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This Logo Contains a Delightful Hidden Surprise.

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Those Seeking to Pounce on Tiger King Popularity Likely to Get Mauled by the Trademark Act.

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NASA Brings Back Its Iconic “Worm” Logo to Mark Return of Human Spaceflight.

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After a Long Legal Struggle, Seattle Band Thunderpussy Is Granted a U.S. Trademark.

Mormons Unveil New Official Logo at Crowd-Less Conference.

Bell’s Brewery Responds to Trademark Infringement Lawsuit, Denies Wrongdoing.

Trademark Board Sides with Ross Mamily Members, Cancels Trademark Registration.

Today in Bad Ideas: Companies Are Trying to Trademark "Social Distancing."

Microsoft Made a New Design for Search Engine Bing’s Logo.

Amazon Wins Trademark Battle Over Davidoff Perfume.

USPTO Announces Extension of Certain Patent and Trademark-related Timing Deadlines Under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act.

Florida Atlantic University Suddenly Decides Owl Tutoring's Name Is Trademark Infringement After Over a Decade.

Volkswagen Applies for "Peak Edition" Trademark, But What's It For?

Craft Brewer Trademark War Against MillerCoors Headed to Trial.

Chargers Unveil New Logo in a Surprise Move, with New Uniforms Coming in April.

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Four Seasons Trademark Up for Sale Less Than a Year After Shuttering.

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A .Com Trademark Case at the US Supreme Court Could Change the Web as We Know It.

Ohio State Presses "the" Trademark Claim.

Panda and Poke: Restaurant Trademarks Can Stir Legal Fights.

Ace Hardware Scores Early Victory in Trademark Battle with San Antonio Handyman.

LA Rams New Logo for 2020 Leaked.

Is the New LA Rams Logo for Real? Or Is It just a Hoax?

Journey Members Steven Smith, Ross Valory Fired, Bandmates Embroiled in Lawsuit over Trademark.

“Distinct By Design”: Truman State Reveals New Logo and Tagline.

Graphic Showing Big Ten Logos in Rival Colors Angers Fans.

Panini Settles with Pennsylvania Man over "Rated Rookie" Trademark Infringement Case.

SugarBearHair-Maker Is Using "Invalid" Trademark to Sue Competitors Out of Business, Per Lawsuit.

TV Show Forced to Scrap New Logo After Red Cross Steps In.

S&P Global Sues Call Centre Group for Trademark Infringement.

Harley-Davidson Registers New Electrified Trademark in Europe.

Kia Confirms Logo Change Is Coming This Year.

Great NH Restaurants Sues Doordash, GrubHub over Trademark Infringement.

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BMW Gets Most Radical Logo Change in over 100 Years.

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Comedian Legally Changes Name to Hugo Boss – Important Lessons for Brands.

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Netflix Seeks Cancellation of "Choose Your Own Adventure" Trademark.

Most TikTok Influencers at Risk of Brand Infringement; Urged to Consider Trademark Protection.

EU Court Tells Prudish IP Office to Fack Off for Balking at "Fack Ju" Trademark Application.

Trademark Delivering Mock Snub to Germany's Goethe Wins Court Backing.

GIANT Introduces New Company Name and Logo.

Trademark, Animal Cruelty Concerns Stoked by Chantilly Pet Store.

Impending SCOTUS Trademark Decision Could Have Far-Reaching Cybersecurity Repercussions.

After Months of Drama, the Company Behind Panda Express Is Suing this Gilbert Restaurant.

Padres Will Not Wear Swinging Friar Caps with Logo that Resembles Swastika during Spring Training.

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Kentucky Colonels Sue Rival Organization for Trademark Infringement, Defamation.

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Judge Awards $3.5 Million to Dwyer Franchising in Trademark Dispute.

As Broad as It Is Long: CJEU Rules that Trade Mark Owners Need not Amend Broad Specifications.

Microsoft Unveils New Logo Design for Signature Windows Apps.

LeBron James's Media Company Accused of Infringing Trademark.

Goodbye Old Well. UNC Health Care Has a New Name and Logo.

See the Logos AI Generates for Apple, Google, and Uber.

The Very First Trademark?

Kylie Jenner’s "Stormi" Trademarking Spree Thwarted by Clothing Company.

Shipt Unveils New Logo, Ad Campaign Coming.

LeBron James’ Company Sued Over ‘More Than An Athlete’ Mark.

This Car Brand Logo Is the Most Recognizable in America, Survey Says.

Durex Rebrands with Flat Logo and "Sex Positive" Campaign.

The Beatles’ Apple Corps Wins $77M Default Judgment in Trademark Infringment Lawsuit over Fake Merch.

Cookeville Attorney Fighting Religious Trademark Attempt.

New USPTO Trademark Rules Seek to Streamline Filing and Crack Down on Fraud, But Could Increase Spam.

Astros Name and Logo Banned from Two Southern California Little Leagues after Cheating Scandal.

Jägermeister Logo Is Not Religiously Offensive, Court Rules.

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No Trademark Protection In Book Or Movie Titles?!?

Greta Thunberg Does Not Need a Trademark Registration.

Inter Miami Loses First Round of Trademark Battle with Inter Milan.

New Trademark Exam Guide Effective February 15, 2020 Regarding Mandatory Electronic Filing, Owner Email Addresses, and Specimen Requirements.

USPTO Urged to Halt Applicant Email Requirement Following Revolt by Trademark Attorneys.

Five Royal Trademark Lessons from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Can You Spot the Hidden Trick in the New Multiply Logo?

Vortex Companies Iconic Logo Granted Trademark Protection.

Austin-based Beverage Maker Files Federal Trademark Infringement Claim Against Molson Cooors.

Portland Clothing Company Wildfang Sues Target’s “Wild Fable” Line for Trademark Infringement.

Google Files Trademark for New Operating System Called "Pigweed."

David Gooder appointed USPTO Commissioner for Trademarks.

New Sonic Logo Proves Difficult to Swallow.

H&M Scores a Win Over Adidas in More Than 20-Year-Long Trademark Dispute.

Brexit Creates Long-Term Uncertainty in U.K. Trademark Law.

Inside Glossier’s Fight to Trademark Its Iconic Bubble Wrap Bags.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 Trademark Spree Hits Major Global Markets.

AIROS Medical Granted U.S. Trademark Registration for Company, Brand Name.

Same Old NFL: League Abuses Trademark to Shut Down New York Jets Parody Store.

H&M Scores a Win Over Adidas in More Than 20-Year-Long Trademark Dispute.

Brexit Creates Long-Term Uncertainty in U.K. Trademark Law.

Reading United Unveils Refreshed Brand, New Logo.

Chicago Sues Coffee Company for Allegedly Copying CFD Logo.

New TripAdvisor Logo Perks Up Its Spaced-out Owl.

Dune Has a Really Interesting New Logo.

Zaxby's Sues Joella's over Logo, Alleges It's "Confusingly Similar."

Climate Change Activist Greta Thunberg Applies to Trademark Her Hame.

Penn State, 80-year-old Florida Man Spar over Trademarked Names.

NFL's Super Bowl Trademark Is Why Some Companies Call It "the Big Game."

Kobe Bryant Fans Petition to Make the Late Lakers Great the NBA’s New Logo.

ISU's New Bengal Logo Nationally Honored.

Trump Reveals Space Force Logo, and "Star Trek" Fans Aresn't Happy.

Paisley Park Aims to Register Prince's Signature Purple as a Trademark for Use on Buildings.

Anti-Jim Cornette Trademark Registration Refused for Shirt Vendor.

Two New Judges Appointed to Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

Harry and Meghan: Sussex Royal Trademark Bid Challenged.

Why Vegan Beauty Brands Need to Take Trademark Protection Seriously.

Trademark Loss for 161-Year-Old Insurer Shows Risk of Rebranding.

This Car Brand Logo Is the Most Recognizable in America, Survey Says.

Fiat Chrysler Trademark Application Hints at Car Subscription Service.

McCormick Settles Trademark Lawsuit Against Rival Spice Company.

State Fair Corny Dog Icon Fletcher’s Wins Messy Family Trademark Battle.

Harrisburg Senators Unveil Boisterous George Washington.

Amazon Just Filed a Bunch of International Trademarks for "Amazon Pharmacy."

Bell’s Infringed Trademark with "Deer Camp" Beer.

Stamped On Target's New Athleticwear: an Homage to Its Parent, Dayton's.

TradeMark Infringement Rising Year-On-Year, Says Compumark Report.

MightyVine Puts Up a Mighty Fight Over Its Tomato’s Trademark.

Trademark Considerations When Launching in Rising Food and Drink Sectors.

Brand Safety, Trademark Infringement, Marketing Budgets: 5 Killer Stats to Start Your Week.

Company Gets Trademark For The Word "Psilocybin," Frustrating Decriminalization Advocates.

North Carolina Furniture Firm Seeks “Park City” Trademark.

Why Google Added Little Logos Next to Search Results this Week.

Royal Caribbean Filed to Trademark "Make Ship Happen" Pun.

Logos and Trademark Colors.

Strange Bedfellows: EFF Sides with PTO in Trademark Battle Over "Booking.com."

AAA Sues Tiny Pompano Beach Auto Shop for Trademark Infringement.

New GoDaddy Logo Is a Massive Improvement.

Even after Backcountry Dust Up, Volkswagen Is Trying to Trademark "Basecamp."

SunTrust Successor Truist Rolls out New Purple Brand Design and Logo.

New Gucci Logo Is the Most Bizarre Thing We've ever Seen.

The Lucky Brand Trademark Case at SCOTUS May End in Misfortune for All Civil Litigants.

Coffee By Design Settles Trademark Infringement Lawsuit.

Trademark Infringement Is on the Rise.

What's in a Name? Quite a Lot of Money, Especially When It Comes to Trademark Disputes.

What Brand Owners and Small Businesses Can Learn from Backcountry.com’s Trademark Enforcement Campaign.

Can a Corporation “Own” a Color?

SCOTUS to Consider Awards of Profits in Trademark Infringement Disputes.

Fisher-Price’s New Logo Puts the Fun Back in Branding.

UAE Waves Goodbye to Eagle with Abstract New Logo.

Battle Over Trademark Profit Awards to Play Out at Supreme Court.

Pinnacle v Pinnacle: Chicago Ad Agency to Appeal after Losing Trademark Lawsuit Against Florida Agency with Same Name.

Patent and Trademark Office Battles Booking.Com over Trademark.

Justices to Consider “Willfulness” Requirement for Disgorgement of Profits of Trademark Infringer.

How to Challenge Google Ads Trademark Disputes.

The Pioneering Role of David Stern in NBA Logo, Uniform Design.

Sony Reveals the Official PS5 Logo and Literally Nobody Is Surprised.

ACLU Warns Wimberley ISD to Drop Pride Logo Legal Threats.

5 Big Logo Design Trends for 2020.

Volvo Cars Wins Trademark Case Against Chinese Counterfeiters Over Billions in Lost Sales.

A Las Vegas Apparel Maker Wants to Trademark "Big Truss", the Ravens’ Unofficial Motto; Pushback Is Expected.

MATTA Files Legal Action Against Rival Travel Association Over Trademark Infringement.

Rams COO Confirms New Uniforms, Helmets, Colors and Logo Are Coming in 2020.

Pandasaurus Games Updates Their Company Logo & Style.

Galt House Rolls Out New Logo, Sign Soon to Follow.

Panini Files Fourth Trademark Infringement Lawsuit Over Homemade Cards.

Sturgis Is Continuing the Fight to Trademark the City Name in 2020.

F1 Marks 70th Anniversary with Special 2020 Logo Designs.

7-Eleven Says Oregon Quick E Mart Copied Striped Trademarks.

How Long Does It Take To Receive A Patent Or Trademark Registration In The U.S.?

‘Tis The Season To Be Wary II: 3 Considerations For Trademark Policing Before The New Year.

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry File Trademark After Split from Kate Middleton, Prince William's Charity.

Sports Network, Ohio State at Odds Over "O" Trademark.

City to Hold Contest to Design Bicentennial Logo.

Whose Kombucha Is "Wild"? Baltimore-based Firm Sued for Trademark Infringement.

Don’t Miss Notices from the Canadian Intellectual Property Office Regarding Madrid Protocol Trademark Applications.

Local Bakery Gets Sucker Punched by Trademark Challenge.

Is this Chinese City Logo a Blatant Disney Copy?

World’s First Logo Painted by the Sun and the Moon.

New Levi's Logo Is Infuriating Typophiles.

Law Firms Clash Over "Emergent" Trademark.

Logo Misses Are Signs of Missed Marketing Clues and Here Are a Few.

Vera Lynn Stops Name Being Used to Market Gin in Trademark Ruling.

Supreme Court Rules U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Cannot Demand Attorney Fees.

The Best Logo Design Companies, According to New Report.

Iconic London Underground Logo Gets a Makeover.

On Amazon, T-shirts with Slogans like "Mama Bear" Expose Frivolous-trademark Feud.

Beer Brewer Accuses Competitor of Infringing "Easy Peasy" Trademark.

District Wine Bar Must Change Name after Trademark Dispute with Asheville Restaurant.

Microsoft Reveals New Windows Logo Design and 100 Modern App Icons.

Clawing Deeper into the Monster v. Raptors Trademark Battle.

Tepper Sports Files for 8 Trademarks for Charlotte’s MLS Team Name.

Disney Is Being Sued for Frozen 2 Slogan "Trust Your Journey."

Kia Trademark Application Shows New Logo Could Finally Arrive.

On Amazon, T-Shirts with Slogans Expose Frivolous-Trademark Feud.

Metro Transit Authority Orders Local Clerks Cease and Desist Use of Slogan.

Nike Urges Judge to Halt Injunction in Fleet Feet Trademark Case.

Selby Gardens Receives Trademark.

Goats Remain on the Roof.

The Nike Logo Is on the Front of MLB Jerseys for 2020 Season, and Some Baseball Fans Are not too Thrilled.

Els Makes International Team Feel Like One with a New Logo.

Scottsdale Gets $7K to Forgo Eureka Loft Trademark.

Brands with Purpose: Forming Trademark Strategies.

Gideons International Wins UK Trademark Battle.

Chinese Court Awards New Balance $1.5 Million in Trademark Case.

Author Tries to Trademark the Word "Dark" for All of Literary Fiction.

US Supreme Court Considers "Defense Preclusion" in Trademark Dispute.

Trump Trademark Applications Spiked Around the World When He Started Running for President.

Someone Wants to Trademark the Term "Breakfast Burrito."

Halloween Trademark Sparks Agritourism Dispute.

Elon Musk Reveals Bizarre Tactic Used to Get TESLA Trademark.

Fraudulent Trademarks: How They Undermine the Trademark System and Harm American Consumers and Businesses.

How Much Does It Cost to Trademark a Name?

A Portland Vegan Ice Cream Company Is Forced to Rebrand After a Trademark Battle With Gerber Baby Foods.

Chicago Fire File Trademark Application for a New Crest and Tweaked Team Name.

Knowing the Difference Between Intellectual Property, Copyright and Trademark.

Beatles Lawsuit Filed in South Florida Alleges Trademark Infringement.

Metro Atlanta Mom's Small Business Fights Trademark Battle with Target.

"Jax" Nickname At Heart Of Trademark Dispute Between Film Festivals.

Fox Wants to Trademark "OK, Boomer."

Ken Burns’ Nonprofit Wins Trademark War of "Better Angels," Judge Rules.

Santa Monica Seafood Rebranding Effort Begins with New Logo.

The Herbivorous Butcher Takes on Nestlé in David and Goliath Trademark Battle.

Goat Becomes Latest Victim in Trademark Lawsuit.

"Tradition, not trademarks": Local Activists Help Herbal Community Prevail in Nationwide Trademark Case.

Tesla Registers Cybertruck Trademark Ahead of November 21 Unveiling.

Warner Bros Refreshes Logo as Studio’s 2023 Centennial Approaches.

Indians Not Planning on Bringing Back Chief Wahoo Logo to 2020 Jerseys, Per Report.

Grand Rapids Distillery Changes Name After Trademark Dispute.

”Macedonia the Great”: Greece’s New Official Trademark for Macedonian Products.

Ford Files for Bronco Trademark in Europe.

Kroger Debuts a New Logo and Slogan.

Microsoft Unveils New Edge Browser Logo that No Longer Looks Like Internet Explorer.

The City of Newark Is Rocking a New Brand, Which Was Unveiled Tuesday Evening.

Does a Country Need a Logo? (And Is This One Worth $220,000?)

From The Atlantic to ‘A’: The 162-Year-Old Magazine Gets a New Logo.

Facebook Has a New Logo and It's a Perfect Example of Why Mark Zuckerberg Just Doesn't Get It.

