Dre's Estranged Wife Nicole Young Files Lawsuit Claiming She Co-Owns Trademark to His Name.

Local Businesswoman Withdrawing Attempt to Trademark "Kenosha Strong" After Criticism.

Ottawa Senators Officially Unveil New, Familiar Logo.

In a Threat to Banksy’s Empire, an EU Court Rules that He Can’t Hold Trademarks While His Identity Remains a Mystery.

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New Sonic the Hedgehog Logo Runs Rings Around the Rest.

County Board Expresses Support for Changing County Logo.

Lionel Messi Wins Court Fight Over Trademark of His Logo.

Banksy's Weakass Attempt To Abuse Trademark Law Flops, Following Bad Legal Advice.

"Lady A" Files Trademark Countersuit Against Nashville Trio.

Nvidia Sued by Data Center Company Over "vCompute" Trademark.

US Customs Isn’t Backing Down, Says Seized OnePlus Buds Violate Apple AirPods Trademark.

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Biden Campaign Admits Removing Washington Redskins Logo from Family Photo, Cites Copyright Concerns.

Fayetteville Council Balks at Spending $3 Million to Replace Garbage Cans with Market House Logo.

CSFL Rebrands with Exciting New Logo.

Amazon Sued for Trademark Infringement.

Apple's September 15 "Time Flies" Event Invite Hides a Whimsical AR Logo.

Ex-western Pa. Video Poker King Added to Skill Game Trademark Infringement Suit.

Intel CMO Karen Walker Says New Logo and Rebrand Focuses on the Future.

Brewers Release New Field Logo.

Jury Trial Set in Prime Inc.’s Trademark Lawsuit Against Amazon.

New 2028 Olympic Logo Tries to Please Everyone (and Fails).

McDonald’s Has a Trademark Beef With Australia’s Hungry Jack’s "Big Jack."

Intel Has a New Logo and Jingle.

Volkswagen Trademarks "e-Thing" in Europe.

Master P Wants His Food Brand to Replace Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben's in Your Home.

Transamerica Tyres Beats DC Comics Over Swamp Thing Trademark.

Tom Brady’s Agents Trying to Trademark "TB x TB."

Someone Has Applied to Trademark "Beer."

"Drew Barrymore" Logo Down to Earth But Lacking any Extra Flair.

The NCAA Has Filed a Trademark for "Battle In The Bubble."

WWE Involved in Trademark Dispute over Adult Entertainment Company.

Rolls-Royce Unveils "Confident But Quiet" Rebrand by Pentagram.

Fresh Thyme Rebrands with New Name and Logo.

Ripple Sued by 13 Australian Banks for Trademark Infringement.

Ripple Filed Four US Trademark Applications this Month.

Cosmetics Brand Glossier Wins Trademark for Millennial Pink Pouch.

After 30 Years, Syracuse’s Dinosaur Bar-B-Que "Refreshes" Its Branding and Logo.

Telegram Drops Lawsuit Over "Gram" Trademark, But Must Cover Legal Fees.

The Logo for Osaka’s Expo 2025 Has Been Revealed – and It’s a Little Surreal.

Bold New Wonder Woman Logo Soars Above the Rest.

KFC Drops Finger Lickin' Good Slogan Amid Coronavirus.

Rolls-Royce Debuts New, Modernized Logo and Branding Aimed at Younger Drivers.

Was LEGO Star Wars 75292 The Razor Crest Renamed for Trademark Reasons?

Walmart Files Trademark Application to Protect Movie Venture.

Concerns Over Tech Replacing Stenographers Boils Over in Uproar Over Logo.

CIPO Issues Blanket Extension to Trademark Deadlines (Again): Until August 31, 2020.

"The Terrible Towel" Trademark Owners Sue Indiana County Store Over "The Terrible Mask."

Brexit and Beyond: Trademark Protection Strategies in an Uncertain Global Marketplace.

House of Van Schneider Designs Minimal Logo for NASA's Mars Mission.

North Carolina Furniture Firm’s Effort for "Park City" Trademark Declared Abandoned.

Google Opposes Trademark for “Blue Pixel” Alleging Likely Confusion.

Toronto Raptors New Logo for 2021 Spotted on NBA Draft Cap.

Police Union Jabs at Council Member's Band Logo in Griffin Controversy.

The Batman: Warner Bros. Applies to Trademark New Symbol.

Washington Generals Name and Logo Concept Ties in Color Scheme and D.C. History.

“Fortnite” Developer Sued for Trademark Infringement by Florida Tourist Attraction.

Pixar Logo Changed Forever Thanks to Horrifying Animation.

Ryan Reynolds Sold His Aviation Gin Brand for $610 Million then Apologized to Tequila Founder George Clooney in an Out-of-office Email.

Indy Station Switches to New Logo, Branding.

Court Tosses Tiffany’s $21M Judgment against Costco over Fake "Tiffany" Rings.

This Spud You'll Like, Meghan: US Entrepreneur Has Applied to Trademark Line of Fruit and Veg Called... HRH The Duchess of Sussex New Jersey.

