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Trimax Corporation and Saavy Naturals Inc. Receive Approval for an International Trademark for China, Japan, South Korea, and France as They Expand Their International Footprint With South Korea's Largest Retailer, Shinsegaes Emart Inc.

San Diego Comic-Con Wins Lawsuit Over "Comic Con" Trademark.

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Wu-Tang Clan's RZA Opposes Trademark Application For Dog-Walking Company Called Woof-Tang Clan.

Nashville Comic Con Challenged By San Diego Over Trademark – And How Phoenix Dealt With It.

Art Basel Settles Trademark Infringement Lawsuit Against Adidas.

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4 Keys to Building an Authentic Brand Customers Can Fall in Love With Again and Again.

McDonald's Just Did Something No Big Brand Should Ever Do (and Rivals Couldn't Stop Laughing).

Diddy Loses Brother Love Trademark To Nashville Rocker.

"Weird Al" Yankovic Distances Himself From Other Weird Als With New Trademark.

Dueling Lawsuits in "Wellness" Trademark.

Fox Show "Empire" Does Not Violate Empire Record Label Trademark.

The Logos That Have Become Legends.

Company “Branding” and the Benefits of Federal Trademark Registration.

City Of Portland Still Jerking Around Local Businesses Over Trademark Of Famous City Sign.

Dueling Lawsuits Filed in Dietary Supplements Trademark Fight.

What A Trademark Dispute Teaches Us About Global Climate Talks.

Aaron Myers Closes DCistNOW Amid Trademark Spat, Launches TheDistrictNOW.

What Readers Had to Say About Who Owns the Trademark to the White Stag Sign.

Trek Asks Court to Dismiss Farley Trademark Suit.

"The Slants" Trademark Registered Today, Six Years after the Application Was First Filed.

The Trademark Battle of Nonprofit Dykes on Bikes.

Fujifilm Says Instant Cameras Do Not Infringe Polaroid Trademark.

Epic Brewing Sues Eddyline Brewing Over "Epic" Trademark.

Ofo Is Being Sued for $400k Over Trademark Infringement.

Humvee Builder AM General Suing "Call of Duty" Publisher for Trademark Infringement.

L.A.-Based Fashion Label Wildfox Sues H&M for Trademark Infringement.

Kanye West Reportedly Filed a Trademark for Something Called Yeezy Sound.

City Hall and a Local Brewer Both Claim They Own the Trademark to Portland’s Most Famous Deer.

Moosehead Files Lawsuit Against Vermont Brewpub Over Trademark.

Gucci Wins Latest Round in Legal Battle With Forever 21.

Hyannis Store Owner Sues Over Trademark.

Kevin Spacey Registered Trademarks for "House of Cards"-Themed Merch Days Before Scandal Broke.

Safeguarding Your Sweets: Trademark Protection Tips.

Rugby Regains Registration for Geographical Center of North America Trademark.

Trademarks Are More Valuable Than Ever.

Use It Or Lose It: Is Your Trademark Tired?

Black Cab Shape Not Distinctive Enough to be Trademark, Say Judges.

Magic Bullet: Trademark Issues Halt Harry Potter Event for a Spell.

Sad Tale of a Trademark Fail.

International Protection fo Trademarks in Connection with Brand Expansion.

LeBron James Files to Trademark "Nothing Is Given" Phrase.

Lionel Richie Moves to Trademark American Idol Catchphrase.

Russian Entrepreneur Files for Trademarks on Vodka Brands “Bitcoin” and “Ethereum.”

Are Kid Rock and Feld Headed For a Trademark Fight?

Court Revives Challenge to Perchville Festival Trademark.

Billionaire Koch Brother's Crusade Against Counterfeit Wine.

New Volvo Brand Aims for Tesla.

Pablo Escobar’s Brother Wants $1 Billion for Trademark Dispute with Netflix.

Horizon: Zero Dawn The Frozen Wilds Trademark Reportedly Suspended.

Classixx Sue H&M for Trademark Infringement.

Japanese Company Sues Apple Over "Animoji" Trademark.

Pitt Drops Trademark Hammer on Voodoo Brewery's Pitt-themed Beer.

Kardashian Bakery Owners in Trademark Dispute with Famous Family.

How Georgina Chapman's Brand Could Be Affected by Harvey Weinstein Fallout.

Adidas Files Opposition to ELEAGUE Trademark.

Deere Wins Trademark Lawsuit in Protection of Green and Yellow Color.

Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Case Questioning Google’s Trademark.

Maine Brewer in Trademark Dispute with 10 Barrel.

Vegas Golden Knights’ Name Trademark Dispute Still in Limbo.

Man Files Trademark for "Vegas Strong."

Coach Inc. Is Dead. Long Live Tapestry.

Loyalists Unhappy as Coach Becomes Tapestry Inc.

Coach Becomes Tapestry: Will A New Name Change Its Fortunes?

"She just broke her brand": Donna Karan’s Defense of Weinstein Is Taking Its Toll.

Coral Gables Looks to Trademark Miracle Mile, but Whose Moniker Is It?

Feds Deny Gilbert-Gores Soccer Name Trademark.

Alfa Romeo and FCA Trademark “Giulietta” with U.S. Patent Office.

More Changes to the EU Trade Mark Regime.

Former Rutgers Player Sues School, Assistant Coach for Trademark Infringement.

New Balance Wins Landmark Trademark Case – A New Dawn for IPR in China?

Drink Maker Loses Bid to Stop Game's "Monster" Trademark.

Missouri Trademarks Wrestling Slogan.