U.S. Supreme Court to Consider Blocking Booking.com Trademark.

Why Your Podcast Needs a Trademark.

Seventh Circuit Relaxes Limits on Trademark Attorneys’ Fees.

Kansas City Shuttle Company Ordered to Pay $500K for Trademark Infringement.

No Infringement Found in Trademark Case Over Il Portico Restaurant Name.

Adidas Succeeds in Appeal to Stop Taiwanese Manufacturer Registering Similar Trademark.

Someone Is Already Trying to Trademark the Phrase "OK Boomer" with the US Government.

Pierre Portelli Takes Fattigi’s Trademark Feud to Court over Facebook Ban.

California Man Gets Sued After Trying to Trademark Bully a Theme Park.

Katy Perry Is Being Sued by an Australian Designer of the Same Name for Trademark Infringement.

Backcountry.com Faces Boycotts, Social Media Backlash over Trademark Lawsuits. But the Company Remains Mum.

Appellation Marlborough Wine Announces Its Global Trademark.

Bentley Motors Loses Trademark Battle Against Family-run Manchester Firm.

Lemonade Challenges Deutsche Telekom’s "Magenta" Trademark in the Name of Pink Lovers Everywhere.

Efforts to Trademark Manuka Honey Lead to Diplomatic Dispute.

Facebook Sues Domain Name Registrar OnlineNIC For Trademark Infringement.

Backcountry.com Sues to Protect "Backcountry" Trademark.

A 3rd Sink Joins the Sink Father-son Trademark Fight over SC Law Firm Naming Rights.

"Willful" Thinking: Supreme Court Set to Clarify When Trademark Owners May Recover Profit Awards.

It’s Official: Penn State Granted "Happy Valley" Trademark for Apparel.

Sony Has Trademarked PS6 (and 7, and 8, and More).

People Are Hilariously Bad at Drawing Famous Logos from Memory.

Facebook Sues 2 Web Hosting Companies for Trademark Infringement, Cybersquatting.

Applebee’s Vampire Drink Bites Trademark, Wine Seller Says.

Is This the End of Marvel and DC’s Defense Of The "Superhero" Trademark?

Leaked: New Milwaukee Brewers Ball-in-Glove Logo for 2020.

Jerome City Council Approves Adoption of New Logo.

Is It an Olympic Logo? Or a Coquettish Scamp?

NETA Settles with Lumber Company Alleging Trademark Infringement.

Banksy’s Trademark Battle Exposes a Huge Hypocrisy in His Anti-copyright Views.

Gibson Loses Firebird Body Shape Trademark in EU Court Battle.

Judge Rules No Infringement by Skechers in Converse Trademark Suit.

Society of Professional Journalists Chapter Applies to Trademark the Term "Fake News."

Rubik’s Cube Owners Lose as EU Trademark Fight Takes New Twist.

Cinnabon Sues Las Vegas Vape Company Over Trademark Use.

Kylie Jenner Has Filed to Trademark "Rise and Shine" and Twitter Is So Over It.

A D.C. Root Beer Company, an Energy Drink Behemoth and an Ugly Trademark Fight.

From Cat Names to Fruit, Here are 11 Bizarre Things Celebrities Have Tried to Trademark.

Kanye West Can't Own SUNDAY SERVICE ... Trademark Gods Say So.

Patagonia to Anheuser-Busch: This Lawsuit’s for You.

Why Patagonia Is Suing Anheuser-Busch Over Beer.

New Logo for Oklahoma City Convention Center Unveiled.

Metallica Wins Battle of the Brands in Chilean Trademark Fight.

Street Art King Banksy Schools Us on Trademark Defense.

VW Unveils New R Logo for High-Performance Models.

Virgil Abloh’s Off-White Wants to Trademark a New Logo.

Liverpool FC Denied "Liverpool" Trademark Due to Its Geographic Significance.

NESN Launches New Network Logo.

Petition Asks USPTO to Undo Rulemaking on Physical Addresses in Trademark Applications.

Los Angeles Kings Tweak Their Primary Logo.

A Study of 597 Logos Shows Which Kind Is Most Effective.

AWS Faces Elasticsearch Lawsuit for Trademark Infringement.

Banksy Launches Homewares Shop in Dispute Over Trademark.

Cicero Looking to Design New Town Logo.

Apple Sued Over Memoji Registered Trademark.

Chicago Bar's Trademark Forces New Spokane Speakeasy to Change Its Name.

Under Armour Trademark Dispute Hits Family Start-up.

A CBD Store Opened in the Loop with No Sign. Its Owner Is Suing the Landlord Over a Hemp Leaf Logo.

Amazon’s Twitch Puts on Fresh Coat of Paint, Launches First Brand-Marketing Campaign.

Yahoo Redesigns Its Logo to Remind You that Yahoo Exists.

Apple Is Considering Using Its Iconic Logo as a Notification Light, Patent Application Suggests.

USF Swaps Out Infamous Logo on New Morsani College of Medicine Building.

Google Logo History: A Trip Through the Internet Giant’s Changing Look.

8K TVs Get an Official Definition and Logo.

Liverpool FC Fail in Controversial Bid to Trademark the Word "Liverpool."

Altered Wimberley Texans Logo Featuring Rainbow Flag Prompts District Response.

Two Men Looking to Trademark "Danny Dimes" Nickname of Giants QB Daniel Jones.

3 Different Applications Filed Seeking to Trademark "El Paso Strong."

The Clash Serve Wilson with TM Suit Over Tennis Rackets.

Luxury Brands Are Working with Video Games. Louis Vuitton Is the Latest to Get in on the Act.

UConn Apologizes for Using Slightly Altered NC State Logo to Promote Student Section at Games.

NASA Reveals New Gateway Logo for Artemis Lunar Orbit Way Station.

Facebook Attempts to Trademark the Word "Book" – After Successfully Registering "Face."

UConn Removes Online Logo Copied from Wolfpack.

Lay’s Potato Chip Bag Is Getting Its First New Look in 12 Years.

What’s a "Slofie" and Why Is Apple Trademarking It?

Duchess Meghan Renewed the Trademark for Her Style Blog — Here’s Why.

Penn State to Continue Quest to Trademark "Happy Valley," While Local Groups Signal Support.

Air NZ Backtracks on Trademark Bid After Maori Outrage.

Ask Sam Farmer: Why Is the Steelers’ Logo Only on One Side of the Team’s Helmets?

Get Fit Amarillo Tells Us about Their New logo and Their Upcoming Mayor’s Half Maraton.

NBC Names Its New Streaming Service "Peacock."

UTA Adds Dimension with Company Logo Rebrand.

Meghan Markle Just Renewed the Trademark for "The Tig."

Watford FC Has Branded the Bitcoin Logo on Its Players' Kits. Do Watford Fans Care?

History of The Volkswagen Logo.

Lucasfilm Animation Channeling the Force in New Company Logo.

Lebron James Denided "Taco Tueday" Trademark ... You Can't Own That!!!

Penn State Files Appeal, Continues Attempt to Trademark "Happy Valley."

The Man Behind the Iconic Smiley Face Logo, Which Is Worth Millions, Was Paid $45 for the Original Design.

Ohio State Can't Trademark the Word "the," Patent Office Says.

Kia Ora: Air New Zealand Faces Boycott Over Trademark Bid.

4 Tips for Launching a Successful Rebrand.

Logo Becomes a Point of Contention for 9/11 Family Fund.

The Obamas Want "Higher Ground." Someone Got There First.

Lawmakers Sue Former CEO Over "BeefChain" Trademark.

What You Can Trademark: a Beginner's Guide.

Small Alaska Apparel Company and Starbucks Clash Over Trademark.

The Tampa Bay Super Bowl Host Committee’s Logo Explained.

Volkswagen Hopes Fresh Logo Signals an Emission-Free Future.

Back to the Drawing Board for Batavia Logo.

"We Still Hate It." USF Students and Alumni Respond to Final Logo Design.

Patagonia’s Trademark Lawsuit Against Anheuser-Busch Is Still Brewing.

Qatar Unveils 2022 World Cup Logo.

City Logo Used in Fake Flyer Claiming Woman Knowingly Spread HIV.

Obamas Accused of "Deplorable Behavior" Amid Trademark Dispute: "Not Consistent with the Values They Preach."

Trademark Lawyer Believes LeBron James "Probably Can't" Own Taco Tuesday.

Bid to Trademark "Soda City" for Downtown Market Hits a Hitch: Name Seems too Popular.

Barack Obama's Production Company Runs into a Trademark Problem.

Zcash Negotiations Collapse Over Trademark Dispute.

WeWork CEO Returns $5.9 Million the Company Paid Him for "We" Trademark.

Ariana Grande Files $10 Million Trademark Lawsuit Against Forever 21.

Florida National University's $1.15 M Fee Award Approved After Trademark Fight with FIU.

SharksBreath, Bio Jesus and Kiwi Skunk: Marijuana Companies Need to Protect Their Brands. But Trademarks Are a Tricky Situation.

Cord, a Grand Old American Car Brand, Is Up for Sale, Trademark and All.

LeBron James Files Trademark Request for "Taco Tuesday."

6 Times Adidas Went After Brands Over Its Iconic Three Stripes.

Adidas Is Trying to Stop J. Crew from Trademarking a Five-stripe Design.

Who Owns "Pussy"? Thunderpussy Explains Their Fight to Trademark Their Name.

Volkswagen's New Logo Is Its Old Logo.

Quantilope Unveils a New Corporate Logo and a Unified Global Brand Identity.

Businesses Can Now Claim Their Trademark Blockchain Domains, Before It’s Too Late.

New Hermosa Beach City Logo Concept Design Approved by City Council.

Lizzo Criticised After Filing to Trademark the Phrase “100% that Bitch.”

Doritos Drops Logo Appealing to Gen Z Taste.

My Little Salesman Unveils New Corporate Logo.

New US Trademark Rules Raise Concerns About Immigration Enforcement.

How Far You Can Push for Trademark Rights in the Word "Blockchain."

These Are the Canadian Trademark Decisions from 2018 that You Need to Know.

Adidas Enters Trademark Battle with J. Crew Over Striped Pattern.

Maker Foundation Tried and Failed to Register "DEFI" Trademark.

Volkswagen Targets "Shoddy" Car Parts Retailer in TM Suit.

PetSmart's Motion to Dismiss Nestle Purina's Trademark Suit Over Cat Litter Packaging Denied.

Lawsuit by Oracle Corp Claims Trademark Violation by VC Firm CryptoOracle.

Protecting Your Trademark on the Internet.

Brands Are Clamoring to Trademark Common Words, Like “the.”

Allegiant Air Files to trademark "Allegiant Arena" Name.

Tom Brady Denied "Tom Terrific" Trademark.

Uber Trying to Put Brakes on Florida Salon App’s Trademark.

Gatorade Victorious in Trademark Suit.

Soda City Became Columbia’s Nickname. Now a business Wants to Trademark It.

JetBlue Logo Added to Iconic Queens Pepsi Sign — and New Yorkers Are Pissed.

The Volokh Conspiracy Keeps You Up-to-date on THE Trademark System.

Clinical Trials and the Requirement of Trademark Use.

Eleventh Circuit Affirms Contributory Trademark Infringement Verdict Against Landlord for Luxury Eyewear Manufacturers.

Virgil Abloh Doesn’t Own Off-White, But He Owns Its Trademark. Here’s What That Means.

Texas Restaurant Called George's Changes Mural in Trademark Spat.

Court Allows Blockchain.com’s Trademark Lawsuit Against Paymium to Proceed.

GM Abandons IROC-Z Trademark, Kills Hope for a Cool Camaro Comeback.

Bang Sues Monster Alleging Smear Campaign Conspiracy.

Michigan Mocks "The" Ohio State University Trademark.

Parker House Sues Costco, Kuka for Trademark Infringement.

Guns N' Roses Settles Trademark Dispute With "Guns 'N' Rosé" Craft Beer.

Lawyer Son Loses Trademark Fight with Lawyer Dad, Can't Use Own Name for Firm.

The Real Reason Snap Changed Its Logo.

Second Circuit Ruling on “Velocity” Trademark Clarifies Standards For Awards in Lanham Act Cases.

Ohio State Has Filed A Trademark Application For The Word “The.”

Company Stirs Debate with Defense of Taco Tuesday Trademark.

Corto Olive and Gemsa Oils Reach Settlement Over Trademark Infringement Claims.

DC Opposes Trademark Application For "Algorithmic Justice League" For Some Reason.

Firefox's New Stylized Logo Is Starting to Arrive.

Booking.com Argues It's Entitled to Trademark.

Welsh Brewery Changes Name of Beers After Trademark Battle with Hugo Boss.

GM Unrelenting In Pursuit Of GMC Granite Trademark.

Lotus Has a New Logo for the First Time Since 1989.

Auburn Changes Logo.

Cardinals Change Their Classic STL Cap Logo.

Marine Corps Shoots Down Trademark Use by Congressman.

Levi Strauss and YSL Settle "Tab" Dispute.

EUIPO Sides with GoPro in Trademark Opposition.

Who Owns the "Cuse"? Inside a Trademark Fight Between SU and a Small Business.

Opening the Door for Censorship: New Trademark Enforcement Mechanisms Added for Top-Level Domains.

Supermac's Wins Judgment Cancelling Trademark of Most "Mc" Foods in Europe.

Skechers and Adidas Settle Three-stripe Trademark Dispute.

Disney Enforces Controversial "Hakuna Matata" TM.

Senate Trademark Bill Would Shield Franchisors from "Joint Employer" Liability.

Phillies File Lawsuit to Keep Phanatic as Mascot.

Elementals Trademarks Go to War.

Countering Cultural Appropriation Through Trademark Laws.

NBA Team And League’s #1 Pick File For Same Trademark.

The World's Most Ridiculous Trademark Dispute Is Now Over: Yosemite Gets Its Names Back.

Important Revisions to Trademark and Unfair Competition Laws in China.

The NASA Logo Is Having a Moment.

Ford Files Trademark For Bronco Outer Banks, Bronco Big Bend.

Amazon Files a Trademark Application for "Free Meek" Docuseries.

PayPal Accuses Lenmo of Trademark Infringement.

Katy Perry’s "Dark Horse" Infringed Christian Rapper’s Copyright.

Pink Floyd Guitarist Seeks Counterfeits Crackdown.

Over $1 Million in Counterfeit Electronics Seized at Canadian Border.

Penn State Sues Business Owner for Trademark Infringement.

Ford Is About to Get a Trademark That GM Originally Wanted.

Kanye West Files Trademark Application for "Sunday Service" Merchandise.

Child Entertainment Firm Sues Oklahoma Marijuana Dispensary, Alleges Trademark Infringement.

Trademark Parody: Sour Patch Kids Sues Cannabis Brand to Protect IP.

"Play Gloria!": A Confusing Trademark Face-Off Between a Bar and the Blues.

Idaho CU Asks Judge to End Trademark Lawsuit from Kansas Bank.

Gibson Grants Oberheim Synth Trademark Back to Founder Tom Oberheim.

Off-White Sued By Another Company Named OffWhite Over Trademark Infringement

Falmouth Family Pizzeria Battle Escalates with Lawsuit Over Trademark.

Pip the Pansy Leaves $30,000 Trademark Lawsuit Behind, Brings Flute Pop to Charleston.

Dean Seeks Trademark Cancellations Against Gibson, Alleges Dealer Interference.

Giannis Files Lawsuit to Protect "Greek Freak" Trademark.

Austin’s Yeti Coolers Files Another Trademark Lawsuit.

LG Applies for "ThinQ Wallet" Crypto Wallet Trademark in the US.

A “Brand" New World: Five Ways Foreign Companies Can Avoid Trademark Problems in the U.S.

Louis Vuitton Cannot Register APOGÉE due to Confusion with Existing Trademark.

Prime Inc. Goes after Amazon’s Profits for Trademark Infringement.

The Trademark Cases the Supreme Court Will Hear Next Term.

USPTO Announces New Trademark Rule Requiring Foreign-domiciled Applicants and Registrants to Have a U.S.-licensed Attorney.

Crips Gang Won't Fight Late Nipsey Hussle's Family for Phrase Trademark.

Japanese Delegation to Visit USPTO Over Kim K Kimono Trademark.

Brazil Joins the Madrid Trademark System.

Ford Refreshes Mach 1 Trademark After Risking Losing It.

Amway Sues Sellers for Trademark Infringement, Faulty Product Distribution.

How AI Will Revolutionise Trademark Searches.

Kretek International, Inc. Defeats Key Motions in Trademark Proceeding.

Top Court to Scrutinize "Willfulness" Issue for Trademark Damages.

"To Kalon" Napa Valley Trademark Case Against Constellation Brands Gets Amended.

Now That You Can Trademark Swear Words, Here Are All the Wildest NSFW Requests.