The Supreme Court’s Holding that Generic Terms Can Be Trademarks Is Not Fair to Struggling Startups.

"Miel Gibson" Honey Lands Chilean Entrepreneur in Hot Water.

Drake Tried to Trademark His Album Title, But He Forgot About Loverboy.

China Property Developers Sued for Infringing Lafite's Trademark.

Disney's New 20th Century Fox TV Logo Is a Real Head-scratcher.

Buffalo Sabres Return to Royal, Unveil New Logo and Uniforms.

Noblesville Wants a Fresh Look with New Logo to Replace the Image of the Iconic Courthouse.

Experts Weigh in on the Biden-Harris Logo: "It Could Be Scribbled on a Napkin and I’d Be Happy."

Reelz v. Reels: Network Sues Instagram, Facebook for Trademark Infringement.

"Volkswagen Way to Zero" Trademark Points to EV Rollout Campaign.

Apple Just Did the One Thing No Brand Should Ever Do.

Here’s Why Boston University Had the F-bomb in a Trademark Application for a COVID-19 Initiative.

An E-Ray Trademark Could Point to an Electric Corvette.

MTD Unveils New Logo to Celebrate 50 Years of Service.

Clayton County Introduces New Branding, Logo.

Canada Brewery Apologises for Beer Named "Pubic Hair" in Maori.

Chestnut Hill Church Asks Philadelphia Cricket Club to Retire Its "Offensive" Native American Logo.

The Walking Dead Wins Trademark Battle Over the Toking Dead.

Apple Objects to App's Pear Logo Trademark Application.

Riot Games Opposes Archie Comics Over Jinx Trademark.

New VW Trademark May Signal the Golf GTE Hybrid's U.S. Debut.

Canada: Co-branding: One Product, Two Trademarks – Who Has The Rights?

NASA’s "Worm" Logo Lay Dormant for 28 Years. So Why Are People So Obsessed with It?

The Naked Truth About Trademark Cancellation: Only Harm, No Proprietary Interest Required.

Microsoft Moves Xbox Series X Logo after Huge Backlash.

Optiq and Symboliq Trademarks Hint at Future Cadillac EVs.

Using a Trademark in a Domain for Comparative Advertising.

Eskimo Joe's Announces It Will Keep Original Name, Logo.

Honda Trademarks CR-Z—Is the Sporty Hybrid Coupe Making a Comeback?

How Federal Trademark Registration Can Be Crucial to Building National Hemp, CBD Brands.

Jaguar Land Rover Loses Trademark Battle Over Defender SUV.

Humorous Letter Responds to Woman Challenging Trademark In State She Doesn’t Even Operate In.

All-Clad Asserts Trademark Infringement in Federal Suit.

Four Chocolate Trademark Battles that Were Decided in Court.

A Trademark Dispute in Butchertown Raises Questions. Can You Own a Neighborhood Name?

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Taylor Swift Appears to Alter Folklore Album Merch after "The Folklore" Calls Her Out.

Raising the Trademark Stakes.

"Intel Evo" Processor Logos Appear in Trademark Filing.

Washington Announces Franchise Will Be Called "Washington Football Team" Pending Adoption of New Name.

Intellectual Property and Trademark Protections for Fruit-growing Plants Are on the Rise—and So Are the Lawsuits.

Cadillac Applies to Trademark Symboliq, Optiq and Celestiq Names.

Seven Car Brands that Have Returned to Flat Logo Designs.

Creating a Strong Logo.

Grading the Seattle Kraken Name, Logo, Colors and Uniforms.

Cadillac Applies to Trademark Symboliq, Optiq and Celestiq Names.

Trademark Filed for "FedEx Shopchain."

"Be More Like the Hells Angels," Trademark Seeking Companies Urged.

Public Espresso Goes After Food Truck in Trademark Infringement Lawsuit.

Under Armour Defeats Uncle Martian at China’s Supreme People’s Court in Trademark Battle.

Facebook Opposes Trademark for Dogbook Social Media Use.

Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Pet Just Applied for Trademark on Jingle for Some R-R-R-Reason.

Reconsidering DESCRIPTIVE.COM Trademark Registrations After BOOKING.COM.

Space Force Official Logo and Motto Unveiled.

Nintendo Registers New "Mario Sports" Trademark.

Supreme Court: Goats on the Roof Keep Their Trademark at Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant.

Toyota Boldly Drops Wordmark in Simplified New Logo.

Tesla Abandons "Teslaquila" Trademark, Opens Door to New Booze Branding.

Mutual of Omaha to Remove Native American Imagery from Logo.

Penn State Officially Owns "We Are Penn State" Trademark.

New Holland Brewing Company Rebrands with New Logo.

Keds Hit with Trademark Infringement Suit over Use of "Champion" Name Overseas.

Pandemic Binge Hit "Tiger King" Sparks Trademark Lawsuit Calling for "Destruction" of the Series.

Raptors Getting New Uniforms, Tweaking Logo in 2021.

Open Source Groups Spar over Google Trademark Initiative.

Canada: "HERBS R US" Design Found to Depreciate the Goodwill Attaching to the "TOYS R US Design."