General Motors Files Trademark Applications For "Surus."

Apple Failed to Block Swatch’s Attempt to Acquire the Trademark for Steve Jobs’ Catchphrase "One More Thing."

KÜHL Files Suit Against L.L. Bean For Trademark Infringement.

Tech N9ne Sues Strainge Entertainment for Trademark Infringement.

Urban Outfitters, Coachella Settle Trademark Lawsuit.

Wrigley Sues Vape Company Over Juicy Fruit Trademark.

Parrot Food Manufacturer Squawks Over Trademark Infringement.

Cubs Actively Protecting Their Trademarks in Wake of Newfound Success.

URWork Can't Use Its Name in New York During Trademark Lawsuit.

Cubs Lead MLB in Trademark Challenges.

Velcro Pushes Music Video to Bolster Trademark.

Dweezil Zappa Offers Update on Trademark Battle Between Zappa Siblings.

3M Sues Chinese Company Over Automotive Refinishing Technology Trademark.

San Diego Comic Con Succeeds on Several Motions in Trademark Infringement Case Against Salt Lake City Comic Con Event Organizers.

Why Taylor Swift Trademarks Her Lyrics and Why Other Acts May Follow Suit.

Hershey Entertainment Wins Another Trademark Fight, Forces Hotel to Change It's Name.

The Trial Date for the Ivanka Trump-Aquazzura Sandal Trademark Battle Has Been Set.

Yoko Ono Forces Polish Beverage Company to Rebrand "John Lemon" Soda.

Netflix and Escobar Family in Bitter Trademark Dispute Over "Narcos."

SpaceX Seeks to Trademark the Name "Starlink" for Satellite Broadband Network.

Oklahoma State, Ohio State Reach Agreement on Trademark Dispute Over "OSU" Acronym.

In-N-Out Sues Smashburger Over Alleged "Triple Double" Burger Trademark Infringement.

After NFL Trademark Issue, Açaí Business Changes Name to Grow.

Toyota Files For a Trademark on "Celica."

San Diego Comic-Con Trademark Case Moves Toward Trial.

WeWork Sues China’s UrWork for Trademark Infringement.

Another Craft Beer Brand Gets Bullied To Death Over Shaky Trademark Claims.

Boxing Glove Brand’s U.S. Distributor Can’t Score Trademark Knockout.

Kroger Ends Trademark Suit against Lidl US.

Side Project, Modern Brewery Settle Lightbulb Logo Trademark Fight.

New Balance Comes Out Tops in Trademark Tussle.

Taylor Swift Is Planning to Trademark Key Phrases from Her New Album.

In-N-Out vs. Smashburger: A Juicy US Burger Lawsuit Invokes Multiple Trademark Law Doctrines.

Registered Beer Trademarks Rise by 19% in a Year.

A&W Restaurants Sues El Paso's Papa Burgers, Claims Trademark Infringement.

Cheerios’ Failed Case for Yellow Shows Why It’s So Hard for Brands to Trademark Colors.

Hasbro Files Suit Against DC Comics Over "Bumblebee" Trademark.

Glendale Man Gets 8 Years in Trademark Scam Case.

New Balance Wins Record China Trademark Award.

General Mills Loses Bid to Trademark Yellow Color on Cheerios Box.

Long Trail Sues Burton Over "Take a Hike" Trademark.

Eazy-E’s Son and Widow in Trademark Fight Over Ruthless Records.

Coachella Sues "Filmchilla," Demanding Name Change. The Response? "Make me."

Donald Trump Lost a 6-Year Legal Battle to a Trumpet Player.

Judge Orders Costco to Pay $19M to Tiffany in Rings Trademark Case.

WeWork Starts Legal Action Against Rival UrWork Over Trademarks.

Coffee Flour Maker Loses Trademark.

Chris Kimball Wins "Milk Street" Trademark Challenge.

Gucci Sues Forever 21 for Trademark Infringement.

In Trademark Fight, Coke Hopes to Come Away With "Zero."

Vegas Golden Knights Get Approval for Name Trademark.

Two Pierogi Festivals Face Off Over Trademark.

Federal Circuit Says Will.i.am not Allowed to Trademark I AM.

Dunkin' Donuts Considers Rebranding as just Dunkin'.

Federal Circuit Returns Dispute over Dale Earnhardt Trademark Rights back to USPTO.

Tomorrow's Brands Might Be Impossible to Trademark.

This Guy Owns Trademark for "1876," AKA the Year Colorado Became a State.

Mets Claim Medical Service Company Stole Their Trademark.

Fight over Pierogi Fest Trademark Heats up.

Keeping up with the Kardashians' Trademarks.

Apple Versus the Trademark Sleuths.

Trademark Board Must Clarify Decision that Gave Kerry Earnhardt OK to Use "Earnhardt Collection."

Olive Garden Gives up on Trademark Dispute with AllOfGarden.com, Sends Blogger a $50 Gift Card.

Wisconsin Woman Sues Mars in Chocolate Trademark Dispute.

Man Wants to Trademark a Variation of the N-Word.

Judge in Richmond Denies Kroger's Request for Injunction against Lidl in Trademark Dispute.

Tire Maker Accuses Sacramento's Firestone Pub of Trademark Infringement.

Bondi Beach at Centre of Trademark Tussle between Sydney Cosmetics Company and Abercrombie & Fitch.

Oklahoma State to Oppose Ohio State Seeking "OSU" Trademark from Government.

Metro Detroit Microbrewery Battling National Liquor Company over Trademark.

Amazon is Trying to Trademark the Echo’s Blue Rings.