Trademark Office Tells Cardi B Her Application Is Not "Okurrr."

Supreme Court "FUCT" Trademark Ruling Paves Way For Thunderpussy Trademark.

Gibson Loses "Flying V" Trademark Appeal in Europe.

Budweiser Applies to Trademark “The Official Beer of Esports.”

Campus Speech Codes Endangered by Supreme Court Trademark Ruling: Legal Experts.

Trendy Juice Company Pressed Hit with Trademark Case Over "Wellness Shot" Product.

Kim Kardashian's Plan to Trademark "Kimono" Angers Twitter: "#KimOhNo."

Another Supreme Court Ruling Backs Washington NFL Team Keeping Their Brand.

EXp Realty Sued for Trademark Infringement ... by EXP Realty.

Trademark Decision Casts First Amendment Doubt on Hawley Bill.

Kylie Minogue Launches KYLIE Makeup Products Following Trademark Battle with Kyle Jenner.

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit in Austin Restaurants’ Trademark Fight Over "Picnic."

Supreme Court Sides with Designer Over Allegedly Offensive Trademark.

JetBlue Sues Walmart for Trademark Infringement Over Jetblack Service.

Motown Seeks to Block "O-Town" Trademark.

What Is a Trademark, and How Is It Different than a Patent or Copyright?

Kylie Minogue Finally Beats Kylie Jenner in Cosmetics Brand Name Trademark Battle.

Hailey Bieber's Beauty Brand Name Trademark Blocked by Husband Justin.

A Business Name vs. a Trademark: Do You Know the Difference?

After Stunning Ruling, Adidas' Iconic Logo Could Lose Some Trademark Protection in EU.

Oregon Solidarity Wines Settles Trademark Dispute with California Winemaker.

Trademark Owners Beware – There's a New Brand Identifier to Worry About.

Gibson Sues Dean Guitars Over Alleged Trademark Infringement.

A Trademark Fight by Two Schools that Share an F and a U Will Cost One of Them over $1M.

Adidas Loses EU Bid to Extend Three-stripe Trademark.

University of Idaho Claims Vandal Beer Violates Its Trademark.

F1 to Modify Trademark Filing for Logo.

Truliant Sues BB&T/SunTrust for Trademark Infringement over "Truist."

Steph Curry’s New Golf Show Hit with a Trademark Infringement Suit.

Even the Most "Instantly Identifiable" Fragrances Cannot Be Protected by Trademark Law.

Roswell's New Trademark Has Intergalactic Appeal.

Apple Wins 2 Design Patents for Apple Store Shelving Units and the Figurative Trademark for "Apple Music UP NEXT."

Huawei Files to Trademark Mobile OS Around the World After U.S. Ban.

Roswell Secures Trademark on New "R" Logo.

Detroit Microbrewery Sues Blake's Hard Cider for Trademark of Drink Name.

Tasty Tacos vs. Wicked Tasty Taco: Local Company Sues Over Trademark Infringement.

Apple Filed for iPadOS, Apple Arcade and Classroom Trademarks.

Trademark "Capsule" for Phone Cases Too Descriptive to Merit Protection.

Leaving a Mark II: Why Trademark Licensees Need To Beware The Holding In Mission Products Holdings v. Tempnology, LLC.

Fieldwork Brewing Co. Files Trademark Lawsuit Over New Hampshire Brewer's "Fieldwork" IPAs.

Tom Brady’s Own Comments Put His "Tom Terrific" Trademark Quest on Shaky Legal Ground.

Models Slap CT Strip Clubs with Trademark Lawsuits.

Natural Alternatives International, Inc. Files Trademark Infringement Suit Against Vitalize Labs, LLC.

Activision Shouts "First Amendment" Over Humvee's Trademark Lawsuit For Call Of Duty Depictions

Cellino & Barnes Rift Deepens with Trademark Case Against Family Members.

Auto Racing Company’s "Midget" Trademark Rejected as Descriptive.

Apple's Liquid Retina Receives Registered Status as Their "iPhone" Trademark Is Updated to Cover Financial Services.

Another Blow! Jordyn Woods' Clothing Company Trademark Denied Amid Kylie Jenner Feud.

Barnes Files Trademark Infringement Lawsuit Against Cellino and Cellino.

Nipsey Hussle’s Brother Competing with Crips to Trademark “The Marathon Continues.”

Detroit Microbrewery Files Trademark Lawsuit Against Blake’s Hard Cider.

Santa Cruz Coffee Shop Cat & Cloud Fights Caterpillar Inc. to Keep Its Trademark.

Tom Brady’s "Tom Terrific" Moniker Isn’t His to Trademark.

The U.S. Trademark Office Opens The Door to Registering Certain Cannabis Trademarks.

3 Steps to Avoid Trademark Problems.

ATEN Tech Successfully Defends its “Simply Better Connections” Trademark.

Atlas Comics – Whose Trademark Is It Anyway?

Coffee by Design Files Trademark Lawsuit Over "CBD Coffee."

Chicago Federal Circuit Affirms that Likelihood of Confusion – not “Use in Commerce” – is the Hallmark of Trademark Infringement.

Kardashians Walk - Trademark Licensee Has No Standing To Sue For Infringement.

Guns N' Roses, Out of Patience For Oskar Blues' Guns "N" Rosé Ale, Sues For Trademark Infringement.

Iron Maiden Files $2 Million Trademark Lawsuit Over "Ion Maiden" Video Game.

Tom Brady is Officially Filing to Trademark One of His Famous Nicknames.

Clever Joke or Pun-intentional Lawsuit? Let’s Talk Craft Beer Names and Trademark Infringement.

Crips Gang Members Looking to Trademark Nipsey Hussle’s "Marathon" Slogan.

Cat and Cloud Coffee in Santa Cruz Facing Trademark Controversy Against Caterpillar Inc.

USPTO Provides Clarity On CBD Trademark Applications.

Arkansas Pharmacy Files Federal Trademark Infringement Suit Against Medical Marijuana Dispensary.

The Elder Scrolls 6’s Redfall Trademark Dispute Is Over.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Again Rules in Favor of Motorola Solutions Against Hytera.

Remarks by Director Iancu at International Trademark Association 141st Annual Meeting.

Pink Drummer Bunnies Duke it Out in Federal Court.

Supreme Court Rules Trademark Rights May Survive Bankruptcy Rejection.

Trademark License Survives Bankruptcy, Justices Rule.

Supreme Court Sides With Trademark Users In Bankruptcy Disputes.

Judge Fines Mongols Motorcycle Club $500,000, but Group Retains Trademark.

U.S. Patent Office Issues CBD Trademark Guidelines.

ITC’s Trademark Decisions Are Not Entitled To Preclusive Effect.

Sixers Superstar Joel Embiid Now Has Trademark for The Process.

Opendoor Sued for Trademark Infringement Over Its Mortgage Brokerage.

Florida Man vs. Florida Man: He Wants to Trademark "Florida Man" Before Someone Else Does.

What's on the Way From Canopy Growth Based on Its Latest U.S. Trademark Applications.

Australian Paper Flower Business in Trademark Blue with Tiffany & Co.

CrossFit Inc. Takes Progenex to Court.

Royal Enfield applies for "Meteor" Trademark: Here's What We Expect.

The Complicated Business of Selling the NYPD Logo.

Guns N’ Roses Is Suing a Colorado Brewery Over Trademark Infringement.

Ugg: Kick in the Guts as Aussie Maker Loses US Trademark Case.

Nespresso Hits Williams-Sonoma with Trademark Lawsuit Over Coffee Pods.

Victoria’s Secret Trademarks a Twist on a Rival's Name. Will It Backfire?

Story from BEAUTY Kendall Jenner Just Filed A Trademark For Her Own Beauty Line.

"Other White Meat" Trademark Case Coming Down to the Details.

Liberty Mutual Must Indemnify Hershey Creamery in Milkshake Trademark Dispute.

Corporate Giant Sues V.I. Retailer Alleging Trademark Infringement.

Mercedes-Benz Parent, Daimler, Files To Trademark "Arcadia."

Recent Ninth Circuit Cases Address Balance Between Trademark Protection and Free Speech.

Federal Agency Updates Rules On Trademarks For Hemp And CBD Products.

Chicago Cubs Defeat Iowa Man's Bid to Trademark "Cubnoxious."

Facebook Acquires "Libra" Trademark to Work on Its Secretive Cryptocurrency.

Victoria’s Secret Tries to Trademark the Phrase "First Love."

Confusion Reigns Over Sturgis Rally Trademark Ruling.

Williams-Sonoma Takes Round 1 in Trademark Fight With Amazon.

Patent and Trademark Office Looks to Stabilize Critical IT Apps.

Penfolds "Copycat" Ordered to Pay More than $800k for Trademark Infringement in China.

PawSox Trademark Possible Worcester Names, but No Final Decision Yet.

Patagonia Sues Anheuser-Busch, Alleging Trademark Infringement.

World Peas Brand Peatos Resolves Trademark Dispute with Frito Lay.

Dave vs. Goliath: Johnson Sues Amazon, Alleges Trademark Infringement.

Town Settles Trademark Case over Popular Montauk Surfing Beach.

Computer Store Drops Trademark Claim against Taylor Swift.

NFL Trademarks Duluth Eskimos, but Don't Expect a Name Change from the Vikings.

Dozens of Crypto Trademarks Filed in the US This Year.

Color Alone as a Trademark.

Off-White Claims Quotation Marks as Common Law Trademark Rights.

Apple Files for Figurative Trademark related to Metal's Stylized "M" in the U.S. and Hong Kong, China.

Pooey & Louis: a Bi-National Trademark Dispute.

Trademark Law Amendment Targeting Bad Faith Registration and Infringements.

Cannabis Publication High Times Accused of Women of Weed Trademark Infringement.

Universal Music’s Trademark Application for “As Heard On TV” Denied by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.

“Blueberry Muffin” Beer Is not on Tap at the Trademark Office.

LL Cool J Wins “Rock the Bells” Trademark Lawsuit.

China Raises Top Fine for Trademark Infringement, Tightens Rules on "Squatting."

TTAB Continues to Rule on Genericness.

"Life Is Beautiful" Festival’s Trademark, Copyright Wins Upheld.

Ford Wants the Trademark for Scout and Bronco Scout, Report Says.

W.B. Mason Can’t Appeal Order in Dairy Queen Trademark Case.

Christina Tosi Is Suing a Chicago "Milk Bar" for Trademark Infringement.

Nike Applies for "Footwark" Trademark.

Tampa Brewery Sues Florida Avenue Restaurant for Trademark Violations.

Ford Files for Bronco Scout Trademark in the U.S.

Why Celebrities Try to Trademark Their Catchphrases and Baby Names.

Wanting a Naughty Trademark Might Send You Jumping Through Hoops--to the Supreme Court.

Supreme Court Justices Avoid Saying F-word at Heart of Trademark Case.

Tips & Tricks to Trademark Licensing.

Ariana Grande Smells An Opportunity in "Thank U, Next" Glam Product!

East Hampton Settles "Ditch Plain" Trademark Case.

Justices to Consider Constitutionality of Banning Trademark Registration for Immoral and Scandalous Marks.

The Patent and Trademark Office Isn't Ignoring the Next Generation of Inventors — not even Kindergarteners.

What Is the Difference Between a State and Federal Trademark?

LinkedIn Stops "KinkedIn" Dating Site’s TM Bid.

House Member Wants to Trademark "The People’s Rep" Slogan.

Solid 21 Accuses Breitling of Trademark Infringement.

Trademark Lawsuit Targets Upcoming Showtime Miniseries on Ex-Fox News CEO Roger Ailes.

Amazon, Williams-Sonoma Make Their Trademark Cases in SF Court.

Women’s March Group Drops Application to Trademark Name after Two-year Battle.

Kardashian Sisters Dodge Trademark Infringement Claim Over Khroma Cosmetics Line.

Inter Miami, Inter Milan in Legal Battle over "Inter" Trademark.

Craft Brewers, Let’s Learn the Hazards of Skimping on Trademark Research.

Swiss Court Backs Swatch in "Tick Different" Trademark Row With Apple.

What Can Get Registered as a Trademark?

“Indian Challenger” Trademark Filed For Another Potential New Indian Model.

WIPO Launches Free AI Trademark Search Tool for Brands.

Warner Bros. Denied Trademark For "Harry Potter" Quote.

March Madness Or Strong Defense: NCAA Opposes Company's "March Mulligans" Trademark.

Stone Brewing has "Moderately Strong" Trademark Claim against MILLERCOORS.

Warner Bros. Runs Out of Magic While Trying to Secure Harry Potter Trademark.

Shire City Herbal's Suit over "Fire Cider" Trademark Heads to Trial this Week.

Skills Game Manufacturer Claims Website Marketing Material Infringes on Its Pa. Trademark.

Trademark vs. Copyright (+When To Use the TM Symbol, Registered Symbol, and Copyright Logo).

Craft Beer Co Denied Injunction in Brewing Trademark Spat with MillerCoors.

No Laughing Matter: Comedy Group Sues Competitor Over Alleged Trademark Infringement.

Olivia Jade Gets Trademark Applications Kicked Back for Poor Punctuation.

Super-Influencer Chiara Ferragni Lands Win in "Chiara" Trademark Case.

From "March Madness" to "Dribble," NCAA Trademarks Cover a Range of Final Four Phrases.

Trademarks and Hemp-Derived Cannabidiol: Brand Protection for CBD Products.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame - a Trademark Worth Protecting.

Apple Forced to Acquire "AirPower" Trademark.

Competing Cannabis Companies Duke It Out for California Trademark Rights.

Can Baltimore Seize Preakness Trademark? You Bet, Legal Experts Say.

The Ultimate Money Move: Cardi B Filed to Trademark Her Famous Catchphrase, "Okurrr."

Don’t Worry about that Elder Scrolls 6 Redfall Trademark Dispute: an Agreement Could Be in the Works.

Weinstein Co. Sued Over Trademark Infringement in Bill Murray Film.

WWE Opposes Sister Abigail Trademark.

Peppa Pig Creators Win Trademark Invalidity Claim.

UPS Sues Three Cannabis Delivery Services for Trademark Infringement.

International Trademark Applications Under Madrid See Six Percent Increase.

Diablo Trademark Hints That Netflix Series Is Happening.

Cleveland Heights Boiled Seafood Restaurant Faces Trademark Lawsuit Over Name.

Stalwart Mall Brand Bebe is Alive and Suing.

Apple Objects To Norway Political Party's Logo Claiming Potential Customer Confusion Over Trademark.

What Is the Difference Between a State and Federal Trademark?

Why You Can’t Call It a Barcade.

There's a Pillow Fight Erupting in Wixom Amid Trademark Battle.

Benny's Claims Richmond Grocery Store Infringing on Brand.

Fearing a Trademark Lawsuit, Bucksport’s "Hobbit Hill" Farm Agrees to Change Name.

This Is One Pillow Fight: Small Michigan Company Takes On Giant MyPillow, CEO Mike Lindell.

"Defender" Name Subject of Trademark Case.

Beyoncé Refuses to Hand Over Private Communications with Husband Jay Z and Her Mother Amid Ongoing Trademark Battle Over Blue Ivy's Name.

Penn State Not Getting Its Way with "Happy Valley," at Least for Now.

Sweet Pete's Settles for $2 Million in Trademark Suit with Sugarfina.

Marc Jacobs Responds to Nirvana Trademark Infringement Allegations.

Court Blocks Unconstitutional Government Seizure of Mongols Motorcycle Club Trademark.

Paysafe Loses Venue Fight in Trademark Case.

How to Protect Your Brand with a Trademark.

UPS Wins Injunction Against Cannabis Companies in Trademark Row.

Biggby Suing Texas Coffee Company for Trademark Infringement.

Mercedes SLR Trademark Could Point To The Return of A Legend.

Scammers Are Filing Fake Trademarks to Steal High-Value Instagram Accounts.

Stanley Black & Decker Sues Sears Over Trademark Infringement on Craftsman Brand.

M22 and State Reach Agreement on Trademark Issue.

World's Preeminent Trademark Event to Be Held in Boston, Massachusetts in May.

Apple Says Norwegian Political Party's Logo Might Be Confused with Its Own, Objects to Trademark.

NHL Settles Trademark Suit With Stanley Cup Beer Stein Maker.

CA, AZ Cannabis Retailers with Same Name Headed to Court Over Trademark.

In Pre-Mardi Gras Battle, Louisiana Jumbo Beer Seller Sues Over Trademark.

In-N-Out Files Trademark Lawsuit Over Puma's New Drive-Thru Shoes.

Trademark Law Is FUBAR, and not the Barbecue Sauce.

Ten Things to Avoid When Doing Trademark Surveys.