VW Trademarks Electric Versions of Classic Model Names, Including the Beetle.

What Scotch-Brite-maker Said When a Man Pointed Out the Gender Marker in Logo.

California City Nicknamed "Hangtown" Will Vote to Remove Noose from Its Logo.

Runza Sues Texas Business over Trademark.

This Is Nissan's Fancy New Logo.

Gibson Opposes Collins' Headstock Trademark Registration, Citing a “Likelihood of Confusion.”

Charlotte’s Web’s Request to Register "CW" Trademark Is Rejected.

Squatters Have Trademarked Almost Every Washington NFL Nickname Option. Will It Pay Off?

Is Zoom on the Verge of Becoming a Generic Mark?

Meet the Man Who Trademarked Nearly Every Replacement Option for Washington's NFL Team Name.

Adding “.com” to Generic Term May Open Route to Trademark Protection According to Supreme Court.

Washington’s NFL Team Officially Retires Name and Logo After Sponsor Backlash.

A Trademark Attorney Explains Why the Former Lady Antebellum Is Suing the Black Singer Lady A: and Why Mr. Rogers Might Be Involved Now.

He's Filed 44 Trademark Claims on Potential New Names for the Redskins. Will He Cash In?

Gibson and Satellite Amplifiers Lock Horns Over CORONET Guitar Trademark.

These Are the Big Brands Hidden Behind Costco's Kirkland Label.

Ferrari Stripped of 250 GTO Design Trademark, Claps Back by Trademarking the Name.

Gucci Tapped a Top Italian Graffiti Artist to Make Over Its Logo as Part of Its New Environmental Sustainability Initiative.

Country Group Lady A Files Trademark Lawsuit Against Blues Singer Who Goes by Same Name.

Finland Quietly Removes Swastika Logo from Its Air Force.

"Lady Justice" Ushered Out in Favor of New County Logo.

Microsoft Sues Over Trademark to Stop COVID-19 Hacking Campaign.

Blackhawks Issue Statement Standing Behind Team's Nickname, Logo.

Gettysburg City Council Confirms Police Logo with Confederate Flag Has Been Removed.

Ferrari Loses Trademark for the Shape of the 250 GTO After Ares Design Contest.

Big Boy Restaurants Replace Iconic Mascot with Obscure Character Named Dolly.

TTAB Issues Precedential Decision Affirming Unlawful Use Refusal of Trademark Registration for Ingestible CBD Supplements Based on Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act.

Brazil Enters Madrid Protocol, the International Trademark System.

Dwayne Haskins Likes Red Tails If Washington Changes Team Name.

"It Looks Like a Virus": Australia's New Trade Logo Proves Controversial.

Connecticut-based BIC Wins Trademark Fight to Block Imports of Knock-off Lighters.

Proving Abandonment: How Trademark Rights Can Be Lost Through Non-Use.

Google Photos’ New Logo Falls Flat.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Again Extends Certain Deadlines to September 29, But Still Only For Some.

Designer Sues Nike, Michael Jordan for Copyright Infringement Over Alleged Stolen Logo.

Local Clothing Brand Trademarked the "414" Area Code, But What Does this Mean?

Aunt Jemima’s Relatives Want Reparations.

Why the Supreme Court Says Booking.com Can Trademark Its Name — and Why It Matters.

Milton Glaser's Unseen Final Logo Could Be His Best Ever.

Booking.com Wins at U.S. Supreme Court in Bid to Trademark Its Name.

Starwood Capital Affiliate Sues 1 Hotel & Homes South Beach Condo Association for Trademark Infringement.

Report: Phil Mickelson Files to Trademark the Phrase "Hit Bombs."

Milton Glaser, Designer of "I ♥ NY" Logo and Bob Dylan Poster, Dies at 91.

"Black Lives Matter" Wine? Teddy Bears? Trademark Law Shows You Can’t Always "Just Do It."

Appeals Court Vacates & Remands Lower Court Decision in Google Trademark Case.

Divorce, Trademark Infringement, and Naked Licensing - Eighth Circuit Grapples with Lawn Care Quality Control.

Farm Bill Does Not Save Hemp Trademark Application.

"Black Lives Matter" Trademark Applications Surge After Protests.

"Enola Holmes" Netflix Movie at the Center of New Copyright, Trademark Infringement Lawsuit by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Estate.

French Company Stopped from Selling "Nosecco" Non-alcoholic Fizz.

Be the Brand You Lead.

Lego Tops List of Best-Loved Brands.

Ever Wonder about Origin, History Behind the Sharks' Iconic Logo?

QUIZ: Can You Spot the CORRECT Logo Among the Fakes?

NASCAR Driver Denny Hamlin Adds National Civil Rights Museum Logo to Car for Talladega Race.

Native American Association Hosts Contest to Find New Logo.

I Studied Thousands of Logos. Here’s Where Branding Is Headed Next.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Archewell Trademark Application Rejected.

McLaren Applies to Trademark "Sabre" with USPTO.

Nestlé’s Trademark Confusion May Cost the Company Credibility.

Made in China 2025: OEM Manufacturing and Trademark Infringement in China.