Al Capone was Done for Taxes. Now Microsoft's Killing Domain-Squatters with Trademark Law.

Amazon Takes on Small WA Retailer Live Clothing in "Glamazon" Trademark Stoush.

Supreme Court Ruling Leads to Offensive Trademark Requests.

Man Ridicules Olive Garden’s Demand Letter over Trademark Dispute.

A Nintendo Trademark Filing Could Mean The Company Is Planning An N64 Classic Edition.

Louis Vuitton Asks High Court to Reverse Trademark Parody Ruling.

Thirty-five Applications Claiming “Covfefe” Show US Trademark Law is Confusing.

UH Wins again in Trademark Fight with Rival Law School.

MLB Reportedly in a Trademark Dispute with Overwatch Esports League over Similar Logo.

Wrigley Going after E-cig Company in Trademark Suit.

Amazon Files Trademark to Get Into Meal Kits, Continuing to Dominate Blue Apron.

YouTuber Says Coke Ripped Off His Viral Trademark.

Why Was Mother Teresa's Uniform Trademarked?

No Trademark for Pirelli.

Gores' Palace Sports Files Federal Trademark for "Detroit City Soccer Club."

Wal-Mart Hit With $32M Trademark Loss Over "Backyard" Brand.

Nintendo Files Application For Mystery Trademark, Reports Say.

The Supreme Court Explains Trademark Registration, And It's The Best Ever.

Mars’ Trademark Suit Against Wisconsin Chocolatier Dismissed.

"Penthouse'' Sues Jared Leto and Jerrick Media Over "Caligula" and "Omni" Trademarks.

Kroger Sues Lidl for Trademark Infringement.

Sioux Falls Funeral Home Files Trademark Lawsuit Over Use of Name "Heritage."

Beyoncé and Jay-Z File Trademark on Twin Names Rumi and Sir.

Trademark Jurisdiction Becomes Focus of Cleveland Indians’ Ontario Court Case.

Summerfest Sues Red Lobster for Trademark Infringement in Slogan.

Washington Redskins Win Trademark Fight Over the Team’s Name.

Why You can Trademark a Toblerone but not a Kitkat.

Trump Administration Won't Fight Redskins in Trademark Case.

Why You can Trademark a Toblerone but not a Kitkat.

Surfwear Brand O'Neill Seeks to Block Thaddeus O'Neil's Trademark.

Vogue Magazine Takes on "Legend Vogue" Jewelry in Trademark Case.

Vince Young Recently Applied to Trademark "Make Vince Great Again."

Intellectual Property 101: What Your Business Needs To Know About Trademark Law.

J. Crew Lenders File New Lawsuit Over Trademark Transfer.

Fiat Chrysler Renews Cuda Trademark.

Gene Simmons Abandons Bid to Trademark "Rock On" Hand Gesture.

Ohio State Sues Short North Clothing Retailer for Trademark Infringement.

What the NHL's Trademark Fiasco Can Teach You About Brand Preparedness.

Symposium: Free Speech Comes to Trademark Law.

San Antonio Unveils "Military City, USA" Trademark Logo.

Captain Morgan Wins Trademark Lawsuit Against Admiral Nelson.

UND Says Trademark Case Doesn't Relate to Former Nickname.

Justices Say Law on Offensive Trademarks is Unconstitutional.

DC Comics Opposes Registration of “Jesus” Trademark.

Gene Simmons Attempts to Trademark Love.

China Approves 9 Trump Trademarks Previously Rejected.

New York Clothing Company Seeks Trademark for "The Judge's Chambers."

Star Trek-Dr. Seuss Mashup Creators Win Trademark Battle against Seuss Estate.

Dr Pepper Opposes ‘Crush’ Trademark Filed by King.com.

S.L. Comic Con Faces Pivotal Week in Trademark Lawsuit.

Nepal Coffee Trademark Listed in 7 more Markets.

Beyonce Battling With Event Planner Over Blue Ivy Carter Trademark.

Kellogg Takes Australian Tennis Star Kokkinakis to Court over Special K Trademark.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Head Michelle Lee Resigns.

Wyndham Launches a New Independent Lifestyle Brand: Trademark Hotel Collection.

Essential Accused of Trademark Infringement by Accessory Maker Spigen.

Paypal Says Pandora’s Logo Infringes, Starts Trademark Battle.

Warriors' Daymond Green Files for "Dray Day" Trademark.

Biltmore Co. Wins Trademark Infringement Suit Against Asheville Bridal Company.

Marvel Reportedly Trademarks "Hail Hydra" After Site Redirects to Trump's Bio on the White House Website.

Nautica Taking Bellingham Business to Court over Trademark for Second Time.

KitKat Foiled Again in Attempt to Trademark Four-Fingered Bar's Shape.

Miss Universe Co. Slaps Crown-Maker with Trademark Infringement Suit.

It's Not What You Say, It's How Quickly You Trademark It.

Shipyard Files Trademark Lawsuit Against Missouri Brewery.

Google Avoids Genericide, Will Remain A Protected Trademark.

Tinder Opposes Trademark On Shinder, App For Dating One Man.

USPTO Pledges International Approach to Combat Growing Threat of Trademark Solicitation Scams.

Rockford, Freeport Companies Settle Federal Trademark Lawsuit.

US Entertainment Firm Milks Croatian Concert Promoter With Trademark Rights It May Never Have Owned.

Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino Sued by NYC Cafe in Trademark Case.

Pats File Trademark for "Unequivocally The Sweetest."

Prey for the Gods Changes Name to Avoid Fight with Bethesda's Prey.