Facebook Sues Four Chinese Companies Over Trademark Infringement.

Infringement on the Horizon: Eight in Ten Brands Suffer Trademark Infringement.

Judge Won't Make Mongols Biker Gang Surrender Trademark Logo.

Banksy Sues Italian Exhibition for Trademark Infringement.

UICCU Name to Go "Green" if Trademark Is Approved.

Station 26 Brewing Rescues 303 Beer Trademark From Anheuser-Busch.

Guess Fails to Stop Registration of "Hater" TM in Singapore.

Swatch Says Samsung's Smartwatch Faces Breached Its Trademark.

AEW Faces Initial Refusal On Several Key Trademarks.

Loss of Trademark: A Franchisor’s Worst Nightmare.

Can You Trademark Lake Effect? Buffalo Lawsuit May Find Out.

US Patent Office Awards GLUCODOWN® Trademark For Expanded Distribution Of New Diabetic Tea Flavors.

Fighting Over Public: Theater Sues Ian Schrager’s Hotel for Trademark Infringement.

"The Elder Scrolls" Delay Rumors Sparked Over Trademark Dispute, Sci-Fi Author Responds.

Public Theater Sues Ian Schrager’s Public Hotel, Alleging Trademark Violation.

Walmart to appeal $95 million jury verdict over "Backyard Grill" trademark.

All Elite Wrestling’s Trademark Application Initially Refused.

You Say You Sell “Le Big Mac,” but Why Should We Believe You?

The Latest In Trademark Abuse Is Registering Marks To Obtain Ownership Of Instagram Accounts.

Chinese National Sentenced to Jail Over Fake HP and Intel Goods.

SCOTUS Hears Arguments in US Postal Service Case.

UPS Sues California Cannabis Delivery Companies for Infringing on Trademark.

Capri Sun Claims Dilution in TM Suit.

SCOTUS to Decide Whether Rejected Trademark Agreements Are Enforceable.

SCOTUS to Hear "The Most Significant Unresolved Legal Issue in Trademark Licensing" in Mission Product Holdings Inc. v. Tempnology, LLC.

"Honda E" Trademark Could Be for Brand’s First EV.

Owner Of Harry Caray's Restaurants Finds You Can't Just Trademark A Widely Used Hashtag.

Protect Your Brand: Benefits of Federal Trademark Registration.

Walmart Loses Grill Trademark Case.

Settlement Reached in Saugatuck Brewing Trademark Infringement Lawsuit.

The Scouts Teach Us All a Lesson About Trademark Law.

Cadbury Loses Legal Battle Over Purple Wrapper.

Burger King Trolls McDonald’s After EU Trademark Loss.

Hutchinson Schools Trademark Mascot, Logo.

Mercedes O-Class Could Be Planned Based On Trademark Filing.

Hey! Those Are Our Colors! JLG Industries Accusing Chinese Competitor of Trademark Infringement.

Apple Apparently Files for Bizarre "Bald Eagle 5G" Trademark.

CBD Craze Is Creating a Trademark Problem for a Coffee Brand in Maine.

Christian Louboutin’s Red Sole Trademark Held Up By Hague Court.

MGM Sues Nevada Man for Infringing on United Artists Trademark.

4th Circuit Backs Trademark Protection for Booking.com.

Campbell Trademarks the Word "CHUNKY." Experts Say Decision Will Likely Raise Questions.

Harvard Wins $14K in Trademark Dispute with Turkish Schools.

Monster Energy Loses Trademark Appeal to Monsta Pizza.

Lessons From McDonald's Global Trademark Battles.

No License No Cry: Ninth Circuit Nixes Jammin Java Appeal in Bob Marley Trademark Case.

Brands Pay for the Privilege of Uttering the Phrase “Super Bowl.”

Trademark Infringement Is on the Rise.

Judge: Levi Strauss & Co. Is not a "Trademark Bully."

Nike Air Max Shoe Logo Called "Offensive" to Muslims for Allah-like Design.

Jay-Z Wins Fight for African-American Arbitrators in Trademark Case.

Fox's "Alita: Battle Angel" Hit With Trademark Lawsuit.

Eight in 10 Companies Suffer from Trademark Infringement Warns CompuMark.

To Dodge Trademark Dispute, Willie McCoy's to be Renamed.

Japan Patent Office Says Trademark Registration of Era Names Will Be Banned from May.

Former Survivor Singer Must Face Trademark Lawsuit - Ruling.

Is Kawasaki "Meguro" Trademark Hinting At New Model?

Alexandria Founder Named in Trademark Dispute as Son Launches Rival Biotech Coworking Company.

Boy Scouts Demand Girl Scouts Lawsuit Over "Scouts" Trademark Be Dismissed.

Idaho House Member Tried Trademarking Your License Plate Image; the Owner Threatened to Sue.

"It Is Not Distinctive:" Roots Loses Trademark Dispute Over Cabin Logo.

Dunlap Sauce Company Sues Wendy’s for Trademark Infringement.

Humu v. Hulu: Trademark To-Do Leads to New Lawsuit.

Kahlua’s Makers in for a "Good Fight" in Trademark Case Against Hawaii Company.

Apple Extends iPod Touch Trademark to Include Gaming Devices.

PepsiCo in Legal Battle with Moonshine Distillery over "Mountain Dew" Trademark.

Smells Like Trademark Infringement: Nirvana Sues Over Smiley Face Logo.

Rihanna Suing Father Over Fenty Trademark.

Chicago Suburb, Nevada City Settle Trademark Dispute.

White-Owned Pho Restaurant that Tried to Trademark the Word "Pho" Under Fire for "Vegan Pho."

Ferrero Won't Engage In Nestlé's Trademark Claim Against Tulsa Snacks Maker.

Band Featuring Tito Jackson Sued. Leave B.B. King's Name Out of This!!!"

"End of the McBully" - Supermac Wins Trademark Case Against McDonald's.

Chooseco Sues Netflix, Alleging "Bandersnatch" Trademark Infringement.

Jury Decides to Strip Mongols Biker Gang of Trademark Logo.

Netflix Sued Over Alleged "Choose Your Own Adventure" Trademark Infringement.

Judge Lets Berkshire Hathaway’s Dairy Queen Sue Over "Blizzard" Trademark.

9th Circuit Panel Rules Coffee Company Infringed Bob Marley Trademark.

Coinbase Backtracks on BUIDL Trademark, Yet Takes Credit for Coining the Term.

Maker's Mark and Louisville Cigar Maker Spar Over Famous Red Wax Drip.

Naperville to Settle Trademark Dispute with Nevada City by Promising to Stop Using "Water Street District."

Penn State Faces Backlash Over Decision to Trademark "Happy Valley."

Don't Expect Profanities to Fly When Justices Hear "FUCT" Trademark Case.

Indian Adds New Name To Its Trademarks Collection: Renegade.

After Guilty Verdict, Prosecutors Seek to Strip Mongols Biker Gang of Trademarked Logo.

American Airlines and Expedia Quietly Settle Trademark Lawsuit.

Big Cable Trolls Big Mobile with "10G" Trademark Application.

Costco Loses Bid to Undo Tiffany’s $19M Trademark Award.

Supreme Court to Decide if Trademark Protection Can be Denied to "Scandalous" Brands.

No (Legal) Worries for Disney in "Hakuna Matata" Trademark Row.

Cartier Lost a Trademark Battle Over the Word “Love.”

AT&T Tries to Trademark ‘Verge TV’ as if We’re Going to Let Them Get Away with It.

Detroit Sues McDonald's Franchisee for Project Green Light Trademark Infringement.

Detroit Athletic Club Sues Detroit Athletic Co. Over Trademark Infringement.

Minkah Fitzpatrick Loses Trademark Battle Over ‘FitzMagic’ Nickname.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Announces Revised Guidance for Determining Subject Matter Eligibility.

Penn State Moves to Trademark the Happy Valley Nickname.

GM Renews 'Zora' Trademark as Mid-Engine Corvette Nears Production.

Nike Faces Trademark Lawsuit Over Cool Compression Line.

Primark to "Defend Its Position" Against Vans Trademark Lawsuit.

Amiga Sues Hyperion for Trademark Infringment.

Will General Motors Resurrect the GMC Envoy? Trademark Filing Raises Speculation SUV May Be Brought Back.

Nike Faces New Trademark Lawsuit Over Sports Apparel.

What Will Become of Taylor Gourmet in Trademark Bidding War?

Judge Casts Doubt on Trademark Case Against Bank of America’s Erica.

Trademark Lawyers ‘R’ Salivating.

Barbour Claims Exclusive Rights in its Wax Jacket in New Trademark Application.

Sod Poodles Trademark Owner to Sell T-shirts, Donate Profit to Charity.

Clothing Company Wants To Trademark "Yinzer," But Says Pittsburghers Shouldn't Panic.

Hakuna Matata? Can Companies Actually Trademark a Phrase Like That?

Miami Dolphins Apply for Trademark to Commemorate Miracle Win Over Patriots.

Coinbase Has Dropped Its Bid to Trademark "BUIDL."

Petition Calls on Disney to Drop "Hakuna Matata" Trademark.

Fresh Prince's Alfonso Ribeiro Sues Fortnite Over Trademark Carlton Dance.

LL Cool J Files Trademark Infringement Suit To Knock Out "Rock The Bells" Music Festival.

The Top 10 Biggest Trademark Disputes Of 2018.

Mongols Biker Gang Found Guilty in Racketeering Case, Moving Government Closer to Seizing Trademark.

Monster Energy Loses Trademark Appeal at EU Court.

GE Appliances Actually Applies for "Big Boy" Trademark After SNL Skit.

Bentley Motors Sued for Trademark Infringement.

Spice Spat: Old Bay Sues New Bae for Trademark Infringement.

Iowa State Tells Students To Piss Off And Continues Its New Trademark Policy Despite Their Concerns.

Off-White Is Suing Children’s Apparel Company Brooklyn Lighthouse for Trademark Infringement.

Could a Notorious Biker Club’s Survival Hinge On a Trademark? The Feds Are Betting On It.

China Filed 54% More Trademark Applications in 2017 in Push to Become Major Branding Player.

JAY-Z Scores Racial Diversity Victory in Trademark Infringement Case.

How to Trademark a Sound, According to Zippo.

EU Court Reverses Heineken Trademark Decision.

AMD Files to Trademark What Looks Like a Vega 2 Logo.

Cubs, Nationals Launch Another Trademark Opposition Over A "W" Logo.

Real Housewife of New Jersey Ordered to Pay Over $500K to Vineyard Vines for Trademark Infringement.

BIC Files Trademark Infringement Complaints Against Counterfeit Lighter Manufacturers in China.

Apple Files for Figurative "Walkie-Talkie" Trademark in the U.S. & Hong Kong.

Coinbase Is Attempting to Trademark Crypto Rallying Cry "BUIDL."

Cadbury Just Lost a Trademark Battle Over a Shade of Purple, and Its Distinctive Colour Is Now Vulnerable.

Ford Files "Mach E" Trademark, Likely for Mustang-inspired EV SUV.

Apple Files for "Apple Music for Business" Trademark Covering Music Played in Restaurants, Bars, Retail Stores and More.

Emmy Awards Spar With Plano Pet Products Company Over Trademark Infringement.

Fleetwood Mac Merchandise Subject of Trademark Suit.

Bobby Blotzer Ratt Trademark Infringement Claims Dismissed by California Court.

Yellow Belly Beer Could Be Discontinued Over Trademark Dispute.

"Hakuna Matat"' and Other Unlikely Trademarked Phrases.

Edible Arrangements Says Competitor Misusing "Edible" Trademark, Designs.

SafeRack Wins Trademark Battle Over Orange Safety Railings.

Wyndham Bulks Up Trademark Collection, Adds 12 Hotels in Canada.

Brewery Defeats Trademark Complaint by Conservative Icon Schlafly’s Heirs.

Braves Sue Marietta Taxi Company Over Alleged Trademark Infringement.

LL Cool J Files Lawsuit Against Rock the Bells Festival for Trademark Infringement, Cybersquatting.

JAY-Z Cites Racial Discrimination in Trademark Infringement Case.

Levi Strauss Accuses YSL of Trademark Infringement.

Well Living Lab Loses Trademark Appeal.

Stone Ranch Media Files Application for "Amarillo Sod Poodles" Trademark.

Palm Trademark Lawsuit Ends in $120 Million Award.

Saugatuck Brewing Sued for Trademark Infringement.

Cutting the Dead Wood: The USPTO’s Post-Registration Trademark Use Audit Program.

Likelihood of Confusion: the Sine Qua Non of Trademark Infringement.

Federal Circuit Resurrects Trademark Beef.

Tequila Regulatory Council Opposes Musk’s Teslaquila Trademark.

Supreme Court to Determine if Bankruptcy Code Allows Debtor to Terminate Trademark License Rights.

The Weeknd Sued for Trademark Infringement Over "Starboy" Comic Book.

Board Hires Attorneys in Ongoing Suit to Block Trademark of Ditch Plains Beach in Montauk.

You Shall Not Pass: Hurdles to Federal Trademark Registration.

Michael Kors Sues Online Retailer Barbados Leather for Trademark Infringement.

Retail Clothing Giant Ends Five-year Trademark Battle with Whatcom’s Nautigirl.

Nintendo Wins $12 Million from Trademark and Copyright Infringement Lawsuit.

Game Of Memes? HBO, Trump, And Trademark Parody.

Alibaba Clears Hurdle In Cryptocurrency Trademark Fight.

Bear Fight: Student Palestinian Group Claims UCLA Trademark Complaint Is Effort to Stifle Speech.

Common Trademark Mistakes Made by Small Business Owners.

China Grants 18 Trademarks in 2 Months to Trump, Daughter.

Bank of America Faces Trademark Lawsuit over Virtual Assistant Erica.

Girl Scouts Sue Boy Scouts over Trademark as Boys Welcome Girls.

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Trademark Verdict Partially Overturned.

Spectrum Health Asks Court to Dismiss Federal Trademark Case.

The Supreme Court May Finally Give Guidance on Trademark Protections in Bankruptcy.

Amazon Sellers in Crosshairs as Hackers Alter Trademark Data.

USPTO to Propose Rule Requiring Foreign Trademark Applicants to Use U.S. Licensed Attorneys to File Documents.

Trump's Game of Thrones Tweet Is Odd—But Probably not Trademark Infringement.

Appeals Court Rules in Sturgis Trademark Dispute.

Choo Versus Chu: Jimmy Choo Takes Trademark Action Against Fashion Student.

Mall Kiosk Owner Charged with Trademark Counterfeit Counts.

Orange Is The New Candy Trademark.

Ilitches Seek Trademark Protections for Potential Tigers-Red Wings Sports Network.

Some Apples Now Have Trademark Management Companies.

News "Save the Dinos" Promos Violated Trademark Deal, Suit Says.

MedMen Seeks Trademark for Word "Cannabis" Appearing On T-Shirts.

A New Ruling Just Reignited Converse’s Infamous Trademark Saga.

Judge May Ditch Some Counterclaims in Nestlé Trademark Dispute.

Conflating Design Patent & Trademark Onfringement – Can You Just Not?

Prince's Estate Wants to Trademark Purple, the Colour Synonymous with the Late Pop Singer.

Court Grants Camso's Partial Stay in Tire Trademark Infringement Case.

General Motors Files Trademark on "Chevrolet FNR" Name Previously Attached to Exotic EV Concept.

Using Do-It-Yourself or Online Trademark Registration Services Can Prove Disastrous for Entrepreneurs.

P&G’S Olay Loses Out In Trademark Fight with Nelovy Pharma.

SickRage Rebrands to SickChill to Avoid Trademark War.

Libraries to Mark 40-year Partnership with U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Claimed to Infringe on Trademark Law.

Trademark Lawsuit Against Twitter Over Hacked Account Dismissed.

Kevin Hart Settles Trademark Case.

Navy Trademark Office Gives $1 Million to MWR in First Transfer.

EU Court Dismisses Bacardi Trademark Appeal.

Hailey Baldwin Reportedly Files Trademark for "Hailey Bieber."

You Have Invested Everything into Your Brand. Make Sure Your Trademark Is Legally Protected.

One Company's Story Of The Soft Cost Of Aggressive Trademark Enforcement.

USPTO Warns of Unauthorised Changes to Trademarks.

Patriots Apply for Trademark for Little-known Team Catchphrase: "AWWW YEAH."

Virginia Harry Potter Festival Going Generic to Avoid Trademark Disputes.

China Founds Trademark Office to Protect Domestic Brands.

Rihanna and Puma Targeted in "FU" Trademark Suit.

Louis Vuitton Emerges Victorious in the Face Shop Trademark Infringement Case.

Splenda Maker Settles Trademark Lawsuit Against IHOP, Applebee's Franchisor.