Don’t Be a Mark in a Trademark Scam – Signs of a Scam.

Kazunori Owners Sue Downtown LA Hand Roll Bar for Trademark Infringement.

Aunt Jemima Brand to Change Name, Remove Image that Quaker Says Is "Based on a Racial Stereotype."

Cream of Wheat Is Reviewing Its Black Mascot After Aunt Jemima and Others Acknowledged Their Racist Roots.

Here's What the Tesla Logo Really Means.

Coronavirus Brings an Outbreak of Trademark Applications.

Trademark Cases Drop as Pandemic Fuels Uncertainties.

Phil Mickelson's Company Applies for Coffee Trademark.

Here's an Alternative Name, Logo for the Washington Redskins | Most DC Thing.

Kanye West Filed a Trademark for Yeezy Beauty, Skincare, and Fragrance.

B.C. Pot Shop Loses Trademark Battle with Toys ‘R’ Us.

"The Punisher" Co-creator Trying to Take Back the Character's Skull Logo, Says It’s Been "Co-opted' by Police.

Man Files for Trademark to Use George Floyd’s Name in Film and TV Productions.

Champagne vs. Bread, Prosecco vs. "Nosecco," JaM vs. "Jammy": Trademark Battles Erupt.

George Floyd's Uncle Wants Gettysburg to Remove Confederate Flag from Police Logo.

Ford Files to Trademark Four Grille Designs, But What For?

Cadillac Perfume and Cologne Hinted by New Trademark Filing.

Netflix Secured Trademarks for "Space Force" before US Military Could.

Nestlé’s Trademark Confusion May Cost the Company Credibility.

OnePlus Registers a Mysterious New Trademark with the USPTO.

Robert De Niro’s USPTO Petition Granted; Verizon Prevails in UDRP; Facebook Scam Exposed.

Going to the Dogs: the Ninth Circuit’s Erosion of Trademark Rights.

Canada: Lack Of Evidence of Non-use and Confusion Result in POKEWORKS Trademark Remaining on the Register.

UFC Files Trademark for "UFSEA" Following Satirical Suggestion from John Oliver.

Indian Pursuit and Guardian Trademarked In the U.S.

This New Logo Is All About Better Logins, So Keep Your Eye Peeled.

University of Iowa Office Says Woman's Hawkeye Masks on Etsy Infringe Trademark.

Lego Sues Construction Toy Maker for Trademark Infringement.

Piaggio Wins Legal Battle Over Vespa Design Trademark.

Birth of the Kachina: The Colorful Story Behind the Phoenix Coyotes' Unique, Southwest Branding.

The 5 Best Beer Logo Designs of All Times, According to DesignRush.

This Logo Contains a Delightful Hidden Surprise.

AT&T Won’t Remove Fake 5G Logo Even After Ad Board Says It’s Misleading.

These Bad Logo Redesigns Are the Best (and Worst) Thing You'll See All Day.

Wimberley ISD Ceases Legal Action Against Parents Who Modified District Logo with Pride Colors.

Tokyo Games Parody Logo Depicting Coronavirus Pulled from Website.

U.S. Patent & Trademark Office Bolsters Protection of Common Food Names.

Florida Man that Penn State Sued for Trademark Infringement Ordered to Pay $9,493 Sanction.

Microsoft Sued for Trademark Infringement by Azure Knowledge Corporation.

Rockstar's Parent Company Take-Two Re-register Judas Trademark.

How Nazi Comparisons Forced Kiss to Change Their Logo in Germany.

U.S. Supreme Court Rules Defense Preclusion Doesn’t Apply in Longtime Trademark Battle Between Lucky Brand Dungarees and Marcel Fashions Group.

Comité Champagne Wins Three Year Trademark Battle.

Silk Road Seeks New Name for Rum after Trademark Spat.

Lawyer Training Group Alleges Trademark Infringement after Split.

US Olympic and Paralympic Museum Unveils New Logo.

Canada: The New Standard of Review in Trademark Opposition Appeals: Federal Court Of Appeal Calls for a "Fresh Start."

Supreme Court Sides with Lucky Brand in Trademark Dispute.

Tobais Forge Attorney Says GHOST Vodka Lawsuit Is "About Trademark Rights."

Sun-Maid Tries Raisin' Its Profile with Subtle Logo Tweak.

Nashville Group Hoping to Bring MLB to Town Applies for Logo Trademark.

This Logo Contains a Delightful Hidden Surprise.

Giannis Files $2 Million Lawsuit over Greek Freak Trademark.

A New Normal: Trademark Community on Life During and After the Coronavirus Pandemic – Exclusive Survey Results.

UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs Reveal Logo Finalists for Brand Refresh.

What Is the Italian Historical Trademark?

Target of 3M Trademark Complaint Calls Suit a Distraction.

Sink Trademark Case, Once Thought Circling the Drain, Hits the Reset Button.

Judge Dismisses "Wild America" Trademark Claim.

"EEEEEEEYOOOOOO": Miami, Nashville Lawyers Worked 18 Months to Get Pitbull that Trademark.

Steps to Prevent Losing Trademark Rights if the Owner Seeks Bankruptcy.