UPS Didn't Infringe "OrderLin" Trademark, 6th Circ. Says.

Trademark Infringement Is on the Rise.

Eagles Sue Hotel California for Trademark Infringement.

Local Business Battles UA over Trademark.

Faraday Bicycles Claims Faraday Future Stepping on Trademark.

Michigan Company’s M-22 Sign Trademark Ruled not Harmful.

iPhone Lawyers Literally Compare Apples with Pears in Trademark War.

Faraday Future Facing Trademark Lawsuit Over Name.

Use of "Edible" Sparks Foodie Trademark Spat.

Battle Brewing Over Las Vegas Raiders Trademark.

British Columbia Winery Has Trademark Opposed By Pre-Packaged Foods Company For Some Reason.

China Defends Trademark Grants For Ivanka Trump Products.

"Reconstituted" Arthur Andersen Closes U.S. Offices Amid Trademark Infringement Suit.

Massachusetts Judge Rules Against Dell EMC in Trademark Case.

SmartWatch: Too Generic To Trademark?

Apple Sues Swatch Over "Tick Different'' Trademark.

2 Taco Restaurants Will Go To Court Over Trademark Issue.

Who Gets to Own "Black Girl Magic"?

Amber Rose Shot Down in Ace of Diamonds War.

Park City Monitors Coffee Firm, Ski Shop Trademark Bids.

Allergan Sues Cosmetics Companies for Trademark Infringement.

U.S. Companies Should Register Trademarks in Cuba Early.

The Witcher Studio Assuages Concerns Over "Cyberpunk" Trademark.

Why You Should Spend Dollars on Patent, Trademark Protection.

Study Finds Trademark Infringement Increasing.

Discover Kalamazoo Files Suit Against Southwest Michigan First in Trademark Dispute.

Madison Chocolatier CocoVaa Is Sued by Mars for Trademark Infringement.

TRX Wins $6.8 Million in Patent and Trademark Infringement Case.

Forbidden Planet Opposes Dark Horse Comics Trademark For Forbidden Worlds.

Traversing the Trials of Wine Trademark Protection.

Restaurant Owns Taco Tuesday Trademark And Will Sue Anyone Who Uses The Phrase.

Trademark Tragedy Strikes as Bentley Motors Seeks to Extend Brand into Clothing.

Family Business' Owners Hoping to Trademark its Unique Spelling.

Blac Chyna's Request to Trademark Kardashian Name Denied: Report.

Brewery Looks To Reform Trademark Practices After Its Lawyers Bully A Pub Over Its Name.

University Trademark Licensing Denial Goes up in Smoke.

Monster Energy Attempts To Run From Laughable Trademark Spat It Started With Thunder Beast Root Beer.

Vegetarian Society Launches Vegan Trademark for Food Packaging.

Florida Lawmakers Ask Trump Administration to Revoke Havana Club Trademark License.

Trouble in Paradise: Buffett Wins Trademark Case Against Marijuanaville.

Aqua Star Bows Out of Trademark Battle for Chef’s Net.

Broadway Play Changes Set Design Over Cafe Trademark Threat And, No, That Doesn't Make Any Damned Sense.

Urban Homesteaders Win Cancellation of Bogus Trademarks.

Trump Has Casino Trademark in Jordan But Gambling Is Illegal.

Archie Comics Is Trying to Trademark the Cute Couple Names for Betty and Jughead.

Asda Becomes First Supermarket to Use the Official Vegan Trademark.

Appeal Filed in Dropbox Trademark Tangle.

U.S. Soccer Achieves Goal in Trademark Opposition.

Kia Files Trademark for Mysterious "E" Insignia.

Ohio State Sues Another Online Retailer Over Trademarks.

Rodriguez Publishing Abandons Mister Fantastic Trademark.

Amazon Chime Team Responds to Trademark Suit, Claims It Wasn’t Aware of Competing Chime Service.

Mercedes Has Been Hit with a Trademark Complaint in China.

Indigenous Women Hope to Trademark Textiles to Fight Intellectual Property Theft.

Jimi Hendrix Estate Sues Brother for Trademark Infringement.

HTC, Valve Win Trademark Suit Over 3D "VIVE" Headset.

Adidas Continues Litigation Spree, Targets Juicy Couture for Trademark Infringement.

Hungary Proposes Outlawing Heineken Red Star Logo.

Cree Files Trademark Lawsuit in Federal Court.

Marijuanaville Trademark Denied for Similarities to Margaritaville, a "State of Mind Inspired by Margaritas."

Selena Gomez to Trademark Her Name.

Coachella Is Suing Urban Outfitters For Trademark Infringement.

Bentley Motors Loses Trademark Invalidity Action Against Bentley.

Adidas Trademark War Means Three Stripes And You’re in Court.

Aspen Skiing Co. Scrambled to Secure America’s Downhill Trademark.

Deadmau5 Sued Over "Meowingtons" Trademark.

Trademark Traps for Unwary, Part 1: Black-and-White Registrations Abroad are a Gray Area.

Trademark Infringement Award for Sturgis Rally Set Aside.

Judge Allows for Possibility "Marilyn Monroe" Is Too Generic for Trademark.

Mexico OKs Trump Trademarks for Hotels and Tourism Industry.

After "Oval," OSU has Plenty More to Trademark.

Island Company, Free People Settle Trademark Lawsuit.

R.I. Businessman Giovanni Feroce Fighting to Keep Rights to Benrus Trademark.

Nintendo Loses Trademark Bid Against Go-kart Firm MariCar.