Foreign Trademark Filers Soon May Need U.S. Lawyer.

Trademark Law and Its Limits in the Fashion Industry.

Cat Introduces New Trademark Graphic.

Kylie Jenner And Caitlyn Jenner Are Reportedly In A Trademark War.

Regus Sues WeWork For Trademark Infringement, Poaching Tenants.

DeLorean Widow’s "Back to the Future" Lawsuit Rejected After Earlier Trademark Settlement Agreement.

Library Now Patent, Trademark Center.

Museum of Modern Art Wins Injunction Against MOMACHA On Merits of Trademark Infringement, Dilution Claims.

UK Beautician Fights Back after Legal Threat from Tiffany & Co.

Elon Musk's Tesla Seeks to Trademark "Teslaquila."

The US Patent and Trademark Office Is Ready to Hand Over an Exclusive Trademark for "Dragon Slayer" for Fantasy Novels.

Deep Purple Cases Are Uncomfortable for TM Bad Faith, Says Counsel.

Colin Kaepernick Files to Trademark Image of His Face, Hair.

NWSL Denies Kansas City Royals' Suit Over Utah Royals FC Trademark.

Victory for Billabong in Trademark Dispute Over "Billa."

Ongoing SickRage Dispute Descends into Trademark War.

Illycaffe, JAB Ink Trademark Licensing Deal.

Sixers Have Filed Trademark for "Trust the Process," the Unofficial Motto of Sam Hinkie's Regime.

American Airlines Takes Company to Court Over "AA" Trademark.

Editorial: New Trademark Policy Hurts Campus Community.

Support the Trademark Licensing Protection Act.

China Grapples with Trademark Infringement—of Its Own Brands.

Heisman Trophy Trust Sues Random Website for Trademark Infringement.

Fashion Designer Balenciaga Opposes Parody Pet-Wear Maker's Trademark Application For "Pawlenciaga."

Beyonce Loses Motion For Permanent Injunction In Trademark Battle.

Why Dunkin’ Saying Goodbye To "Donuts" Is A Sweet Lesson In Trademarks.

EUIPO Delivers Sweet Victory for Haribo in Trademark Appeal.

EasyJet Owner Takes on Netflix for Trademark Infringement.

Vogue Magazine's Parent Co. is Suing "Black Vogue" Founder for Trademark Infringement.

Bula! Fiji Fights US Bar's Trademark on a National Greeting.

Led Zeppelin Must Face New "Stairway to Heaven" Trial.

Apple Accused of Unsavory Business Practices in "Memoji" Trademark Lawsuit.

Pornhub Wants to Be a Lifestyle Brand.

Franchise Holdings International Submits Application to Secure Worksport Trademark and Logo in U.S., China and Canada.

GM Files to Trademark "Ultra Cruise."

Hold the Donuts, Says Newly Named Dunkin’.

Papa John's Files Trademark to Lose Its Apostrophe and Spotlights New "Papas" Who Aren't Its Founder.

GoDaddy Acquires Blockchain Trademark Venture.

OnePlus Sued Over "Purposeful" Infringement of "Dash Charge" Trademark.

Voicemail App Hits Instagram with TM Non-Infringement Suit.

Toyota Files for Trademark on "Corolla Cross" in 13-Plus Countries Levi’s Takes on Chinese Counterfeiters in US Court.

New Trademark Leads to Zeppelin Streaming Service Speculation.

Virgin Takes on "Fictitious" Entity for Trademark Infringement.

Litigation Over Ultra Music Festival's Trademark Abroad Proceeds to Trial in Miami.

Skyrim Parent Company Files Trademark For "Redfall."

International Report - A Step in the Right Direction: US and EU Courts Protect Trademark for Red-soled Heels.

Dolphins' Minkah Fitzpatrick Files Trademark Application for "FitzMagic."

Mixed Bag for Lidl in Two TM Cases.

The Most Significant Unresolved Legal Issue In Trademark Licensing.

Nintendo Renews Golden Sun Trademark Ahead of Schedule.

Iowa State's New Trademark Guidelines Require Student Organizations to Change Names.

Dan Skuta Opposes Jaguars' Attempt to Trademark "Sacksonville."

US to Probe M&M Over Trademark.

Travis Scott Files Paperwork to Trademark SPACE for New Line of Merchandise.

EU General Court Upholds L’Occitane Trademark.

BMW Opposes Marvel’s Trademark of Ghost-Spider.

Amazon’s Trademark Apps Hint at Fashion.

Opposition to Trademark for “Quantum Series.”

Wynn Macau Warns Against Fraud Gambling Sites Using Trademark.

Why Luxury Brands Burn Their Own Goods.

Vikings QB Kirk Cousins Files "You Vike That" Trademark.

Apple’s "Banana" TM Oppositions Lapse.

CJEU Clarifies Distinctive Trademark Use Requirements.

UKIPO Puts a Lid on Tea Trademark Dispute.

In Wake of San Diego Comic Con Trademark Case, Tampa Bay Comic Con Changes Name.

Wine Spectator's Publisher Is Suing Weed Spectator Over Trademark Infringement.

Ohio State Files Action Against Oklahoma for Use of Block "O" Trademark.

Cartier Trademark Clash Comes to an End.

Marvel Comics Abandons Monsters Unleashed Trademark.

Apple Applies for Four Apple Park Trademarks, as Core ML Trademark Is Granted.

Gene Simmons: Vinnie Vincent Headed For "More Legal Problem" Over Kiss Trademark.

'90s Shoe Company Challenges Rams, Chargers Over Trademark of "LA."

The Importance of Obtaining a Strong Trademark for Your Brand.

Spurs Group Files to Trademark 1970s Soccer Team’s Name.

Costco Appeal of $19M Tiffany Win Could Shift Trademark Law.

Mattress Firm’s Ex-Supplier Opens New Front in Trademark Fight.

Hammer-Schlagen® Stump Registers As Trademark.

MJ Munchies’ Half-Baked Trademark Registration Fully Granted in California; Federal Registration on Track.

Firestone Public House to Change Name After Trademark Lawsuit.

Fed Circuit Rules on Yin-Yang Trademark Appeal.

Trademark Bullies? Many Big Colleges Fiercely Protect Brands.

Honda Trademarks Fireblade Name for U.S.

Colin Kaepernick Targets "I'm with Kap" Trademark ... For Clothing Line.

HMD Global now owns the "PureView" trademark.

Aspen Skiing Co. Alleges Trademark Violations by T-shirt Shops.

Hazelden Sues Websites, Alleging Misuse of Trademark.

SpongeBob and the "Oh, please!" Standard of Trademark Foolishness.

BBC Chef Attacks Former Employers over Trademark.

Peatos CEO: Cheetos Trademark Claim Won’t Stop Brand Success.

Procter and Gamble Wants to Trademark "LOL," "WTF" and other Millennial-friendly Acronyms.

Express Homebuyers Wins Its Bid To Cancel Competitors "We Buy Houses" Trademark.

Beyoncé Wins Big In Lawsuit Against Man Trying To Trademark "Poison Ivy Park."

Bob Dylan's Whiskey Company Hit with Trademark Suit.

Face-PALM: US Patent and Trademark Office Database Down for 5 Days and Counting.

Swatch Prevails Over Apple in "Different" Trademark Dispute.

Burberry vs. Target: Drawing the Line Between Inspiration and Infringement.

In-N-Out Burger Sends Pun-tastic Trademark Letter to Brewery.

Effect of Rejected Trademark License Agreement on Rights of Use.

If This Miami MLS Logo Is Real, David Beckham Finally Did Something Right.

Hasbro and DC Comics Settle "Bumblebee" Trademark Dispute.

Disney Gets Early Loss In Trademark, Copyright Suit Against Unlicensed Birthday Party Characters.

Rare Minnesota Trademark Nears Registration Status.

Chicago Court: Yeah, Billy Goat Tavern Is Probably Going To Lose Trademark Case, But It Can Go Forward Anyway.

Reebok Loses Conor McGregor Trademark Fight.

Comrade Brewing Wins Juicy Trademark Fight Over Superpower IPA.

Minneapolis Official Withdraws Trademark Filing for WedgeLive Blog That Had Been Critical of Her.

BMW Files for "i9" Trademark in US.

Spectrum Health Asks Court to Dismiss Federal Trademark Case.

Trademarks, Patents and Copyrights, Oh My! What's the Difference?

Judge OKs Billy Goat Tavern's Trademark Infringement Suit Against a Potato Chip Company.

Native Hawaiian Activists Call for Boycott, Protest Over "Aloha Poke" Trademark.

Oakley Accuses Wholesaler of Design Patent and TM Infringement.

ATTORNEY: "Grupo Mazz" Trademark Name "Being Misused."

Nintendo Says “GAME OVER” in Trademark Suit.

Drake Is Trying to Trademark "God’s Plan."

Inside the Fight to Trademark Candy Shapes in America.

Seeking a Vulgar Trademark? Better Wait for Supreme Court Review.

Aloha Poke Protests Planned Amid Trademark Fiasco.

Beam’s Pucker Vodka Can Keep Using Lipstick Trademark.

Minor League Trademark Hints at Possible PawSox Move.

Boutique Owner Thrilled to Receive Federal Trademark.

Steve McQueen’s Son Sues Ferrari for Trademark Infringement.

Small Distillery to Take On a "Monster" "Trademark Bully."

A Midwestern Chain Told Hawaiians to Stop Using "Aloha" with "Poke," Igniting a Heated Debate.

Land Rover Files Trademark for Road Rover Name.

DC Comics vs. Netflix’s Super Monsters Over Super Pets Trademark?

Trademark Lawsuit Over Viral Honey Badger Video Is Revived.

Does Kit Kat’s Shape Deserve a Trademark? E.U. Adds a Hurdle.

Did Trump Violate Deere's Trademark with His "Make Our Farmers Great Again" Hat?

Lodi Olive Oil Maker Sues Over Trademark Issue.

Land Rover Road Rover? British Brand Moves to Trademark Name.

Nintendo Applies For Hogan's Alley Trademark In Japan, Could This NES Classic Make A Comeback?

The Four Lessons Of Ivanka Trump (The Trademark).

Detroit Clothing Retailer Files to Block Eminem Trademark.

Do These Two Sausage Store Logos Look Alike? Lawsuit Says Yes.

Thunderpussy: The Fight To Trademark Their Name.

KitKat Loses EU Court Case to Trademark Four-Finger Shape.

Samsung Wants to Trademark a Magnetic Beetle Dial and What the Heck Is It?

Frucor Given Red Card Over "V" Green Trademark.

Nintendo Sues LoveROMs for Copyright and Trademark Infringement.

Golden Knights Settle Trademark Issue with Army Over Use of Name.

Trademark Troll Who Claims to Own "Dragon Slayer" Now Wants Exclusive Rights to Book Covers Where Someone Is Holding a Weapon.

"Say nice things" About Emily Gail's Trademark.

Lakeview's Lago Wine Bar Sued; Accused of Copying Menu, Design.

Lush Takes On Cosmetic Brand Over TM Infringement.

Texas A&M Succeeds In 12th Man Trademark Battle Against Soap Company.

Pierogi Festivals Settle Over Trademark Dispute.

UK TrademarkAapplications Soar Over 22-year Period.

How a US Burger Chain Brought "Ruby Tuesday" Full Circle Through Trademark Bullying.

Chanel Files $56 Million Trademark Suit Against eBay Seller.

Conor McGregor's Next Competitor Is Clothing Brand Champion, Which Is Opposing His Trademark App.

"Novichok" Brand Now a Rapidly-growing Trademark for Russian Products.

Samsung Trademark Hints at a Future Galaxy Watch.

Boeing Secures "797" Trademark.

WGBH Files Counterclaim in Rough Cut Trademark Battle.

"Double Dare" Battle for Show's Name Gets Nasty.

UKIPO Refuses Trump Trademark Application.

Laches Still Applies in Trademark Cases, 9th Circuit Rules in Fashion Case.

Cree Settles Trademark Infringement Suit.

Don’t Get "Cocky": A Cautionary Trademark Tale For Authors.

Kitty Pryde Owns the Trademark on the X-Men.

Trademark Basics: What Can and Can't Be Trademarked?

DJI Registers a New Trademark "POCA" in the Camera Gimbals Category.

"Taco Tuesday" Trademark War Sparks Debate Over Words and Phrases We Can Lay Claim To.

Gauthier Biomedical Receives Trademark Registration for G10 Handle Line.

After Flipkart, BigBasket Faces Court Proceedings Over Trademark Infringement.

Gatorade Remains The Sports Fuel Company After A Trademark Win On Fair Use Grounds.

Naval Academy Wins Battle With Nike Over Logo.

Sazerac Loses Trademark Lawsuit Against Small Kentucky Brand.

Capitol Hill’s Honeyhole Loses Round in Trademark Battle Over Name.

After Trademark Dispute, Voodoo Brewery Relaunches Pitt-themed Beer with Tongue-in-cheek Name.

Atari Sues Redbubble for Trademark and Copyright Infringement.

Louboutin Wins EU Court Battle Over Distinctive Red Soles.

Velcro Lawyers Thank You for Angry Feedback on Trademark Plea with Help of Music Video.

Confluence Brewing Settles Trademark Lawsuit Against Apartment Complex.

IHOP Gets Grilled on Twitter over New "Burger" Twist to Its Brand Name.

Post-it Notes Maker Sticks It to F1 in Row Over Trademark.

Move Over Adidas, Levi's Is the New Trademark "Bully," Per Barbour Lawsuit.

The Trademark "Texas Pete" Registered to Winston-Salem Company.

Old Taylor Distillery Trademark “Bourbon War” Being Fought In The Courts.

Sesame Street Loses Trademark Lawsuit Over "Happytime Murders" Film To Muppet Lawyer, Fred, Esq.

Trademark Disputes? In My Cider?

IHOP Is Changing Its Name And The Internet Can’t Handle It.

Monsanto Shedding Name: Bayer Acquisition Leads to Change for Environmental Lightning Rod.

Velcro Targets Trademark Abusers Again with Singing Lawyers.

EU General Court Dismisses Prada Trademark Appeal.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel Let Down Your Trademark Restrictions.

Judge Denies Author Attempt to Trademark "Cocky."

FAZE Apparel Sues Esports Org FaZe Clan Over Trademark Infringement.

Company Wants to Trademark “.Coin” for Top Level Domain Names.

Buffalo Bills File Trademark for "Respect the Process" But They May Face a Hurdle.

T-shirt Maker Sinks Rival with Dubious Trademark of 150-year-old Nautical Icon.

Pierogi Festival Trademark Case Reaches Settlement.

BMW Files for "Boat Tail" Trademark, Could Be for Custom Rolls-Royce.

AI to Change the Trademark World, Says Hogan Lovells.

This Is What that Legendary THX Audio Trademark Looks Like as Musical Notation.

Two of the World's Biggest Brands Are Now Chinese.

NC State and UNC-Chapel Hill Partner to Transform Trademark Licensing.

Ivanka Trump Granted Seven New Trademarks in China.

Trademark Considerations When Building A Brand.

UK Company Acquires "Bitcoin" Trademark, Allegedly Threatens Etsy Store over BTC-themed Items.

Stanley Cup Berth Secured, but Golden Knights Still Trying to Lock Down Trademark.

TxDOT Claims El Fenix’s Instagrammable Mural Infringes on Government Trademark.

"Trademark squatting" Hurts Artists and Small Businesses and It's Coming to Canada.

Nintendo Just Filed a Trademark for a Classic Game Console: The N64.

IAH Eatery Sued By New York Meatball Shop For Trademark Infringement.

Fidelity Files Trademark Lawsuit Over Omni's Use of "Seaport Hotel."

Buc-ee’s Wins Federal Court Trademark Fight Against Competitor Choke Canyon.

Star Trek/Dr. Seuss Mashup Creator Beats Trademark Claims.

Chiefs Filed Two Trademarks for a New Beer That Could Come to Arrowhead.

OnePlus Appears to be Re-branding "Dash Charge" Due to Amazon Trademark.

Alterra Mountain Co., Entrepreneur at Odds Over "Ikon" Trademark.

Chinese Imitation of Ritz Crackers Sued for Trademark Infringement.

Hasbro Trademarks Play-doh's Scent: Sweet, Slightly Musky.

Genetic Testing Companies Feuding Over Patent, Trademark.

Draymond Green Closing in on Trademark for "Hampton 5."

5 Dumb Trademark Mistakes Startups Should Avoid.

Plimsoll Gear, which Sells T-shirts with Icon, Threatens Trademark Lawsuit.

It’s Beaver vs. Alligator in this Buc-ee’s Trademark Fight.

USPTO Designates Durango, Colorado Public Library a Patent and Trademark Resource Center.

Lexus "LQ" Trademark Likely for Upcoming Flagship Crossover.