Truman State Bulldogs Unveil Refreshed Logo, Color Scheme.

Color Combination and Design on Product Packaging Can Function as a a Trademark Federal Circuit Says.

Puma See Request to Trademark Puma Tokyo 2021 Turned Down.

The NFL Released the 2020 Schedule and Everyone Ripped the Rams' Awful New Logo.

Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski Inspire Latest Cringeworthy Trademark Filing.

Does a .Com Suffix Make a Trademark? The US Supreme Court Will Decide as Booking Marks Its Legal Spot.

ATA Unveils National Truck Driver Appreciation Week Logo Opens Online NTDAW Store.

Judge Sanctions Florida Man Penn State Has Sued for Trademark Infringement.

Why Trademark Search Is Important & How to Perform It for Branding of Your Business.

Supreme Finally Secures Chinese Trademark.

Supreme Court Hears Oral Argument in Trademark Case via Teleconference

Michael Jordan Was Actually Wearing New Balances in the Photo that Inspired the Jordan Logo.

Land O’Lakes Isn’t Talking about Its Logo Change, and That’s a Big Mistake.

New 3M N95 Trademark Suit Targets Include Florida Lawyer.

Swiss and US Trademark Battle Heads to Supreme Court of Appeal.

EDITORIAL: The New U.Va. Logo Celebrates a Racist Past.

Educational Seminar: Preview of U.S. Patent and Trademark Office v. Booking.com.

Expunge-Examine-Ex Parte; the Trademark Office Seeks to Add Arrows to its Quiver.

FCC Unveils New Logo.

We Have a Decision in The Sky V. Skykick Case… and The Long-awaited CJEU’s Decision Is Good News for Brand Owners!

CMG Unveils New Company Logo.

We're Torn Over this Airline's New, Modern Logo.

Supreme Court: Willfulness Not a Requirement for Loss of Profits in Trademark Infringement.

Ardberg Wins Whisky Trademark Battle.

NBC's Tokyo Olympics Logo Is Hurting Our Heads.

UVA Unveils Updated V-Sabre, Other New Logos.

Entrepreneurs Are Hustling to Trademark Coronavirus for Merchandising.

Logo to Certify Quality of Masks in France.

Trademark Bar Cheers for "Good News in a Gloomy Time" with High Court’s Romag Fasteners Holding.

"Seaface": Royal Caribbean Cruises Hopes to Trademark Face Mask as Coronavirus Spreads.

Cadbury Spends More than £1 Million on a New Logo - But Can You Tell Which Is Which?

Supreme Court Rules Willful Infringement Isn't Required to Award Profits in Trademark Cases.

Astronomer Files Trademark Lawsuit Against American Girl.

Judge Rejects Kawhi Leonard's Claim that Nike Unlawfully Copyrighted His 'Klaw' Logo.

A Deep Dive into the Tiger King Trademark Lawsuits.

Microsoft's Xbox Series X Trademark Application Reveals New Console Logo.

Xbox Series X Logo Might not be "Final Imagery" According to Microsoft.

Supreme Court Upholds Patent and Trademark Office Discretion for Appeals Decisions.

The Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit Clarifies that Trademark Protection Is Available for “Graduated” and “Undefined” Color Schemes.

Kielbasa Rivalry Heats Up with Trademark Infringement Suit.

TWE Registers Chinese Penfolds Trademark after 10 Year Legal Battle.

Pensacola Blue Wahoos Unveil Crabzilla Sandwich Logo.

The Label Says Butter: Winery May Pursue Trademark Case.

Those Seeking to Pounce on Tiger King Popularity Likely to Get Mauled by the Trademark Act.

"EEEEEEEYOOOOOO": Pitbull Trademarks His Yell. The Music Industry May Never Be the Same.

Victoria Beckham Takes on Aussie Skincare Brand Over Trademark "VB" Letters.

Bad Logos Project Is Brilliantly Awful.

Coronavirus Crisis: New Boston Strong Logo Shirts to Support Health Care Workers.

Is This the New Cadbury Logo?

How the ‘Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World’ Got Its Logo.

Land O’Lakes Makes Over Packaging, Apparently Retiring Indian Maiden Logo.

France Introduces New Trademark Law.

A Basic Overview of Trademark Infringement.

Colts Accused of "Ripping Off" New Logo Design from Local High School.

Ford Applies for "G.O.A.T. Modes" Trademark in U.S.

SCOTUS to Hear Booking.com Arguments Over Teleconference.

Ninth Circuit Axes Jack Daniel’s TM Win on First Amendment Grounds.

How to Maintain Your Trademark Rights When Your Business Is Closed.

3M Sues Mask-Seller for Alleged Gouging, Trademark Infringement.

Seventh Circuit Finds Gatorade’s Use of "Sports Fuel" in Its Slogan Constitutes Fair Use.

Tom Brady Submits Trademarks for "Tompa Bay," "Tampa Brady."

15 Effective Tips to Come Up with a Logo That Fits Your Brand.

This Is Volkswagen's New Logo.

SEPTA Looks to New Logo to Honor Employees Who Died of Coronavirus.