Tavern on the Green Trademark Battle Round #2.

It's Andersen vs. Andersen in Bizarre Trademark Fight.

China OKs 38 Trump Trademarks; Critics Say It Violates Emoluments Clause.

Broken Matt Hardy Files Trademark For His Name.

Forever 21 Sues Trademark "Bully" Adidas, Says "Enough is Enough."

Ohio State Seeking to Trademark "The Oval."

USPTO Cha.nges Pertaining to Trademark Declarations, Post-Registration Use Filings.

Laughable Moments: When Trademark Holders are Overprotective.

Richmond-based Red Eye Cookie Co. Gets Sued over Trademark Issue by National Cookie Delivery Chain.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ Attempt to Compel Trademark Arbitration.

Japan’s First Color Trademarks Go to a Humble Pencil Eraser and a Convenience Store Chain.

Big Ten Conference Blasts B10XB Brand For Trademark Infringement.

Toy Giant Hasbro is Trying to Trademark the Smell of Play-Doh.

Nail Product Company Claims Rihanna Stole their Trademark.

Wolfgang Puck Blasts Trademark for "The Kitchen."

Louboutin & the Law: Switzerland Turns Down Red Soles Trademark Request.

Alexander McQueen Loses Yet Another Trademark Battle in Australia.

Irrigation Firm’s Trademark Hopes Go Down the Drain.

Historic Tavern on the Green $19M Name Controversey Sparks Lawsuit.

Top Democrats Demand Answers on Trump’s China Trademark.

Taylor Swift Trademarks "Swifties": How Do You Like That, Etsy Vendors?

Read More: Taylor Swift Trademarking 'Swifties': How Do You Like That, Etsy Vendors?

Apple Awarded Registered Trademark Certificates for macOS Logic Pro and the Apple Watch Symbol for Activity "Sharing."

Lonely Planet Company Wins Trademark Case in China.

NCAA Presses Big Ten on Frivolous Trademark Issue.

Securing Trademarks to Make Them Work for Your Brand.

Adidas Is Suing Puma for Trademark Infringement.

Alert: USPTO Enacts New Audit Rules Targeting Trademark Renewals.

Bajaj Electricals Extends Trademark Agreement with Morphy Richards.

A.R.T. Furniture Receives Trademark for Epicenters Name, Tagline.

Lacoste Loses Supreme Court Trademark Fight.

Burns Like Hell: Sazerac Files TM Infringement Suit Over Fireball.

"RoboCop" Studio Settles Trademark Fight.

Trademark Law: Challenges for Brand Owners.

Dozens of Chinese Firms Apply to Use "Ivanka" as Their Trademark.

Australia Post in David-and-Goliath Trademark Battle with Start-up.

Capcom Renews Trademark For Deep Down.

California Bill Provides Trademark Protection for Marijuana Industry.

"Row the Boat" Trademark now Belongs to P.J. Fleck, Report Says.

Beyoncé Seeks Trademark on Daughter Blue Ivy Carter Name for Everything from Cosmetics to High Chairs.

Trademark Law Set for Major Shakeup.

New York & Co. Hit With $5.6M Verdict in Activewear Trademark Fight.

Recent Trump Win on China Trademark Raises Ethics Questions.

Samsung Might Have a Curvy New Bixby Logo.

California Rolls Its Own Cannabis Trademark Protection.

3 Companies Apply to Trademark "Fake News."

The Beef is Over: County Line Barbecue Trademark Suit Settled.

Using Your Competitor’s Trademarks as Keywords? Proceed at Your Own Risk.

Bronco Taken to Court Over Alleged Trademark Violation.

Kobe Bryant in a Trademark Battle Over Black Mamba.

Court Documents Show Tesla Tweaked its Model 3 Logo Amid a Trademark Fight with Adidas.

Swatch to Michael Kors: That's Our Trademark.

Judge Rules Against Bobby Blotzer in Ratt Trademark Case.

Patriots Obtain "Perfect Season," "19-0" Trademarks Nine Years Later.

New Trademark Confirms the Hottest Lexus Is About to Get Hotter.

Mary Baldwin Alumnae Group Changes Name Over Trademark.

Pentagon Jr. — Ex-Employer Files Trademark On His New Name … One-Week After It Was Announced.

World Triathlon Corp. Sues Texas Firm for Trademark Infringement.

Wawa Suing Dawa Food Mart in New Jersey for Trademark Infringement.

Kylie Minogue Backs Down in Jenner Trademark Clash.

Trademark Squatter Goes After "PPAP" In Japan.

Arlington Company Hit with State's First Pot Trademark Suit.

MaxMara Victorious in Chinese Trademark Matter.

Donald Trump Files for Trademark on Re-Election Slogan "Keep America Great."

Estate of Marilyn Monroe Sues Intimate Apparel Company for Trademark Infringement.

In Battle Over Band Name, Supreme Court Considers Free Speech And Trademarks.

Conor McGregor Files for Trademarks on Name, Nickname.

SpongeBob Wins Trademark Battle Against Krusty Krab Restaurant.

Why It’s Important to Carefully Choose a Trademark.

Uncle Sam’s Hilarious Offensive-Trademark Dilemma.

Lefty’s Landlord, Owner Fight Over Who Owns Iconic Restaurant’s Trademark.

LA Gear Challenging LA Chargers Trademark.

Relief for US Firm in Trademark Dispute.

What the NHL’s Trademark Fiasco Can Teach You about Brand Preparedness.

Penfolds Maker Wins Chinese Trademark Case.

Audible Magic Pursues Trademark Case Against Google.