Dead Rabbit Trademark Battle Looming? Image Comic vs. New York Bar.

Kris Jenner Trying To Trademark "Momager" Again.

Distributor of Sustainable Products Receives Official Trademark.

Apple Filed Four Trademark Applications for "SHAZAM" Covering Augmented Reality, CarPlay and More.

Fight Over Frida Kahlo Trademark Takes a New Turn as Corporation Countersues Her Family.

EDA Hopes to Trademark Widget Cup.

Adidas Trademark Infringement Suit Against Skechers Stan Smith Look-alike to Move Forward.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to Keynote 2018 National Trademark Expo.

Who Owns The Women's March Brand? A Trademark Dispute Reveals An Existential Crisis.

Sleepwalker Fan Series Tries to Claim Trademark to Marvel Comic.

Plaid Fight: Burberry Sues Target Over that Trademark Check.

Gundersen Settles Trademark Lawsuit; Reproductive Clinics Will Continue Using Essential Health Name.

Nestle and Starbucks Strike $7.15 Billion Coffee Licensing Deal.

Dr. Dre Loses Trademark Case with OB/GYN Dr. Drai.

Odell Beckham Jr. Logo Trademark Filed by Nike.

Romance Author Trademarks the Word "Cocky," Sending Other Romance Writers into an Uproar.

Flood of Trademark Applications From China Alarms U.S. Officials.

Kern’s Kitchen Head Sues Courier Journal for Trademark Infringement.

Trademarks in Cannabis: Where Did All the "Star Wars" Strains Go?

Kendall Jenner, Apple Music Slapped with Trademark Infringement Lawsuit Over Pizza Boys.

Huhtamaki Sells Its Confectionary Trademark Portfolio.

Judge Rules Against Alibaba in Crypto Trademark Case.

Is it Finally Happening? BMW Files Trademark for M7.

Why Hire a Private Trademark Attorney?

Under Armour Quickly Shifts From Reporting Earnings To A New Trademark Case Against Armore Fitness.

Jack Daniel’s Claims Competitor’s Look-alike Whiskey Bottle "Dilutes" Its Brand.

Ford's Trademark of Maverick and Timberline Names Could Point to More SUVs in the Future.

Tiffany & Co. Is Bringing Its Trademark Shade of Blue to New York City Streets.

F1 Trademark the "Shoey" to Claim Rights to Daniel Ricciardo’s Famous Podium Celebration.

Boston Marathon Winner Desiree Linden Files for Trademark to "Keep Showing Up."

Nintendo, Game Freak And Creatures Have Filed A New "Ultra Shiny" Trademark.

Supreme Court Confirms Revocation of Collective Trademark BARCELONA.

China's Top Court Rules in Favor of Dior in Trademark Case.

Trademark for Photographers: Protecting Your Brand and Photography Business.

Trademark Lessons Pour From The Jack Daniel's Whiskey Bottle.

Former Host of WGBH Woodworking Show Files Trademark Infringement Suit.

Barcelona's Lionel Messi Wins Legal Battle Over Trademark.

Rihanna Accused of Ripping Off Clothing Brand ... That's a Big F.U.!!!

Fort Collins Distillery Settles Pesky Rabbit Trademark Dispute Without Having to Change a Thing.

Walmart Wins Reversal of $32.5M "Backyard Grill" Verdict.

Florida Virtual School Sues Arizona State University, Complains of Trademark Stealing.

Lucasfilm Sued Over "Star Wars" Card Game.

Ohio State Still Deciding Whether Restaurant's "O-HAI-O" Infringes on Trademark.

Moma Sues Lower East Side Cafe And Arts Space Over Trademark Infringement.

Jack Daniel’s Files TM Suit Against "Inferior" Whiskey Companies.

Harley Wins Biggest-Ever TradeMark Infringement Case.

Gucci and Guess End Nine-Year Trademark Dispute.

Gaylord Company Fined $19.2 Million for Trademark Infringement.

LeBron James In Trademark Tangle Over Barbershop Web Series.

Offense Intended: A Supreme Court Decision Extends Trademark Protection to “Coarser” Marks.

Registered Trademark vs Domain Name.

Court Rules Any Bacardi Spying on Rival in Trademark Infringement Suit is Discoverable, Lodestar Says.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Granted Apple 5 Registered Trademarks Today for Animoji, Today at Apple, More.

Subaru Moves to Trademark the Name ... Evoltis.

The City Is Suing St. Roch Market.

CNN Wins Trademark Battle with Indian Media Firm.

DJ Khaled Is Trying to Trademark His Son’s Name.

The Weeknd Sues Realtor Attempting To Trademark "Starboy."

Less Brand, More Problems? Brandless Faces Trademark Issues.

Behind Its Laid-back Image, Coachella Aggressively Protects Its Trademark.

In-N-Out Suing Over Australian "Down N' Out" Burger Restaurants.

SolarWindow Strengthens Intellectual Property Portfolio with Over 90 Trademark and Patent Filings.

By Chloe Chef Accuses Co-Founder of Trademark Infringement and Sending "Threatening Messages."

MillerCoors Responds, Calls Stone Brewing Trademark Suit "Meritless."

Dubai Cryptocurrency Firm Denies Alibaba Trademark Infringement.

By Chloe Founder Sues ESquared Hospitality for Trademark Violations.

Lawsuit Contends CBS Doesn't Own Term Coined by "I Love Lucy" Stars.

Versace Gets Sued For Trademark Infringement.

Leveraging Trademark Data to Drive Domain Name Strategy.

Konami Files New "Silent Hill" Trademark for Gambling.

Why Kanye West Shouldn't Worry About that Trademark Story.

Here Comes The Judge To Decide A Trademark Dispute Concerning The Yankees Slugger.

Trademark Row Over Iceland Football Chant.

USPTO Announces Exhibitors for 2018 National Trademark Expo.

Famous Billy Goat Tavern Initiates Risky Trademark Dispute With Billy Goat Chip Co.

Prudential Files Trademark Lawsuit Against Pennsylvania Bank.

Kanye West Has Apparently Lost The Yeezy Trademark To Another Company.

Nintendo Files New Pokemon-Related Trademark.

Utica Man Charged in Trademark Counterfeit Investigation.

Brexit Transitional Period to Offer "Cloned" Trademark Rights.

Fortnite’s Trademark Filing Royale.

UMBC seeks to trademark "16 over 1," "UMBC Retriever" and "Retriever Nation."

Kyle Looks to Sweeten City Brand with Pie Trademark.

Chinese Imitation of Air Jordan Shoe Brand Countersues Nike for Trademark Infringement.

Levi's Is Suing Chinese Companies for Trademark Infringement as Trade War Talk Heats Up.

Russian Fighting for Vodka Trademark Hires Lobbying Help in Washington.

Responsible Enforcement: How To Handle Trademark Disputes Effectively.

Disney Attempts to Dethrone Princess TM Registration.

Big Pun's Widow Is Suing Walmart Over Trademark Infringement.

"Forget About It": EU Kills Pizzeria's "Mafi" Trademark.

McDonald’s Selects Anaqua for Trademark Management.

Trademark Troubles: Who Owns "Duuuval?"

Whole Foods Loses UK Trademark Opposition.

Red Wings Claim Trademark Infringement Againt Apparel Line.

Nando’s Takes on Chicken Shop in Trademark Claim.

Outside Consultant: It Pays for Businesses to Do a Trademark Search.

Foxconn Seeks Trademark for "Flying Eagle" TV Logo.

Trademark And IP Law Beyond Just "What's A Good Name For My Restaurant?"

Kevin O'Leary Jumps The Shark (Tank) Nickname Gimme "Wonderful" Booze!

Ravinia Festival Blocks Brewpub From Opening Over Trademark Claim.

The Mimosa House Files Trademark Suit Against Friends with Benedicts.

Airbus Grounds Trademark and Patent Infringement Claims.

Trademark Licenses and Intellectual Property Distribution Rights in Bankruptcy.

Adidas Prevails in "Three Stripes" Trademark Case.

Apple Wants to Trademark Its Concentric Ring Logo of Apple Park.

Rebellion Trademark Clash Compels Ballistic Interactive to Change Game Name.

A Brand Trademark A Signature Color?

Popular Clearwater Beach Restaurant Brand Frenchy's Sues Pizzeria for Trademark Infringement.

Swagmat Celebrates Trademark Success After Epic Battle with Counterfeiters.

GTA Online Gets New Trademarks.

Hourglass District Trademark Becomes Developers' Turf Battle.

Hershey's Renews Trademark Battles with Marijuana Businesses.

Apple Files for Updated Apple TV Trademark Potentially Hinting at More Advanced Gaming Capabilities.

Giannis Registers "Greek Freak" as Trademark.

Gamemaker Tells Court Lucasfilm Doesn't Own "Sabacc" in "Star Wars" Trademark Dispute.

From Taco Tuesday to Sunday Brunch, Restaurants Fight Over Trademarks.

Apple Seeks New Trademark for Multicolor Logo, Unlikely to Show Up at a Store Near You.

Keyword Infringement: Edible Arrangements Files $209M Trademark Suit Against Google.

Trademark Elements of Toni Basil’s Mickey Case Dismissed.

Hanesbrands Sues N.Y. Apparel Company for Trademark Infringement.

Yuengling Wants "Philly Special" Trademark for Its Beer.

Chicago Shop Sues Tampa's Mini Doughnut Factory for Trademark Infringement.

Could Jaguars trademark "DUUUVAL"?

Hollywood Docket: "Baby Driver" Settlement; "Inside Out" Ruling; TMNT Trademark Fight.

"Philly Special": Inside the Post-Super Bowl Rush to Trademark Eagles' Famed Trick Play.

AAA to Local Shipping Company AAA Logistics: Stop Using Our Letters.

Judge Tells Law Firms They Can't Trademark Initials.

Kanye West Is Trying to Trademark “Red October.”

Stone Brewing Files Lawsuit Against MillerCoors Over "Stone" Trademark.

Judge Dismisses Poison Spider Bicycles’ Trademark Suit.

Leason Ellis Resolves Dispute with TM Scammer.

First Circuit Further Limits Remedies Following Trademark License Rejection.

Christian Louboutin May Lose Trademark to Red-soled Shoes.

Conor McGregor May Get Knocked Out In New Trademark Disputes.

Beatles Trademark Owner Sues Vendors for Counterfeit Merch.

Eduardo Eurnekian’s Niece Speaks Up: Defends the “Karas” Wine Trademark.

Moosehead Breweries Cuts And Runs From Trademark Suit Against Hop 'N Moose Brewing.

Apparently Drowsy Samsung Files Trademark for Social Network Called "Uhssup."

Sentosa Files Trademark Lawsuit Against Medical Equipment Company Vela.

Recent Bankruptcy Decision Raises Questions For Trademark Licensees.

NCAA Files Trademark Action Against Owner Of Markdown Madness.

No, You Cannot Register "Guccitech" as a Trademark.

Ahead of Super Bowl, Fans Fight for Trademarks to Profit Off Eagles-themed Gear.

Who Owns the Pentagon? PenFed Credit Union Sues Over Trademark Dispute.

9th Circuit Revives "Eat Right" Trademark Case Against Whole Foods.

The NFL Pretending Trademark Law Says Something It Doesn't Leads To Hilariously Amateurish Ads For "The Big Game."

Meryl Streep Files Trademark to Protect Her Name.

A Purr-fect Ending for Grumpy Cat Is a $710K Win in Court.

Memphis Candymaker Employing Autistic Adults Unable to Oppose Starbucks in Trademark Battle.

Brewdog Wins Trademark Appeal Over Elvis Juice IPA.

Turkey Leads Europe in Trademark Applications.

US Game Publisher Activision Wins Trademark Lawsuit in China.

269 Magazine to Continue, Under License from Discover Kalamazoo, Ending Trademark Dispute.

EU Court Rules Germans Can't Trademark "Vulgar" Movie Name.

California Secretary of State Now Accepting Trademark Applications for Cannabis Products.

Green Bay Packers Get Into Trademark Dispute Over TITLETOWN Marks.

German Trademark Owner Wins $1 Million Trademark Infringement Verdict in U.S. District Court.

City, Old Town Brewing Reach Agreement in Trademark Battle Over White Stag Sign.

Vikings Seek Trademarks for "Minneapolis Miracle" and "Minnesota Miracle."

Indian Start-up Resists Boston Firm's Bid to Trademark "Digital vaccines."

China's Trademark Applications Hit Record High in 2017.

Eagles Settle "Hotel California" Trademark Lawsuit With Mexico Inn.

Appeals Court Vacates Decisions that Canceled Redskins Trademark Registrations.

Twitter Faces Trademark Infringement Lawsuit from Podcast Network.

This Beauty Brand Is Trying to Trademark "Me Too."

Lavar Ball Files Trademark Docs ... "Junior Basketball Association."

NFL Backs Down Quietly in Trademark Battle With Barstool Sports.

JAY-Z Files Trademark for "Jaybo" Character from "Story of O.J" Music Video.

Argentina Seeks to Simplify Trademark Processes.

Setting The Record Straight: The Vegas Golden Knights Trademark Battle.

Trademark Office Suspends Lady Gaga's Application For Her "Joanne" Wine.

Trademark Trouble Over F1's New Logo.

The Commodores Trademark Fight Decided in Florida Court.

United States Army Files Trademark Claim Against Vegas Golden Knights.

Puma Files Trademark Suit Against Philipp Plein Over Lookalike Logos.

Circuit City Brand Returning: Website to Relaunch Next Month with Stores Opening Later.

Georgia's Davin Bellamy Is Trying to Trademark "Humble Yourself."

Calgary Minister All Shook Up by Trademark Dispute with Elvis Empire.

Trending Trademark Topics for 2018.

Harley-Davidson Trademarks Two More Names Hinting at New Models.

"Make America High Again" and 279 Other Ways People Are Ripping Off Trump's Campaign Slogan.

What Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Trademarks.

A Trademark War Almost Tore Apart The Adult Baby Community.

The Battle Over To Kalon Continues as Constellation Abandons Trademark Push.

Eddyline Files Trademark Lawsuit Response: "Groundless and Frivolous."

Allstate Spent Nearly $450 Million on its “Drivewise” Trademark, But A California Court Won’t Enjoin Kia’s Use of “Drive Wise”.

Open-source Civil War: Olive Branch Offered in Trademark Spat... with Live Grenade Attached.

Chrissy Teigen Craving to Do More with New "Cravings" Trademark.

Harley-Davidson Files Trademark For Two New Names; 48X and Pan America.

Beyonce Loses Bid to Keep Deposition in Trademark Battle Private.

Ringling Bros. Sues Kid Rock for "Greatest Show on Eart"' Tour.

"Steve Jobs" Is an Italian Company — and Apple Can't Do Anything about It.

Yakima’s Comic Con Waiting on Trademark Lawsuit.

N.C. Business Owner Files Trademark Suit Against Under Armour.

4 Novel Trademark Developments We Saw in 2017.

MobiCard Inc. Files Trademark Applications for MobiCard and MobiCoupon and Registers an Additional Nine Domains Relating to MobiCoin, its Cryptocurrency Reward Program and Planned Launch of MobiCoupon.

Disney Files Trademark Suit to Protect "Star Wars" Card Game.

Trademark Practice Update: Scandalous? Immoral? It's all Good.

Nonlawyers at LegalZoom Performed Legal Work on Trademark Applications, UPL Lawsuit Alleges.

Chinese Clothing Brand Sues Apple for App Store Trademark Infringement.

Amazon Has Filed for AmazonTube Trademark as Fight with YouTube Gets Pettier.

Facebook Reveals Data on Copyright and Trademark Complaints.

Barring the F-Word and Other "Immoral or Scandalous" Trademarks Is Unconstitutional, Court Rules.

Vulgar Clothing Trademark Deserves Legal Protection, Court Rules.

OG Fashion Santa I'll Be Back In Biz For 2018.

Five Below to 10Below: That Name's Gotta Go.

Some of Hawaii's Kumu Hula Considering Trademark on Halau Name.

4 Trademark Tips to Protect and Build Your Small Business.

3 Lessons On Data From Trademark Cases.

‘Tis the Season To Be Wary: Policing Trademark Counterfeiting.

Trimax Corporation and Saavy Naturals Inc. Receive Approval for an International Trademark for China, Japan, South Korea, and France as They Expand Their International Footprint With South Korea's Largest Retailer, Shinsegaes Emart Inc.

San Diego Comic-Con Wins Lawsuit Over "Comic Con" Trademark.

Lego Wins First Copyright Case Against China Copies.

Atlantic Media Pursues Like-Named Research Outfit Over Trademark Infringement.

Jurors Deliberating Whether Salt Lake Comic Con Name Violates Trademark.