Michael Jordan Wins Long-running Trademark Legal Battle with Chinese Sportswear Group.

Wyoming Cowboys Voted Best College Sports Logo.

Cherokee Recreation and Parks Releases New Logo.

Los Angeles Rams Official Defends Logo, Raises Money for Coronavirus Relief While Reading Mean Tweets.

After VW and Audi, Mercedes Updates Logo to Promote Social Distancing.

NASA Brings Back Its Iconic “Worm” Logo to Mark Return of Human Spaceflight.

Harry and Meghan's Archewell Trademark Suggests Plan for Non-profit Empire.

L’Oréal Tops Trademark Applications.

See Famous Logos Get Reimagined for the Coronavirus Age.

After a Long Legal Struggle, Seattle Band Thunderpussy Is Granted a U.S. Trademark.

Mormons Unveil New Official Logo at Crowd-Less Conference.

Bell’s Brewery Responds to Trademark Infringement Lawsuit, Denies Wrongdoing.

Trademark Board Sides with Ross Mamily Members, Cancels Trademark Registration.

Today in Bad Ideas: Companies Are Trying to Trademark "Social Distancing."

Microsoft Made a New Design for Search Engine Bing’s Logo.

Amazon Wins Trademark Battle Over Davidoff Perfume.

USPTO Announces Extension of Certain Patent and Trademark-related Timing Deadlines Under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act.

Florida Atlantic University Suddenly Decides Owl Tutoring's Name Is Trademark Infringement After Over a Decade.

Volkswagen Applies for "Peak Edition" Trademark, But What's It For?

Craft Brewer Trademark War Against MillerCoors Headed to Trial.

Chargers Unveil New Logo in a Surprise Move, with New Uniforms Coming in April.

"Social Distancing" Trademark Battle Brewing ... as World Fights COVID-19.

Here's the New Trademark Tom Brady Filed for after Joining Buccaneers.

McDonald's and Other Brands Are Making "Social Distancing" Logos.

Philip Morris Can’t Cancel Vaping Rival’s Trademark, Says UKIPO.

Trademark Documents Reveal Nissan's Stylised Flat Logo.

How to File an International Trademark When Going Global?

Tom Brady Files "TB x TB" Trademark Application After Buccaneers Deal.

BMW Sues Electric Rickshaw Maker DMW for Trademark Infringement.

Trademark Documents Reveal Nissan's Stylised Flat Logo.

Updates Regarding COVID-19 Impacts on Trademark Operations at the USPTO.

Coronavirus: McDonald's Splits Logo to Promote Social Distancing.

Don’t Bet On It: Tarts, Trademark Infringement, and Trademark Use.

Owner of DERBY-PIE Trademark Can't Stop Kentucky Newspaper from Discussing Other Derby Pies.

Awful, Awful People Keep Trying To Trademark COVID And Coronavirus.

Rams to Unveil New Logos Monday, and It's probably not the Leaked One.

Nike Riding a Wave of Trademark Infringement, Filmmaker's Suit Says.

COVID -19-Related Delays in Filing Patent and Trademark Documents.

"It Is a New Day at Rite Aid" - Rite Aid Unveils New Logo.

Competition Forces Retailers to Rethink the Role of Branded, Non-branded and Trademark Traffic.

Dodge Hornet Trademark Filings Suggest New Vehicle Might Be On Its Way.

Shell's Empty Logo Stunt vs. Apple's Impressive 5-hour Ad.

Relief Available to Patent and Trademark Applicants, Patentees and Trademark Owners Affected by the Coronavirus Outbreak.

Heritage Guitars Sues Gibson, Alleges “Campaign of Harassment.”

What Does the Symmetry of Your Logo Say About Your Brand?

Microsoft Sues Creators of Mass-spamming Bots for Trademark Infringement.

Sutter Hill Sues Sutter Rock for Trademark Infringement.

Trademark – European Reform Implemented in Luxembourg.

Four Seasons Trademark Up for Sale Less Than a Year After Shuttering.

Dank of Oklahoma Faces Trademark Infringement Lawsuit from Bank of Oklahoma.

Roger Federer Reclaims RF Logo.

A .Com Trademark Case at the US Supreme Court Could Change the Web as We Know It.

Ohio State Presses "the" Trademark Claim.

Panda and Poke: Restaurant Trademarks Can Stir Legal Fights.

Ace Hardware Scores Early Victory in Trademark Battle with San Antonio Handyman.

LA Rams New Logo for 2020 Leaked.

Is the New LA Rams Logo for Real? Or Is It just a Hoax?

Journey Members Steven Smith, Ross Valory Fired, Bandmates Embroiled in Lawsuit over Trademark.

“Distinct By Design”: Truman State Reveals New Logo and Tagline.

Graphic Showing Big Ten Logos in Rival Colors Angers Fans.

Panini Settles with Pennsylvania Man over "Rated Rookie" Trademark Infringement Case.

SugarBearHair-Maker Is Using "Invalid" Trademark to Sue Competitors Out of Business, Per Lawsuit.

TV Show Forced to Scrap New Logo After Red Cross Steps In.