Bushy's Brewery, Isle Of Man Govt. Have Trademark Hissy Fit Over Two Letters: TT.

Fresno Seed Company Gets Trademark for Stevia Brand.

EU Court Quashes Intellectual Property Office Ruling in Olive Oil Trademark Battle.

Harley-Davidson Sues Urban Outfitters in TM Suit.

Marijuana Brands Can Trademark Almost Anything, Except Marijuana.

"Slane" Registered as Trademark by US Multinational.

Tiffany & Co. Successfully Asserts Trademark Infringement Claims Against Costco.

Trademark Dispute Between Coffee Companies Over "Detroit" Trademark Demonstrates The USPTO's Carelessness.

Burberry Lands Final Victory in Trademark Lawsuit Against Burberry Perry.

Nintendo: Eternal Darkness Trademark Re-Registered Before Switch Reveal.

Bacardi's Epic Trademark Battle Over Havana Club Rum.

Jaguar Land Rover Wins Trademark Battle Over Defender.

Louis Vuitton Loses Lawsuit (Again) Filed Over Allegations of Trademark Infringement.

Run-D.M.C. Sue Amazon, Walmart for $50 Million Over Trademark.

Festival Foods Sued in Trademark Case.

Logic Loses Trademark Claim to Logic (Honest).

Dogfish Head Brewing Company Releases Statement after Trademark Backlash.

Key Question of Slants Case at SCOTUS: Is Trademark Registration Speech? If So, Whose?

Longtime KC Restaurant Owner: Trademark Claim from Big Company "Terrifying."

Rick Ross Wins Trademark Lawsuit Over "Mastermind" LP.

China Fines Firms for Using BMW-like Trademark.

North Dakota Bar Owner Pulls Off a Monumental Coup.

Woman's Exchange Gets Trademark for Iconic Cherry Dress.

USPTO: Hi, Ask Me Anything. Reddit: Can We trademark "AMA"? USPTO: No.

Nestlé Loses EU Trademark Protection for Four-Fingered KitKat.

PayPal Opposes Registration of Paytm’s New Trademark.

Johnny Gaudreau Successfully Trademarks "Johnny Hockey" Nickname.

Star Wars Episode 8 Title Might Have Been Revealed by Trademark.

Jägermeister Seeks to Block Milwaukee Bucks Logo Trademark.

Michael Jordan Wins Trademark Case in China's Top Court.

Vegas Golden Knights' Trademark Request Denied by U.S. Patent Office.

Amazon Trademarks Reveal Australian Ambitions.

Maker of Snuggie Blankets Sues Amazon.com for Trademark Infringement.

Court Denies Camprini Trademark Appeal.

Canadian "Fashion Santa" Fight Leads To Copyright vs Trademark Food Fight.

Battle of the Brands: Six Epic Fights Over Trademark Names.

How Trademark Poachers Drive Up a Brand’s Paid Search Costs.

The Number of US Trademark Registrations in Cuba is Multiplying.

Nestle Loses Appeal in Trademark Case Over Kit Kat Shapes.

Instagram Opposes Microsoft Trademark, Claiming Rights in "Gram."

Kylie Jenner Files Trademark for Kylighter.

Navajo Nation Settles Trademark Suit Against Urban Outfitters.

Joel Embiid Has Filed for "The Process" as a Trademark for Pre-bottled Shirley Temples.

Carl’s Jr. Files Trademark Suit Against Utah’s Apollo Burger Chain.

Donald Trump Scores Legal Win in China Trademark Dispute.

Delmar Loop Coffee Shop Faces Trademark Suit.

Rubik's Cube Shape Not a Trademark, Rules Top EU Court.

The Legal Puzzle Over Rubik's Cube's Trademark that's Far Tougher to Figure Out than the Cube Itself.

Dweezil Will Fight Family's Attempt to Trademark "Zappa" Name.

In Michigan, A Highway Sign Is At Center Of An Unusual Trademark Dispute.

Bay Area’s Supersonic Rebrands as AKA Coffee Following Sonic Trademark Dispute.

Surface "Studio" and "Dial" Trademarks Possibly Leak Microsoft Desktop and Phone.

Intel Asserts Trademark Rights Against John McAfee.

Apple’s Secret Trademark Filling Suggests OLED "Magic Toolbar" is Real.

Lucasfilm Sues "Lightsaber Academy" and "Jedi Club" Over Trademark Infringement.

Clearwater Firm's Trademark Battle with U-Haul Ends with Multi-million Dollar Settlement.

Patsy’s Trademark Feud Flares Up, Flora Bar Readies its Debut, and More Intel.

ASU Subpoenas GoDaddy Over Web Domain that Violated Copyright and Trademark Rights.

Supreme Court Turns Away Redskins Appeal in Trademark Case.

Supreme Court Takes Up Case That Could Affect Redskins Trademark.

Facing a Trademark Infringement Lawsuit, Sun Cedar Files for Bankruptcy and Closes its Doors.

Harvard Moves Forward in CS50 Trademark Application.

Cubs, MLB Sue Vendors Over Alleged Trademark Violations.

Danish Elvis Fan Loses "Graceland" Trademark Dispute.

Harley-Davidson Sues Forever 21 Alleging Trademark Violation.

Redskins, Rock Band Battle Government in Trademark Fight.

Oprah Winfrey Beats "Own Your Power" Trademark Appeal.

Swatch Succeeds in Trademark Case over Apple "iWatch."

Not So Fast: UH Brings Temporary Halt to Rival Law School's Trademark Efforts.