Why It's Important to Differentiate Between a Trademark and a Registered Trademark.

China Leads in Patent, Trademark and Design Filings in 2016: WIPO.

Dallas' U.S. Patent And Trademark Office Has Become A Hub For North Texas Startups.

Apple Wins EU Trademark Case Against Xiaomi.

Brexit Could Cause Major Financial Impact to UK Trademark Business.

Sazerac Settles Bourbon Trademark Dispute.

Colorado Eatery’s Fans Take on Torchy’s in Taco Trademark War.

Designer Tweaks Famous Logos to Use Less Ink.

Sex, Plagiarism and Spyware. This Is Not Your Average Copyright Complaint.

Ferrari "Testarossa" - The Great Importance For Trademark Owners Of Making Proper Use Of Trademarks.

US Distillery Sues Over "Breakfast" Trademark.

Hanover Comic Expo Organizers Sued for Trademark Infringement.

Wu-Tang Clan's RZA Opposes Trademark Application For Dog-Walking Company Called Woof-Tang Clan.

Nashville Comic Con Challenged By San Diego Over Trademark – And How Phoenix Dealt With It.

Art Basel Settles Trademark Infringement Lawsuit Against Adidas.

Want a Leading Brand? You Must Have These 6 Key Ingredients.

4 Keys to Building an Authentic Brand Customers Can Fall in Love With Again and Again.

McDonald's Just Did Something No Big Brand Should Ever Do (and Rivals Couldn't Stop Laughing).

Diddy Loses Brother Love Trademark To Nashville Rocker.

"Weird Al" Yankovic Distances Himself From Other Weird Als With New Trademark.

Dueling Lawsuits in "Wellness" Trademark.

Fox Show "Empire" Does Not Violate Empire Record Label Trademark.

The Logos That Have Become Legends.

Company “Branding” and the Benefits of Federal Trademark Registration.

City Of Portland Still Jerking Around Local Businesses Over Trademark Of Famous City Sign.

Dueling Lawsuits Filed in Dietary Supplements Trademark Fight.

What A Trademark Dispute Teaches Us About Global Climate Talks.

Aaron Myers Closes DCistNOW Amid Trademark Spat, Launches TheDistrictNOW.

What Readers Had to Say About Who Owns the Trademark to the White Stag Sign.

Trek Asks Court to Dismiss Farley Trademark Suit.

"The Slants" Trademark Registered Today, Six Years after the Application Was First Filed.

The Trademark Battle of Nonprofit Dykes on Bikes.

Fujifilm Says Instant Cameras Do Not Infringe Polaroid Trademark.

Epic Brewing Sues Eddyline Brewing Over "Epic" Trademark.

Ofo Is Being Sued for $400k Over Trademark Infringement.

Humvee Builder AM General Suing "Call of Duty" Publisher for Trademark Infringement.

L.A.-Based Fashion Label Wildfox Sues H&M for Trademark Infringement.

Kanye West Reportedly Filed a Trademark for Something Called Yeezy Sound.

City Hall and a Local Brewer Both Claim They Own the Trademark to Portland’s Most Famous Deer.

Moosehead Files Lawsuit Against Vermont Brewpub Over Trademark.

Gucci Wins Latest Round in Legal Battle With Forever 21.

Hyannis Store Owner Sues Over Trademark.

Kevin Spacey Registered Trademarks for "House of Cards"-Themed Merch Days Before Scandal Broke.

Safeguarding Your Sweets: Trademark Protection Tips.

Rugby Regains Registration for Geographical Center of North America Trademark.

Trademarks Are More Valuable Than Ever.

Use It Or Lose It: Is Your Trademark Tired?

Black Cab Shape Not Distinctive Enough to be Trademark, Say Judges.

Magic Bullet: Trademark Issues Halt Harry Potter Event for a Spell.

Sad Tale of a Trademark Fail.

International Protection fo Trademarks in Connection with Brand Expansion.

LeBron James Files to Trademark "Nothing Is Given" Phrase.

Lionel Richie Moves to Trademark American Idol Catchphrase.

Russian Entrepreneur Files for Trademarks on Vodka Brands “Bitcoin” and “Ethereum.”

Are Kid Rock and Feld Headed For a Trademark Fight?

Court Revives Challenge to Perchville Festival Trademark.

Billionaire Koch Brother's Crusade Against Counterfeit Wine.

New Volvo Brand Aims for Tesla.

Pablo Escobar’s Brother Wants $1 Billion for Trademark Dispute with Netflix.

Horizon: Zero Dawn The Frozen Wilds Trademark Reportedly Suspended.

Classixx Sue H&M for Trademark Infringement.

Japanese Company Sues Apple Over "Animoji" Trademark.

Pitt Drops Trademark Hammer on Voodoo Brewery's Pitt-themed Beer.

Kardashian Bakery Owners in Trademark Dispute with Famous Family.

How Georgina Chapman's Brand Could Be Affected by Harvey Weinstein Fallout.

Adidas Files Opposition to ELEAGUE Trademark.

Deere Wins Trademark Lawsuit in Protection of Green and Yellow Color.

Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Case Questioning Google’s Trademark.

Maine Brewer in Trademark Dispute with 10 Barrel.

Vegas Golden Knights’ Name Trademark Dispute Still in Limbo.

Man Files Trademark for "Vegas Strong."

Coach Inc. Is Dead. Long Live Tapestry.

Loyalists Unhappy as Coach Becomes Tapestry Inc.

Coach Becomes Tapestry: Will A New Name Change Its Fortunes?

"She just broke her brand": Donna Karan’s Defense of Weinstein Is Taking Its Toll.

Coral Gables Looks to Trademark Miracle Mile, but Whose Moniker Is It?

Feds Deny Gilbert-Gores Soccer Name Trademark.

Alfa Romeo and FCA Trademark “Giulietta” with U.S. Patent Office.

More Changes to the EU Trade Mark Regime.

Former Rutgers Player Sues School, Assistant Coach for Trademark Infringement.

New Balance Wins Landmark Trademark Case – A New Dawn for IPR in China?

Drink Maker Loses Bid to Stop Game's "Monster" Trademark.

Missouri Trademarks Wrestling Slogan.

General Motors Files Trademark Applications For "Surus."

Apple Failed to Block Swatch’s Attempt to Acquire the Trademark for Steve Jobs’ Catchphrase "One More Thing."

KÜHL Files Suit Against L.L. Bean For Trademark Infringement.

Tech N9ne Sues Strainge Entertainment for Trademark Infringement.

Urban Outfitters, Coachella Settle Trademark Lawsuit.

Wrigley Sues Vape Company Over Juicy Fruit Trademark.

Parrot Food Manufacturer Squawks Over Trademark Infringement.

Cubs Actively Protecting Their Trademarks in Wake of Newfound Success.

URWork Can't Use Its Name in New York During Trademark Lawsuit.

Cubs Lead MLB in Trademark Challenges.

Velcro Pushes Music Video to Bolster Trademark.

Dweezil Zappa Offers Update on Trademark Battle Between Zappa Siblings.

3M Sues Chinese Company Over Automotive Refinishing Technology Trademark.

San Diego Comic Con Succeeds on Several Motions in Trademark Infringement Case Against Salt Lake City Comic Con Event Organizers.

Why Taylor Swift Trademarks Her Lyrics and Why Other Acts May Follow Suit.

Hershey Entertainment Wins Another Trademark Fight, Forces Hotel to Change It's Name.

The Trial Date for the Ivanka Trump-Aquazzura Sandal Trademark Battle Has Been Set.

Yoko Ono Forces Polish Beverage Company to Rebrand "John Lemon" Soda.

Netflix and Escobar Family in Bitter Trademark Dispute Over "Narcos."

SpaceX Seeks to Trademark the Name "Starlink" for Satellite Broadband Network.

Oklahoma State, Ohio State Reach Agreement on Trademark Dispute Over "OSU" Acronym.

In-N-Out Sues Smashburger Over Alleged "Triple Double" Burger Trademark Infringement.

After NFL Trademark Issue, Açaí Business Changes Name to Grow.

Toyota Files For a Trademark on "Celica."

San Diego Comic-Con Trademark Case Moves Toward Trial.

WeWork Sues China’s UrWork for Trademark Infringement.

Another Craft Beer Brand Gets Bullied To Death Over Shaky Trademark Claims.

Boxing Glove Brand’s U.S. Distributor Can’t Score Trademark Knockout.

Kroger Ends Trademark Suit against Lidl US.

Side Project, Modern Brewery Settle Lightbulb Logo Trademark Fight.

New Balance Comes Out Tops in Trademark Tussle.

Taylor Swift Is Planning to Trademark Key Phrases from Her New Album.

In-N-Out vs. Smashburger: A Juicy US Burger Lawsuit Invokes Multiple Trademark Law Doctrines.

Registered Beer Trademarks Rise by 19% in a Year.

A&W Restaurants Sues El Paso's Papa Burgers, Claims Trademark Infringement.

Cheerios’ Failed Case for Yellow Shows Why It’s So Hard for Brands to Trademark Colors.

Hasbro Files Suit Against DC Comics Over "Bumblebee" Trademark.

Glendale Man Gets 8 Years in Trademark Scam Case.

New Balance Wins Record China Trademark Award.

General Mills Loses Bid to Trademark Yellow Color on Cheerios Box.

Long Trail Sues Burton Over "Take a Hike" Trademark.

Eazy-E’s Son and Widow in Trademark Fight Over Ruthless Records.

Coachella Sues "Filmchilla," Demanding Name Change. The Response? "Make me."

Donald Trump Lost a 6-Year Legal Battle to a Trumpet Player.

Judge Orders Costco to Pay $19M to Tiffany in Rings Trademark Case.

WeWork Starts Legal Action Against Rival UrWork Over Trademarks.

Coffee Flour Maker Loses Trademark.

Chris Kimball Wins "Milk Street" Trademark Challenge.

Gucci Sues Forever 21 for Trademark Infringement.

In Trademark Fight, Coke Hopes to Come Away With "Zero."

Vegas Golden Knights Get Approval for Name Trademark.

Two Pierogi Festivals Face Off Over Trademark.

Federal Circuit Says Will.i.am not Allowed to Trademark I AM.

Dunkin' Donuts Considers Rebranding as just Dunkin'.

Federal Circuit Returns Dispute over Dale Earnhardt Trademark Rights back to USPTO.

Tomorrow's Brands Might Be Impossible to Trademark.

This Guy Owns Trademark for "1876," AKA the Year Colorado Became a State.

Mets Claim Medical Service Company Stole Their Trademark.

Fight over Pierogi Fest Trademark Heats up.

Keeping up with the Kardashians' Trademarks.

Apple Versus the Trademark Sleuths.

Trademark Board Must Clarify Decision that Gave Kerry Earnhardt OK to Use "Earnhardt Collection."

Olive Garden Gives up on Trademark Dispute with AllOfGarden.com, Sends Blogger a $50 Gift Card.

Wisconsin Woman Sues Mars in Chocolate Trademark Dispute.

Man Wants to Trademark a Variation of the N-Word.

Judge in Richmond Denies Kroger's Request for Injunction against Lidl in Trademark Dispute.

Tire Maker Accuses Sacramento's Firestone Pub of Trademark Infringement.

Bondi Beach at Centre of Trademark Tussle between Sydney Cosmetics Company and Abercrombie & Fitch.

Oklahoma State to Oppose Ohio State Seeking "OSU" Trademark from Government.

Metro Detroit Microbrewery Battling National Liquor Company over Trademark.

Amazon is Trying to Trademark the Echo’s Blue Rings.

Al Capone was Done for Taxes. Now Microsoft's Killing Domain-Squatters with Trademark Law.

Amazon Takes on Small WA Retailer Live Clothing in "Glamazon" Trademark Stoush.

Supreme Court Ruling Leads to Offensive Trademark Requests.

Man Ridicules Olive Garden’s Demand Letter over Trademark Dispute.

A Nintendo Trademark Filing Could Mean The Company Is Planning An N64 Classic Edition.

Louis Vuitton Asks High Court to Reverse Trademark Parody Ruling.

Thirty-five Applications Claiming “Covfefe” Show US Trademark Law is Confusing.

UH Wins again in Trademark Fight with Rival Law School.

MLB Reportedly in a Trademark Dispute with Overwatch Esports League over Similar Logo.

Wrigley Going after E-cig Company in Trademark Suit.

Amazon Files Trademark to Get Into Meal Kits, Continuing to Dominate Blue Apron.

YouTuber Says Coke Ripped Off His Viral Trademark.

Why Was Mother Teresa's Uniform Trademarked?

No Trademark for Pirelli.

Gores' Palace Sports Files Federal Trademark for "Detroit City Soccer Club."

Wal-Mart Hit With $32M Trademark Loss Over "Backyard" Brand.

Nintendo Files Application For Mystery Trademark, Reports Say.

The Supreme Court Explains Trademark Registration, And It's The Best Ever.

Mars’ Trademark Suit Against Wisconsin Chocolatier Dismissed.

"Penthouse'' Sues Jared Leto and Jerrick Media Over "Caligula" and "Omni" Trademarks.

Kroger Sues Lidl for Trademark Infringement.

Sioux Falls Funeral Home Files Trademark Lawsuit Over Use of Name "Heritage."

Beyoncé and Jay-Z File Trademark on Twin Names Rumi and Sir.

Trademark Jurisdiction Becomes Focus of Cleveland Indians’ Ontario Court Case.

Summerfest Sues Red Lobster for Trademark Infringement in Slogan.

Washington Redskins Win Trademark Fight Over the Team’s Name.

Why You can Trademark a Toblerone but not a Kitkat.

Trump Administration Won't Fight Redskins in Trademark Case.

Why You can Trademark a Toblerone but not a Kitkat.

Surfwear Brand O'Neill Seeks to Block Thaddeus O'Neil's Trademark.

Vogue Magazine Takes on "Legend Vogue" Jewelry in Trademark Case.

Vince Young Recently Applied to Trademark "Make Vince Great Again."

Intellectual Property 101: What Your Business Needs To Know About Trademark Law.

J. Crew Lenders File New Lawsuit Over Trademark Transfer.

Fiat Chrysler Renews Cuda Trademark.

Gene Simmons Abandons Bid to Trademark "Rock On" Hand Gesture.

Ohio State Sues Short North Clothing Retailer for Trademark Infringement.

What the NHL's Trademark Fiasco Can Teach You About Brand Preparedness.

Symposium: Free Speech Comes to Trademark Law.

San Antonio Unveils "Military City, USA" Trademark Logo.

Captain Morgan Wins Trademark Lawsuit Against Admiral Nelson.

UND Says Trademark Case Doesn't Relate to Former Nickname.

Justices Say Law on Offensive Trademarks is Unconstitutional.

DC Comics Opposes Registration of “Jesus” Trademark.

Gene Simmons Attempts to Trademark Love.

China Approves 9 Trump Trademarks Previously Rejected.

New York Clothing Company Seeks Trademark for "The Judge's Chambers."

Star Trek-Dr. Seuss Mashup Creators Win Trademark Battle against Seuss Estate.

Dr Pepper Opposes ‘Crush’ Trademark Filed by King.com.

S.L. Comic Con Faces Pivotal Week in Trademark Lawsuit.

Nepal Coffee Trademark Listed in 7 more Markets.

Beyonce Battling With Event Planner Over Blue Ivy Carter Trademark.

Kellogg Takes Australian Tennis Star Kokkinakis to Court over Special K Trademark.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Head Michelle Lee Resigns.

Wyndham Launches a New Independent Lifestyle Brand: Trademark Hotel Collection.

Essential Accused of Trademark Infringement by Accessory Maker Spigen.

Paypal Says Pandora’s Logo Infringes, Starts Trademark Battle.

Warriors' Daymond Green Files for "Dray Day" Trademark.

Biltmore Co. Wins Trademark Infringement Suit Against Asheville Bridal Company.

Marvel Reportedly Trademarks "Hail Hydra" After Site Redirects to Trump's Bio on the White House Website.

Nautica Taking Bellingham Business to Court over Trademark for Second Time.

KitKat Foiled Again in Attempt to Trademark Four-Fingered Bar's Shape.

Miss Universe Co. Slaps Crown-Maker with Trademark Infringement Suit.

It's Not What You Say, It's How Quickly You Trademark It.

Shipyard Files Trademark Lawsuit Against Missouri Brewery.

Google Avoids Genericide, Will Remain A Protected Trademark.

Tinder Opposes Trademark On Shinder, App For Dating One Man.

USPTO Pledges International Approach to Combat Growing Threat of Trademark Solicitation Scams.

Rockford, Freeport Companies Settle Federal Trademark Lawsuit.

US Entertainment Firm Milks Croatian Concert Promoter With Trademark Rights It May Never Have Owned.

Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino Sued by NYC Cafe in Trademark Case.