S&P Global Sues Call Centre Group for Trademark Infringement.

Harley-Davidson Registers New Electrified Trademark in Europe.

Kia Confirms Logo Change Is Coming This Year.

Great NH Restaurants Sues Doordash, GrubHub over Trademark Infringement.

Rockstar's Cryptic New Logo Appears to be Teasing Something.

BMW Gets Most Radical Logo Change in over 100 Years.

No Trademark for THE JOINT.

Comedian Legally Changes Name to Hugo Boss – Important Lessons for Brands.

Ford Sues AirPro Alleging Trademark, Software License Violations.

Netflix Seeks Cancellation of "Choose Your Own Adventure" Trademark.

Most TikTok Influencers at Risk of Brand Infringement; Urged to Consider Trademark Protection.

EU Court Tells Prudish IP Office to Fack Off for Balking at "Fack Ju" Trademark Application.

Trademark Delivering Mock Snub to Germany's Goethe Wins Court Backing.

GIANT Introduces New Company Name and Logo.

Trademark, Animal Cruelty Concerns Stoked by Chantilly Pet Store.

Impending SCOTUS Trademark Decision Could Have Far-Reaching Cybersecurity Repercussions.

After Months of Drama, the Company Behind Panda Express Is Suing this Gilbert Restaurant.

Padres Will Not Wear Swinging Friar Caps with Logo that Resembles Swastika during Spring Training.

Gibson Responds to Firebird and Thunderbird Trademark News.

Kentucky Colonels Sue Rival Organization for Trademark Infringement, Defamation.

Branding Your Business, Why It's More Than a Logo.

Judge Awards $3.5 Million to Dwyer Franchising in Trademark Dispute.

As Broad as It Is Long: CJEU Rules that Trade Mark Owners Need not Amend Broad Specifications.

Microsoft Unveils New Logo Design for Signature Windows Apps.

LeBron James's Media Company Accused of Infringing Trademark.

Goodbye Old Well. UNC Health Care Has a New Name and Logo.

See the Logos AI Generates for Apple, Google, and Uber.

The Very First Trademark?

Kylie Jenner’s "Stormi" Trademarking Spree Thwarted by Clothing Company.

Shipt Unveils New Logo, Ad Campaign Coming.

LeBron James’ Company Sued Over ‘More Than An Athlete’ Mark.

This Car Brand Logo Is the Most Recognizable in America, Survey Says.

Durex Rebrands with Flat Logo and "Sex Positive" Campaign.

The Beatles’ Apple Corps Wins $77M Default Judgment in Trademark Infringment Lawsuit over Fake Merch.

Cookeville Attorney Fighting Religious Trademark Attempt.

New USPTO Trademark Rules Seek to Streamline Filing and Crack Down on Fraud, But Could Increase Spam.

Astros Name and Logo Banned from Two Southern California Little Leagues after Cheating Scandal.

Jägermeister Logo Is Not Religiously Offensive, Court Rules.

These Are the Top 30 Most Recognizable Logos in the USA.

SCOTUS To Consider Awards of Profits in Trademark Infringement Disputes.

New Paralympics Logo Is Cleverer than You Think.

When Humanizing a Logo Can Go Wrong.

Controversial Sears Logo Gets a Hasty Update (and It's Still Hideous).

New Marvel Eternals Logo Leaked.

New Oklahoma Brand, Logo Revealed.

Berkshire's Brooks Running Unit Sues Brooks Brothers over Trademark.

All Your Favorite Brands, From BSTOEM to ZGGCD. How Amazon Is Causing Us to Drown in Trademarks.

No Trademark Protection In Book Or Movie Titles?!?

Greta Thunberg Does Not Need a Trademark Registration.

Inter Miami Loses First Round of Trademark Battle with Inter Milan.

New Trademark Exam Guide Effective February 15, 2020 Regarding Mandatory Electronic Filing, Owner Email Addresses, and Specimen Requirements.

USPTO Urged to Halt Applicant Email Requirement Following Revolt by Trademark Attorneys.

Five Royal Trademark Lessons from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Can You Spot the Hidden Trick in the New Multiply Logo?

Vortex Companies Iconic Logo Granted Trademark Protection.

Austin-based Beverage Maker Files Federal Trademark Infringement Claim Against Molson Cooors.

Portland Clothing Company Wildfang Sues Target’s “Wild Fable” Line for Trademark Infringement.

Google Files Trademark for New Operating System Called "Pigweed."

David Gooder appointed USPTO Commissioner for Trademarks.

New Sonic Logo Proves Difficult to Swallow.

H&M Scores a Win Over Adidas in More Than 20-Year-Long Trademark Dispute.

Brexit Creates Long-Term Uncertainty in U.K. Trademark Law.

Inside Glossier’s Fight to Trademark Its Iconic Bubble Wrap Bags.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 Trademark Spree Hits Major Global Markets.

AIROS Medical Granted U.S. Trademark Registration for Company, Brand Name.

Same Old NFL: League Abuses Trademark to Shut Down New York Jets Parody Store.

H&M Scores a Win Over Adidas in More Than 20-Year-Long Trademark Dispute.