State of Michigan Sues Apparel Company over M-22 Highway Trademark.

The Strange Story of the World's Most Famous Logo.

ASOS Pays £20M In Trademark Infringement Disputes.

Seattle Salon Shares Trademark Warning for Small Businesses.

Local Business Owner Sues School Districts for Trademark Violations.

Motorcycle Clubs Fight to Keep Their Trademark "Colors."

Oakland Raiders File to Trademark "Las Vegas Raiders."

Senate Votes to Ban Trademarks at California Parks, After Yosemite Battle.

“THANKYOU” – Possibly the Dumbest Trademark Dispute Ever – has been Dropped.

Pro Athletes and the Things They Trademark.

Specsavers Wins "Should’ve" Approval.

Trademark Square-Off: Tasty Burger vs. Chipotle's Tasty Made.

Wait, Can You Trademark a Hashtag?

Lionsgate Gets Judge to Revive Trademark Claim Over "Dirty Dancing" Ad Spoof.

Sweetie Pie's Owner Sues Son, Alleging Trademark Infringement at His Restaurants.

Burberry Sues Rapper and Producer Burberry Perry For Trademark Infringement.

Katy Perry’s Cosmetics Range Targeted in Trademark Row.

Donna Karan's DKNY Brands Head Back to New York.

Trademark Tussle Erupts Over San Antonio Brewing Co. Name.

September Trial for Former Wells Fargo Manager in Trademark Scam.

Owner Says Las Vegas NHL Team Having Trademark Issues with Name.

"Brexit" Biscuits, Beer and Tea Trademark Bids.

As Hop Puns Run Dry, Craft Beer Trademark Litigation Heats Up.

Toyota Wins the Prius Trademark Case in India After Seven Years of Legal Battle.

Trademark Protection Spurs Taylor Swift to Keep Up Sick Beats.

Forever 21 Slapped with Lawsuit Over "LES NYC" Trademark.

Tiger Paw (Purple Haze Liqueur) Victorious in Trademark Case.

McDonald's Wins EU 'MacCoffee' Trademark Dispute.

Sam Adams Brewer Seeks to Trademark "Brexit."

Tesla Applies for 6 New Trademarks to Sell Solar Energy Under the "Tesla" Brand.

Judge Dismisses Distillery’s Trademark Case Against University of Kentucky.

Steph Curry Filed 4 Trademark Applications During NBA Finals.

Snoop Dogg's Attempt to Trademark Leafs by Snoop Pot Products May Face Dog Fight.

Jury Finds Led Zeppelin Did Not Steal Intro to Rock Epic "Stairway to Heaven."

Netflix Unveils New App Logo to Add Branding "Pizzazz."

Taylor Swift Takes on YouTube.

Toys-to-life Game Fabulous Beasts Renamed After Warner Bros. Trademark Dispute.

No Man’s Sky Developer Wins Trademark Dispute vs. Sky TV.

Ipswich Town to Register Name as a Trademark.

Company Opposes Broncos' Bid to Trademark "Orange Crush."

"Rowdy" Ronda Rousey Seeks Trademark for Unusual Drawing and Slogan.

Trump Gets Chance for Tax Cut Moving Trademarks to Delaware.

Battle Over Bacardi Rum Trademark Heats Up.

Motorola Has Filed to Register the MOTO Z Trademark in the US.

Astoria Distillery Changes Name Twice Due to Trademark Woes.

India Announces New Trademark, Patent Policy Amid Global Pressure.

USPTO Appeals to Supreme Court for Ruling on Racially Tinged Trademarks.

Led Zeppelin May Have Plagiarised Part of "Stairway To Heaven", Judge Rules.

Stairway To Heaven in Copyright Trial.

Chipotle Is Planning to Sell Burgers, Trademark Reveals.

Morgan Stanley Says this "Underappreciated" Restaurant Brand is about to Explode.

Inside The "Star War" Bootleg Toy Boom: How Cheapo Oddities Became Super Expensive Rarities.

McDonald's Franchisees Say the Brand Is in a "Deep Depression" and "Facing Its Final Days."

Anheuser-Busch InBev Agrees to Buy SABMiller in Biggest Beer Deal Ever.

Has Volkswagen Smashed Its Brand Promise Beyond Repair?

T-Mobile CEO John Legere Turns Verizon's New Logo Against Itself.

Google Unveils Its New Logo.

The Most Hated Car in America.

Here Is [sic] Every MLB Team's [sic] Logo Changes Through the Years in One GIF.

KFC Plucks New Colonel Sanders from "SNL" Stable.

Redskins Appeal Trademark Ruling.

10 Beer Brands Americans are Proud to Drink.

Taylor Swift and Etsy Are Sparring Over Adorable Trademarked Goods.

Feds Seize $19.5 Million in Counterfeit Items Ahead of Super Bowl.

Taylor Swift has Trademarked the Phrase "This Sick Beat."

"Sonic Boom" Author Joel Beckerman on Power of Sound and Music in Media.

Ferrari Looks to Burnish Brand Value Ahead of IPO.

Forever 21 Takes First Place for Millennials' Favorite Brands.

Hershey's New Logo Looks a Lot Like the Poo Emoji.

185 Counterfeit Guitars Valued at $1 Million Seized at Jersey City Bulk Mail Center.

Is a Mickey Mouse v. Deadmau5 Trademark Battle Brewing?

Charity Threatens Lawsuit Against Red Sox Over ‘B Strong’ Logo.

The 15 Worst Corporate Logo Fails.

The New American Airlines Logo Is A Travesty.