Pats File Trademark for "Unequivocally The Sweetest."

Prey for the Gods Changes Name to Avoid Fight with Bethesda's Prey.

UPS Didn't Infringe "OrderLin" Trademark, 6th Circ. Says.

Trademark Infringement Is on the Rise.

Eagles Sue Hotel California for Trademark Infringement.

Local Business Battles UA over Trademark.

Faraday Bicycles Claims Faraday Future Stepping on Trademark.

Michigan Company’s M-22 Sign Trademark Ruled not Harmful.

iPhone Lawyers Literally Compare Apples with Pears in Trademark War.

Faraday Future Facing Trademark Lawsuit Over Name.

Use of "Edible" Sparks Foodie Trademark Spat.

Battle Brewing Over Las Vegas Raiders Trademark.

British Columbia Winery Has Trademark Opposed By Pre-Packaged Foods Company For Some Reason.

China Defends Trademark Grants For Ivanka Trump Products.

"Reconstituted" Arthur Andersen Closes U.S. Offices Amid Trademark Infringement Suit.

Massachusetts Judge Rules Against Dell EMC in Trademark Case.

SmartWatch: Too Generic To Trademark?

Apple Sues Swatch Over "Tick Different'' Trademark.

2 Taco Restaurants Will Go To Court Over Trademark Issue.

Who Gets to Own "Black Girl Magic"?

Amber Rose Shot Down in Ace of Diamonds War.

Park City Monitors Coffee Firm, Ski Shop Trademark Bids.

Allergan Sues Cosmetics Companies for Trademark Infringement.

U.S. Companies Should Register Trademarks in Cuba Early.

The Witcher Studio Assuages Concerns Over "Cyberpunk" Trademark.

Why You Should Spend Dollars on Patent, Trademark Protection.

Study Finds Trademark Infringement Increasing.

Discover Kalamazoo Files Suit Against Southwest Michigan First in Trademark Dispute.

Madison Chocolatier CocoVaa Is Sued by Mars for Trademark Infringement.

TRX Wins $6.8 Million in Patent and Trademark Infringement Case.

Forbidden Planet Opposes Dark Horse Comics Trademark For Forbidden Worlds.

Traversing the Trials of Wine Trademark Protection.

Restaurant Owns Taco Tuesday Trademark And Will Sue Anyone Who Uses The Phrase.

Trademark Tragedy Strikes as Bentley Motors Seeks to Extend Brand into Clothing.

Family Business' Owners Hoping to Trademark its Unique Spelling.

Blac Chyna's Request to Trademark Kardashian Name Denied: Report.

Brewery Looks To Reform Trademark Practices After Its Lawyers Bully A Pub Over Its Name.

University Trademark Licensing Denial Goes up in Smoke.

Monster Energy Attempts To Run From Laughable Trademark Spat It Started With Thunder Beast Root Beer.

Vegetarian Society Launches Vegan Trademark for Food Packaging.

Florida Lawmakers Ask Trump Administration to Revoke Havana Club Trademark License.

Trouble in Paradise: Buffett Wins Trademark Case Against Marijuanaville.

Aqua Star Bows Out of Trademark Battle for Chef’s Net.

Broadway Play Changes Set Design Over Cafe Trademark Threat And, No, That Doesn't Make Any Damned Sense.

Urban Homesteaders Win Cancellation of Bogus Trademarks.

Trump Has Casino Trademark in Jordan But Gambling Is Illegal.

Archie Comics Is Trying to Trademark the Cute Couple Names for Betty and Jughead.

Asda Becomes First Supermarket to Use the Official Vegan Trademark.

Appeal Filed in Dropbox Trademark Tangle.

U.S. Soccer Achieves Goal in Trademark Opposition.

Kia Files Trademark for Mysterious "E" Insignia.

Ohio State Sues Another Online Retailer Over Trademarks.

Rodriguez Publishing Abandons Mister Fantastic Trademark.

Amazon Chime Team Responds to Trademark Suit, Claims It Wasn’t Aware of Competing Chime Service.

Mercedes Has Been Hit with a Trademark Complaint in China.

Indigenous Women Hope to Trademark Textiles to Fight Intellectual Property Theft.

Jimi Hendrix Estate Sues Brother for Trademark Infringement.

HTC, Valve Win Trademark Suit Over 3D "VIVE" Headset.

Adidas Continues Litigation Spree, Targets Juicy Couture for Trademark Infringement.

Hungary Proposes Outlawing Heineken Red Star Logo.

Cree Files Trademark Lawsuit in Federal Court.

Marijuanaville Trademark Denied for Similarities to Margaritaville, a "State of Mind Inspired by Margaritas."

Selena Gomez to Trademark Her Name.

Coachella Is Suing Urban Outfitters For Trademark Infringement.

Bentley Motors Loses Trademark Invalidity Action Against Bentley.

Adidas Trademark War Means Three Stripes And You’re in Court.

Aspen Skiing Co. Scrambled to Secure America’s Downhill Trademark.

Deadmau5 Sued Over "Meowingtons" Trademark.

Trademark Traps for Unwary, Part 1: Black-and-White Registrations Abroad are a Gray Area.

Trademark Infringement Award for Sturgis Rally Set Aside.

Judge Allows for Possibility "Marilyn Monroe" Is Too Generic for Trademark.

Mexico OKs Trump Trademarks for Hotels and Tourism Industry.

After "Oval," OSU has Plenty More to Trademark.

Island Company, Free People Settle Trademark Lawsuit.

R.I. Businessman Giovanni Feroce Fighting to Keep Rights to Benrus Trademark.

Nintendo Loses Trademark Bid Against Go-kart Firm MariCar.

Tavern on the Green Trademark Battle Round #2.

It's Andersen vs. Andersen in Bizarre Trademark Fight.

China OKs 38 Trump Trademarks; Critics Say It Violates Emoluments Clause.

Broken Matt Hardy Files Trademark For His Name.

Forever 21 Sues Trademark "Bully" Adidas, Says "Enough is Enough."

Ohio State Seeking to Trademark "The Oval."

USPTO Cha.nges Pertaining to Trademark Declarations, Post-Registration Use Filings.

Laughable Moments: When Trademark Holders are Overprotective.

Richmond-based Red Eye Cookie Co. Gets Sued over Trademark Issue by National Cookie Delivery Chain.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ Attempt to Compel Trademark Arbitration.

Japan’s First Color Trademarks Go to a Humble Pencil Eraser and a Convenience Store Chain.

Big Ten Conference Blasts B10XB Brand For Trademark Infringement.

Toy Giant Hasbro is Trying to Trademark the Smell of Play-Doh.

Nail Product Company Claims Rihanna Stole their Trademark.

Wolfgang Puck Blasts Trademark for "The Kitchen."

Louboutin & the Law: Switzerland Turns Down Red Soles Trademark Request.

Alexander McQueen Loses Yet Another Trademark Battle in Australia.

Irrigation Firm’s Trademark Hopes Go Down the Drain.

Historic Tavern on the Green $19M Name Controversey Sparks Lawsuit.

Top Democrats Demand Answers on Trump’s China Trademark.

Taylor Swift Trademarks "Swifties": How Do You Like That, Etsy Vendors?

Read More: Taylor Swift Trademarking 'Swifties': How Do You Like That, Etsy Vendors?

Apple Awarded Registered Trademark Certificates for macOS Logic Pro and the Apple Watch Symbol for Activity "Sharing."

Lonely Planet Company Wins Trademark Case in China.

NCAA Presses Big Ten on Frivolous Trademark Issue.

Securing Trademarks to Make Them Work for Your Brand.

Adidas Is Suing Puma for Trademark Infringement.

Alert: USPTO Enacts New Audit Rules Targeting Trademark Renewals.

Bajaj Electricals Extends Trademark Agreement with Morphy Richards.

A.R.T. Furniture Receives Trademark for Epicenters Name, Tagline.

Lacoste Loses Supreme Court Trademark Fight.

Burns Like Hell: Sazerac Files TM Infringement Suit Over Fireball.

"RoboCop" Studio Settles Trademark Fight.

Trademark Law: Challenges for Brand Owners.

Dozens of Chinese Firms Apply to Use "Ivanka" as Their Trademark.

Australia Post in David-and-Goliath Trademark Battle with Start-up.

Capcom Renews Trademark For Deep Down.

California Bill Provides Trademark Protection for Marijuana Industry.

"Row the Boat" Trademark now Belongs to P.J. Fleck, Report Says.

Beyoncé Seeks Trademark on Daughter Blue Ivy Carter Name for Everything from Cosmetics to High Chairs.

Trademark Law Set for Major Shakeup.

New York & Co. Hit With $5.6M Verdict in Activewear Trademark Fight.

Recent Trump Win on China Trademark Raises Ethics Questions.

Samsung Might Have a Curvy New Bixby Logo.

California Rolls Its Own Cannabis Trademark Protection.

3 Companies Apply to Trademark "Fake News."

The Beef is Over: County Line Barbecue Trademark Suit Settled.

Using Your Competitor’s Trademarks as Keywords? Proceed at Your Own Risk.

Bronco Taken to Court Over Alleged Trademark Violation.

Kobe Bryant in a Trademark Battle Over Black Mamba.

Court Documents Show Tesla Tweaked its Model 3 Logo Amid a Trademark Fight with Adidas.

Swatch to Michael Kors: That's Our Trademark.

Judge Rules Against Bobby Blotzer in Ratt Trademark Case.

Patriots Obtain "Perfect Season," "19-0" Trademarks Nine Years Later.

New Trademark Confirms the Hottest Lexus Is About to Get Hotter.

Mary Baldwin Alumnae Group Changes Name Over Trademark.

Pentagon Jr. — Ex-Employer Files Trademark On His New Name … One-Week After It Was Announced.

World Triathlon Corp. Sues Texas Firm for Trademark Infringement.

Wawa Suing Dawa Food Mart in New Jersey for Trademark Infringement.

Kylie Minogue Backs Down in Jenner Trademark Clash.

Trademark Squatter Goes After "PPAP" In Japan.

Arlington Company Hit with State's First Pot Trademark Suit.

MaxMara Victorious in Chinese Trademark Matter.

Donald Trump Files for Trademark on Re-Election Slogan "Keep America Great."

Estate of Marilyn Monroe Sues Intimate Apparel Company for Trademark Infringement.

In Battle Over Band Name, Supreme Court Considers Free Speech And Trademarks.

Conor McGregor Files for Trademarks on Name, Nickname.

SpongeBob Wins Trademark Battle Against Krusty Krab Restaurant.

Why It’s Important to Carefully Choose a Trademark.

Uncle Sam’s Hilarious Offensive-Trademark Dilemma.

Lefty’s Landlord, Owner Fight Over Who Owns Iconic Restaurant’s Trademark.

LA Gear Challenging LA Chargers Trademark.

Relief for US Firm in Trademark Dispute.

What the NHL’s Trademark Fiasco Can Teach You about Brand Preparedness.

Penfolds Maker Wins Chinese Trademark Case.

Audible Magic Pursues Trademark Case Against Google.

Bushy's Brewery, Isle Of Man Govt. Have Trademark Hissy Fit Over Two Letters: TT.

Fresno Seed Company Gets Trademark for Stevia Brand.

EU Court Quashes Intellectual Property Office Ruling in Olive Oil Trademark Battle.

Harley-Davidson Sues Urban Outfitters in TM Suit.

Marijuana Brands Can Trademark Almost Anything, Except Marijuana.

"Slane" Registered as Trademark by US Multinational.

Tiffany & Co. Successfully Asserts Trademark Infringement Claims Against Costco.

Trademark Dispute Between Coffee Companies Over "Detroit" Trademark Demonstrates The USPTO's Carelessness.

Burberry Lands Final Victory in Trademark Lawsuit Against Burberry Perry.

Nintendo: Eternal Darkness Trademark Re-Registered Before Switch Reveal.

Bacardi's Epic Trademark Battle Over Havana Club Rum.

Jaguar Land Rover Wins Trademark Battle Over Defender.

Louis Vuitton Loses Lawsuit (Again) Filed Over Allegations of Trademark Infringement.

Run-D.M.C. Sue Amazon, Walmart for $50 Million Over Trademark.

Festival Foods Sued in Trademark Case.

Logic Loses Trademark Claim to Logic (Honest).

Dogfish Head Brewing Company Releases Statement after Trademark Backlash.

Key Question of Slants Case at SCOTUS: Is Trademark Registration Speech? If So, Whose?

Longtime KC Restaurant Owner: Trademark Claim from Big Company "Terrifying."

Rick Ross Wins Trademark Lawsuit Over "Mastermind" LP.

China Fines Firms for Using BMW-like Trademark.

North Dakota Bar Owner Pulls Off a Monumental Coup.

Woman's Exchange Gets Trademark for Iconic Cherry Dress.

USPTO: Hi, Ask Me Anything. Reddit: Can We trademark "AMA"? USPTO: No.

Nestlé Loses EU Trademark Protection for Four-Fingered KitKat.

PayPal Opposes Registration of Paytm’s New Trademark.

Johnny Gaudreau Successfully Trademarks "Johnny Hockey" Nickname.

Star Wars Episode 8 Title Might Have Been Revealed by Trademark.

Jägermeister Seeks to Block Milwaukee Bucks Logo Trademark.

Michael Jordan Wins Trademark Case in China's Top Court.

Vegas Golden Knights' Trademark Request Denied by U.S. Patent Office.

Amazon Trademarks Reveal Australian Ambitions.

Maker of Snuggie Blankets Sues Amazon.com for Trademark Infringement.

Court Denies Camprini Trademark Appeal.

Canadian "Fashion Santa" Fight Leads To Copyright vs Trademark Food Fight.

Battle of the Brands: Six Epic Fights Over Trademark Names.

How Trademark Poachers Drive Up a Brand’s Paid Search Costs.

The Number of US Trademark Registrations in Cuba is Multiplying.

Nestle Loses Appeal in Trademark Case Over Kit Kat Shapes.

Instagram Opposes Microsoft Trademark, Claiming Rights in "Gram."

Kylie Jenner Files Trademark for Kylighter.

Navajo Nation Settles Trademark Suit Against Urban Outfitters.

Joel Embiid Has Filed for "The Process" as a Trademark for Pre-bottled Shirley Temples.

Carl’s Jr. Files Trademark Suit Against Utah’s Apollo Burger Chain.

Donald Trump Scores Legal Win in China Trademark Dispute.

Delmar Loop Coffee Shop Faces Trademark Suit.

Rubik's Cube Shape Not a Trademark, Rules Top EU Court.

The Legal Puzzle Over Rubik's Cube's Trademark that's Far Tougher to Figure Out than the Cube Itself.

Dweezil Will Fight Family's Attempt to Trademark "Zappa" Name.

In Michigan, A Highway Sign Is At Center Of An Unusual Trademark Dispute.

Bay Area’s Supersonic Rebrands as AKA Coffee Following Sonic Trademark Dispute.

Surface "Studio" and "Dial" Trademarks Possibly Leak Microsoft Desktop and Phone.

Intel Asserts Trademark Rights Against John McAfee.

Apple’s Secret Trademark Filling Suggests OLED "Magic Toolbar" is Real.

Lucasfilm Sues "Lightsaber Academy" and "Jedi Club" Over Trademark Infringement.

Clearwater Firm's Trademark Battle with U-Haul Ends with Multi-million Dollar Settlement.

Patsy’s Trademark Feud Flares Up, Flora Bar Readies its Debut, and More Intel.

ASU Subpoenas GoDaddy Over Web Domain that Violated Copyright and Trademark Rights.

Supreme Court Turns Away Redskins Appeal in Trademark Case.

Supreme Court Takes Up Case That Could Affect Redskins Trademark.

Facing a Trademark Infringement Lawsuit, Sun Cedar Files for Bankruptcy and Closes its Doors.

Harvard Moves Forward in CS50 Trademark Application.

Cubs, MLB Sue Vendors Over Alleged Trademark Violations.

Danish Elvis Fan Loses "Graceland" Trademark Dispute.

Harley-Davidson Sues Forever 21 Alleging Trademark Violation.

Redskins, Rock Band Battle Government in Trademark Fight.

Oprah Winfrey Beats "Own Your Power" Trademark Appeal.

Swatch Succeeds in Trademark Case over Apple "iWatch."

Not So Fast: UH Brings Temporary Halt to Rival Law School's Trademark Efforts.

State of Michigan Sues Apparel Company over M-22 Highway Trademark.

The Strange Story of the World's Most Famous Logo.

ASOS Pays £20M In Trademark Infringement Disputes.

Seattle Salon Shares Trademark Warning for Small Businesses.

Local Business Owner Sues School Districts for Trademark Violations.

Motorcycle Clubs Fight to Keep Their Trademark "Colors."

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