Brexit Creates Long-Term Uncertainty in U.K. Trademark Law.

Reading United Unveils Refreshed Brand, New Logo.

Chicago Sues Coffee Company for Allegedly Copying CFD Logo.

New TripAdvisor Logo Perks Up Its Spaced-out Owl.

Dune Has a Really Interesting New Logo.

Zaxby's Sues Joella's over Logo, Alleges It's "Confusingly Similar."

Climate Change Activist Greta Thunberg Applies to Trademark Her Hame.

Penn State, 80-year-old Florida Man Spar over Trademarked Names.

NFL's Super Bowl Trademark Is Why Some Companies Call It "the Big Game."

Kobe Bryant Fans Petition to Make the Late Lakers Great the NBA’s New Logo.

ISU's New Bengal Logo Nationally Honored.

Trump Reveals Space Force Logo, and "Star Trek" Fans Aresn't Happy.

Paisley Park Aims to Register Prince's Signature Purple as a Trademark for Use on Buildings.

Anti-Jim Cornette Trademark Registration Refused for Shirt Vendor.

Two New Judges Appointed to Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

Harry and Meghan: Sussex Royal Trademark Bid Challenged.

Why Vegan Beauty Brands Need to Take Trademark Protection Seriously.

Trademark Loss for 161-Year-Old Insurer Shows Risk of Rebranding.

This Car Brand Logo Is the Most Recognizable in America, Survey Says.

Fiat Chrysler Trademark Application Hints at Car Subscription Service.

McCormick Settles Trademark Lawsuit Against Rival Spice Company.

State Fair Corny Dog Icon Fletcher’s Wins Messy Family Trademark Battle.

Harrisburg Senators Unveil Boisterous George Washington.

Amazon Just Filed a Bunch of International Trademarks for "Amazon Pharmacy."

Bell’s Infringed Trademark with "Deer Camp" Beer.

Stamped On Target's New Athleticwear: an Homage to Its Parent, Dayton's.

TradeMark Infringement Rising Year-On-Year, Says Compumark Report.

MightyVine Puts Up a Mighty Fight Over Its Tomato’s Trademark.

Trademark Considerations When Launching in Rising Food and Drink Sectors.

Brand Safety, Trademark Infringement, Marketing Budgets: 5 Killer Stats to Start Your Week.

Company Gets Trademark For The Word "Psilocybin," Frustrating Decriminalization Advocates.

North Carolina Furniture Firm Seeks “Park City” Trademark.

Why Google Added Little Logos Next to Search Results this Week.

Royal Caribbean Filed to Trademark "Make Ship Happen" Pun.

Logos and Trademark Colors.

Strange Bedfellows: EFF Sides with PTO in Trademark Battle Over "Booking.com."

AAA Sues Tiny Pompano Beach Auto Shop for Trademark Infringement.

New GoDaddy Logo Is a Massive Improvement.

Even after Backcountry Dust Up, Volkswagen Is Trying to Trademark "Basecamp."

SunTrust Successor Truist Rolls out New Purple Brand Design and Logo.

New Gucci Logo Is the Most Bizarre Thing We've ever Seen.

The Lucky Brand Trademark Case at SCOTUS May End in Misfortune for All Civil Litigants.

Coffee By Design Settles Trademark Infringement Lawsuit.

Trademark Infringement Is on the Rise.

What's in a Name? Quite a Lot of Money, Especially When It Comes to Trademark Disputes.

What Brand Owners and Small Businesses Can Learn from Backcountry.com’s Trademark Enforcement Campaign.

Can a Corporation “Own” a Color?

SCOTUS to Consider Awards of Profits in Trademark Infringement Disputes.

Fisher-Price’s New Logo Puts the Fun Back in Branding.

UAE Waves Goodbye to Eagle with Abstract New Logo.

Battle Over Trademark Profit Awards to Play Out at Supreme Court.

Pinnacle v Pinnacle: Chicago Ad Agency to Appeal after Losing Trademark Lawsuit Against Florida Agency with Same Name.

Patent and Trademark Office Battles Booking.Com over Trademark.

Justices to Consider “Willfulness” Requirement for Disgorgement of Profits of Trademark Infringer.

How to Challenge Google Ads Trademark Disputes.

The Pioneering Role of David Stern in NBA Logo, Uniform Design.

Sony Reveals the Official PS5 Logo and Literally Nobody Is Surprised.

ACLU Warns Wimberley ISD to Drop Pride Logo Legal Threats.

5 Big Logo Design Trends for 2020.

Volvo Cars Wins Trademark Case Against Chinese Counterfeiters Over Billions in Lost Sales.

A Las Vegas Apparel Maker Wants to Trademark "Big Truss", the Ravens’ Unofficial Motto; Pushback Is Expected.

MATTA Files Legal Action Against Rival Travel Association Over Trademark Infringement.

Rams COO Confirms New Uniforms, Helmets, Colors and Logo Are Coming in 2020.

Pandasaurus Games Updates Their Company Logo & Style.

Galt House Rolls Out New Logo, Sign Soon to Follow.

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