The 10 Best Corporate Logo Changes Of 2013.

Cleveland Indians Demote Chief Wahoo Logo.

Stories Behind Names And Logos Of 27 Famous Brands.

5 Disappearing Brands in 2014.

Charlotte Owner Michael Jordan Unveils the Hornets’ New Logos and Mascot.

As Wine Fakers Get Sharper, Industry Fights Back.

The New Corvette’s Oldster Problem.

5 Premium Brands Making a Killing in the U.S. Car Market.

Interpol Operations Net Millions of Fake Goods.

Wendy's New Logo Secret.

15 Corporate Logos That Contain Subliminal Messaging.

Little Debbie Logo Changes So Subtle You’d Hardly Know the Difference.

Budweiser Beer Dresses Up Its Can With a Bow Tie.

Miami Dolphins Confirm They Have New Logo.

Washington Redskins Trademark Dispute Comes as Mayor and Congressman Call for Redskins Name Change.

Model Sues Over "Mad Men" Title Image.

Under Armour Sues Nike for Trademark Infringement.

Tiffany Sues Costco Over Engagement Diamonds.

Food Fight Over Franchise Fees.

Hooters of America Sues Local Restaurateur.

New Florida Logo Called Sexist by Tampa Locals.

New Logo Forthcoming for Jaguars.

The Man Who Trademarked "Harbowl" a Year Ago, until NFL Lawyers Pressured Him to Abandon it.

The 10 Most Counterfeited Products in America.

All the President's Shoes: Inaugural Product Placement.

Did You Notice These Famous Logos Majorly Changed in 2012?

Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee Claim Rejected by US Patent Office.

The Companies Where Everyone Wants to Work.

Jets' Tebow Trademarking "Tebowing."

Wendy's Pigtails Get First Touchup Since 1983.

20 Brands That Serve You Like Never Before.

Famous Logo Designs and How Much Did They Cost?

What 20 Top Companies' Logos Looked Like Before They Were Famous.

Trademark Rights Can Trip Up Well-Intentioned Crafters.

Coppertone Chooses a New Icon for Sunscreen.

The 13 Worst Urban Legends About Brands Sold In America.

Jack Daniels Wrote What Has To Be The Nicest Cease-And-Desist Order Of All Time.

Pepsi or Coke? Olympic Brand Rules Sow Confusion.

Foreign-Owned America.

Altria Buys Landmark Theater Naming Rights.

16 Brands That Have Fanatical Cult Followings.

Twitter's Bird Logo Gets a Makeover.

Lindt Loses Chocolate Bunny Trademark Case.

Following the Trail of a Phony Cancer Drug.

Nike "Black and Tans" Sneaker Accidentally Incites Outrage From Irish Community.

M&M's History: How Did They (and other Brands) Get Their Names?

VT Artist: I'll Fight Chick-Fil-A for my Kale.

The CBS Eye Turns 60.

Six Brands That Have Come Back From the Dead.

"Avatar" Is The Most Pirated Movie Of All Time.

How I Did It: Hartley Peavey of Peavey Electronics.

Apple Tribute Logo a Web Hit.

2014 Super Bowl Logo Features a Snowflake, GW Bridge.

This Fake Apple Store In China Is Uncanny.

Trademark Infringement: EU Court Sees Responsibilities of Online Retailers.

Art In Aisle 5: Barcodes Enter Expressionist Period.

Ten Brands That Will Disappear in 2012.

Was Harmon Killebrew the Inspiration for the MLB Logo?

Counterfeiting Threat Looms Over Drug Industry.

Arizona State’s New Makeover May Inadvertently Court Street Gangs.

Woman Sues Yankees Over Logo.

Fashion Break: Arizona State Helmets Drop Their Demonic Homage to Walt Disney.

VCU Looks For Unlicensed Memorabilia.

Iran Threatens to Boycott London Olympics Over "Zion" Logo.

Meet the Dorky, Controversial Mascots for the 2014 Olympics.

UberTwitter Bows to Twitter's Pressure, Changes Name.

What Does the "G" in the Packers Logo Stand For?

Comcast's First Act as NBC Universal's New Owner is to Demote the Peacock.

Did Rio de Janiero Steal its Olympic Logo from a Colorado Charity?

The Worst Name for a Knockoff Cellphone, Ever.

Viewers' Eyelids Burnt with BMW Logo.

Big Ten Updates Logo, Announces Division Names.

Entrepreneur's Franchise 500 for 2011.

The Most Counterfeited Brands of the Season — and How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off.

Buy...this? LeBron James' New Nike Logo?

Nintendo Tries To Trademark Popular Catchphrase.

Oprah Winfrey Network Logo Debut: Too Bright Or Just Right?

Rhode Island To Vote On Dropping "Plantations" From Its Name.

"Mom-and-Pop" Brands Run by Corporate Giants.

Top 5 Counterfeit Goods That Can Harm You.

Trademark Infringement Lawsuit: Madonna Sued Over “Material Girl.”

Some Feel Blue as United, Continental Wedding Mixes Old, New.

FBI Fights to Protect Its Seal From Internet Encyclopedians.

Are Designer Logos Shrinking?

10 Brands That May Disappear in 2011.

The $6 Billion Scam: Inside the Battle to Shut Down Golf's Black Market.

English Muffin-maker Guards `Nooks and Crannies'.

Yankees, Man U Most Valuable Team Brands.

Branding Applies to Lawyers as Well as Wheaties, Life Coach Says.

MTV's Big Change.

'Unfaithful': Not Quite the Tiger Ad Campaign Gatorade Expeccted.

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